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So yes I'm the new guy here, but after searching my eyes out I was not able to find something that is dear to me and the only reason for my X. I have been the proud owner of many SUVs, but they all served just one purpose, Semper Paratus (Always Prepared).
In one former forum I was a member we had a group dedicated to this and I hope some of you guys out there might get interested. But my experience in terrible situations here and overseas, has made me what we called "controlled and stable paranoia", You have seen it in well trained police officers, they are always checking their duty belt. Laptop with GPS and Multi Camera DVR, includes an expansive library of laws and helpful guides.

I can with little problem live on the WarX if need be, even have electric blanket for the Co-Pilot to keep her warm. Coms, medical, fierarms, ammo, NBC protection, personal armor, power, water, solar, 3rd battery, Invertor etc is all easy. Roof tent could provide shelter and if you really want to get creative go with CARC paint since it is low signature and radar absorbing.
You will also want to do a blackout light conversion and have plenty of tape to cover up all the shiny reflective surfaces. The best setup in my opinion would involve a pintle mounted expeditionary trailer with the same wheels and size as your primary rig.

I might drop it down one setting on the rear shackles to even out the rake, but I'm gonna give it a month for the AAL to settle first. There is brand new Shrock sliders sitting next to them on the floor also in another big box.

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