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Copyright 2008 - WoW 70 - All game images and game content are copyright ©2004-2008 Blizzard Entertainment. How to use this map: find your Stormwind trainer, vendor or quartermaster in the table and match the number or letter listed in that cell to find it on the map.
Greetings, dear reader, and welcome to the newest edition of Nomnom – Traveller’s guide which has been shocking, frustrating and driving tourists insane for the last six years! As we get to the bottom of the stairs, the first thing you will notice is a circular road around the Seat of The Naaru (= a bunch of purple crystals which everyone hopes won’t explode). If you look to your right, you will see an opening – a vast hall, full of mysterious, mythical and mighty, the legendary Crystal Hall of Exodar.
Seer Skaltesh shall offer you Elemental Sapta if you talk to him – a powerful potion (…actually made from ordinary water and a bit of engine oil but hey, it’s free so who cares!) that will allow you to see the elemental beings all around the hall. After visiting the Crystal Hall, we are going to walk into the next hall, south of it – The Vault of Lights. With over 5 2 visitors every year, in this museum can be seen many eye-burning evil-looking razor-saw-slicing monstrosities, sculptors of which you can see walking around in a group. Lastly, if you find yourself interested in Archaeology, you can always talk to Diya, the nice female Draenei in the middle of the hall who will be more than glad to teach you all the new methods of digging through dust. Rumor has it that lately he has been working on his newest movie called ‘’Star Chores: A New Soap’’, which should come out any millennium now! As we enter the Trader’s Tier, tourists’ favorite place, we can already feel the crowded atmosphere that is an everyday thing, consisting of not one, not three, not seventy-five, but two(2!) Exodar Peacekeepers that walk through the hall every so often.
I think this is a suitable time to mention that Horde factions sometimes find Velen’s talent too threatening and make a kill squad to try to eliminate him but one of the major problems that they, as well as thousands of Velen’s non-Draenei fans, come across is the fact that no one is actually sure where Exodar is. Also, this is where one of the rare non-elves in this city dwells – Elissa Dumas, the portal trainer who also keeps Exodar and Blasted Lands’ portals open in case a naive adventurer decides to jump through. Outside the Temple, in the *dramatic pause* Temple Gardens, individuals interested in Herbalism can find a trainer as well as a supply vendor for the aforementioned profession. As we move from the Bank over the bridge to the east, we can see the Battlemasters and Warrior trainers to the left and some not-so-very-important-as-they-like-to-think elves to the right.
A bit north from the Warrior’s terrace is where most Night Elf Craftsm- Craftswo- Craftselves can be found.
After staring for a while at the big oak, we continue our way but this time to the north-western part of Darnassus, visiting Cenarion Enclave.
Lastly, we visit the Trademen’s Terrace, where the most important institution would be the one and only, Far Far Away Darnassian Auction House, seen in the first wooden building to the right, just next to the lake.
Talking about the canals, as we cross one and enter the Trade District, we can already feel that we’re about to see a lot more people.
Of course, I must take this small opportunity and mention The Gilded Rose – the most famous Stormwind Inn, where innkeeper Allison is more than willing to help you with anything you might need, from Sweet Potato Bread to Sparkling Oasis Water. Within a few yards from the inn you can also find the reagent vendor and general goods vendor who will have pretty much any commonly sold object that you might need.
After the Keep, as a bit of freshness in all this human business, we arrive to the Dwarven district!
The very last part of Stormwind that we shall visit is probably its most beautiful part – the Cathedral Square! Now, we shall go back to the Deeprun Tram and take an exciting trip through it – no reason to worry though, the glass barrier only exploded 4 times so far, less than once a year! While we are on the moving platform, please keep your arms, legs, tentacles, tails, pets and totems in at all times, the maintenance crew are quite sensitive about having to scrape organic matter fused with the tunnel’s wallpaper every few weeks. Finally, we arrive to the Ironforge end of the tram, welcomed by one of the most prominent figures, the Gnome who revolutionized the turning of rats over pits by adding an extra 8.4 turns, you’ve guessed it folks - Monty is his name and rats are his game! This part of Ironforge is run by Gnomes and, honoring its name, it is full of Gnomish technology. The well-known tourist activities here are practicing battle skills on the training dummies, having a laugh with the Battlemasters over the new Alterac Valley gossip and, lastly, if you are into that kind of thing, talking to Hunter and Warrior trainers. Reputable for its many magical dwellers, the Mystic Ward is just the place for any Mage, Priest or Paladin interested in learning new spells, abilities and powers, or maybe just wanting to hear the newest gossip about what this year’s magic-user fashion is like – don’t say I told you this, but I’ve heard that blue is the new purple! This is the very place where you can find fishing trainer, if you think you have what it takes to become a professional fishergnome. With many a Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei and other explorer, digger, archaeologist and historian visiting this well-known museum and overall history centre, it is often a very busy place… as long as a certain resurrection spell doesn’t go wrong or a certain mage removes water filter from their portal before teleporting to it. The very last place in our Ironforge visit is its very own Forge – the main attraction and its main pride.
Alas, the time to slowly end this guide has come (caused by the critical lack of more glorious Alliance cities to visit). The question you asked is how to get to Orgrimmar, but the best places to spend Honor when you are lower than level 60 is going to be Kelm Hargunth in the Northern Barrens, Rutherford Twing in the Arathi Highlands, and Jorek Ironside in Hillsbrad Foothills (Jorek after level 55 for the gear he sells). At level 11, however, the Arathi Highlands vendor and the Hillsbrad Foothills vendors are going to be quite tricky to reach.
In Silvermoon City you need to go the Sunfury Spire, pictured in the map below (it is near at the top of the map, near the middle). This is very easy simply go to Silvermoon City and go to the Sunfury Spire, go into the room at the back and there will be a portal that will take you to the Undercity. If the Darkmoon Faire event is currently active, just ask the fairy lady to teleport you to the fair staging area, which is right outside Thunder Bluff, and from there it's pretty easy to get to Orgimmar. Continuing from where I left off: you should now be arriving in the Western Plaguelands, preferably as a ghost.

Once you’re in Eversong Woods (however you managed to get here), hit M—or whatever key your map is bound to. Depending on which tower you climbed, you'll either find your airship deposits you in Orgrimmar (in which case, congratulations; click Return to Graveyard and revive yourself, which should bring you back inside the city—or at worst, in the town of Razor Hill, immediately south of the city) or Howling Fjord (in which case, just wait on the airship until it returns to Brill, then descend that tower and climb the other one).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged world-of-warcraft or ask your own question. In MTG, can you counter a spell that requires cards to be revealed after they are revealed?
This ship-city has two main entrances, one on the east side and one on the west side of the city’s dome.
Along the way you can find Exodar Bank and Exodar Auction House, north-west and south-west, respectively, as well as Hero’s Call Board in the middle.
One of the first thing that you shall notice here –no, it is not the tall, good-looking Draenei Peacekeepers with rippling muscles that everyone seems to be staring at… we’ll get to those later, but it is the distinguished Exodar Purple Monster Museum! For safety reasons, it would be best not to approach them without suitable protection (such as an instant hearthstone). I’m not even sure where how I got here or why do they even have Peacekeepers but it would probably be better not to hang around too long to find out. Right next to it, for eager leveling masses, one can find Hero’s Call Board, offering starting quests for different zones of all levels.
On the other end of the moonwell we can see Hammon the Jaded, who is the official Elven Archaeology trainer, so if you are feeling like surveying distant lands and learning to differentiate all shades of red, yellow and green flashing lights (in addition to distances which they mark), he is the right person to talk to! In addition to this, Night Elf Mages can find their trainers just a bit west from the Temple entrance. Shockingly enough, this part of Darnassus is known as the Warrior’s terrace, where also the Training Dummies can be found for tourists to poke or throw half-molten ice creams at, or if you like to spend your endless fortune and don’t have an owl that you’ve always wanted to have, you can buy two species of this lovely shrieking bird right across the road at a fair Night Elf girl called Shylenai. This is where tourists have a field day – here you can find anything, from an Inn, over Enchanting, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Skinning, Alchemy trainers to Cooking and First Aid ones. As we go up and past the ramps, you can spot the grand lions of Stormwind, marvelous sculptures created when Stormwind Harbor was finally built. Here many trainers can be found, ranging from (…obviously…) Mage and Portal trainers, over Herbalism, Alchemy, Tailoring, Inscription and Enchanting to Warlock trainers, as well as Reforging of items in the little enchanting shop on the outer side of the MQ-s, facing the canals.
Down the street from them is one of the most wonderful and magnificent shops in the whole Stormwind – Trias’ Cheese shop, property of the Trias family, with Elling Trias as the most prominent member.
Here you can find both PvP and PvE gear vendors, as well as a range of different trainers, starting from Warrior, Rogue and Hunter ones over Riding trainers and Horse breeders, all the way to Training Dummies for tourists who are not totally covered in strawberry ice cream. Here portals are located to different areas where Deathwing’s destruction has been sensed or where twilight cult has been active.
The breathtaking Cathedral situated in the middle of it is simply impressive, along with being useful. Here we’ll make a little break while everyone tries his famous Deeprun Rat Kabobs, just don’t crowd him, he hates that. Cogwheels, bars, levers, tubes, forges and, of course, Engineering and Alchemy trainers, this little community will never fail to surprise you with new discoveries, as long as having eyebrows is not an important thing in your life.
To the left, over the bridge, is the Ironforge Auction House while across the room from it is the famed Ironforge bank. Outstanding when it comes to fish quality, the Forlorn Cavern is a quiet part of Ironforge which allows sanctuary to everyone who wants to run away a bit from daily duties and just enjoy in the ancient art of fishing.
They’ve even, basically, built the whole city around it – the main circle around the forge is full of little shops of each and all kinds: trainers for everyone and everything, vendors, quest givers, not a thing missing. Its magnificent, well-bred resilient rams, sold as mounts for all Dwarves and all other Alliance members who have obtained exalted status with Ironforge, at Amberstill ranch just outside Ironforge, down the road to the east.
It is at this moment that the crew responsible for making this guild would like to thank you for using it, even if it is only as an extra height for a leg of your wobbly desk. These vendors will give you rings, cloaks, boots, belts, bracers, necklaces, and trinkets while you level up.
The Northern Barrens vendor should be easier: from Orgrimmar (see answer below) take the west gate into the Northern Barrens, follow the coast down to the road, then take it west to the junction, and head north.
Point yourself generally toward the west and hold down the W key (or whatever your keybinding for ‘walk forward’ is).
On the map, draw an imaginary line between yourself and the middle of the map; this is the approximate heading you’ll want to use.
Before we enter, you might want to acknowledge the existence of Torallius the Pack Handler, Exodar’s official Elekk vendor and Aalun, the sexy riding trainer.
Either way, you might offend the locals if you try to take one with you as a souvenir so it’d be best just to buy a fluffy one in one of the shops in Trader’s Tier. If you are interested in Herbs, this is where you can find an expert in that field, right next to the stairs that lead to Velen.
For only 88 copper, he shall stamp and send you on your way towards our next exotic destination – the ancient city of Darnassus!
The first things that tourists notice here are the beautiful Elven lakes, the magnificent Elven architecture, the phenomenal distance between the Elven Bank and Auction House (maybe that is the secret to their thin waists? Lastly, on the first floor, those who are interested can visit the Paladin trainer living in Darnassus. One of the more important NPCs here would most likely be the reagent vendor who likes to pace between the Temple and the Bank so most of the time you can find her on the bridge. If we go even a bit more north, we can see a big tree with waterfalls (you don’t want to know) called the Howling Oak, where Gilnean refugees have taken shelter so there one can find some other class trainers, such as Warlocks and Druids (for anyone interested in fashion: fabulous Gilneas Tabard can be bought at Gilneas quartermaster next to Darnassus Flight Master, get it while it’s still in!).

Moving out of the Harbor, you can all see the ex-Stormwind park in the shape of big, ruins-littered black fiery cliff of DOOM. Some are in the Auction House which is at the very center of the city; others are across the street in the Stormwind Counting House, while others are standing around the fountain - chatting, crafting or simply appearing as if they are not there. Ok, that might be pushing it but at least you won’t sleep in the mud… too much of it anyhow. He likes to kill orcs, erect statues of himself in the middle of national crisis and take long walks on the beach. One is Behsten, a stealthed rogue who will, for a small fee, stop your experience gain for all sources.
None of them are very safe and I wouldn’t recommend going into any unless you are at least 80 yea- level 80.
Ironforge’s Visitor’s Center, one of my favorite locations, can be found on the east side of the Commons, while the barber shop can be found on the west (more-clockwise-one) side. If you walk in to the building at the Court, and keeping heading to the back, you'll find yourself at a spiral staircase that leads up to a big, gleaming red ball, called the Orb of Translocation. Eventually you should arrive in the Ghostlands, which have a long road from the north to the south which you should follow.
Assuming you take the time to jump over or move around obstacles as they approach your character, you will wind up in one of several locations: Eversong Woods, Hillsbrad Foothills, or Silverpine Forest.
Face in that direction and begin walking; travel here should be no more difficult than it was around Silvermoon.
Now, I would highly recommend entering the city through the east entrance, because it leads you through the scenic path which includes gamma-ray lightning bursts (personal grounded plasma shield recommended), insecure or non-existent handrails and collapsing floor cracks (chances of getting a bad case of dead are almost only 65%!), all the way down into the Seat of The Naaru (and maybe just as important – next to the famous Exodar inn , where the friendly caregiver Breel shall welcome you with open hands and offer you a glass of that famous Filtered Draenei Water).
The most important figures in this part of Exodar are the numerous Shaman trainers, along with First Aid, Jewelcrafting, Inscription and Enchanting ones, in addition to the Fishing trainer behind the shrine of Sulaa, one of the shaman trainers. She stands next to Tyrande and Malfurion, who aren’t of much use unless a) you are Horde who b)has a deathwish or c)has 39 other people who actually have a plan on how to execute the attack without the sudden urge to kick the proverbial bucket. Basically what happened was the following: Deathwing came, Deathwing saw, Deathwing conquered, res ipsa loquitur.
Currently run by Gnomes, it is a place that’s always open and always ready to show the world its newest creation in the field of quantum mech- quantispike green mohawks, or maybe something less wild – pink Gnomefro. In addition to this, the Commons are known for two more important points of interest: first one is Stonefire Tavern, which has been warmly greeting and accepting weary travelers for many years now, run by the Firebrews, and second one is right next to it – Barim’s reagents, property of Barim Jurgenstaad who is famous for always having fresh Maple Seeds, Ankhs, Arcane Powders and Runes of all sorts. The south end of this road connects to the Eastern Plaguelands; your objective here is to follow the circuitous path from the Ghostlands area transition around to the bridge to the Western Plaguelands on the south-west border of the region. If you find yourself in Hillsbrad Foothills, follow the path south and to the west until you get to Silverpine. You’re looking for the Undercity, or more specifically, Brill; you can find them more easily if you enable “Points of Interest” on your minimap. Other interesting attractions for tourists in here are the Exodar Moth Trainer (which is, honestly, the only place worth visiting if you don’t have a moth pet yet! Whatever it is, the next stop on the way is none other than the monumental city of Stormwind!
Be careful though, that may be just an ordinary Gnomefro, but watch out because that is not ordinary Gnomefro!
And I think we all know the joke about the two Dwarf and one Draenei shaman trainers who entered the inn… Anyhow.
Other than that, places worth of mentioning in Cathedral Square are the Stormwind Orphanage and the City Hall. If you don’t know the way, it’s relatively easy to just always turn right whenever you get to a fork in the road; doing this from the beginning of your entry into the Plaguelands will eventually bring you to your destination. Once you’re in Silverpine, walk north toward Eversong Woods—and if you arrived in Silverpine directly from the Western Plaguelands, you’re probably in the lake, so drag yourself ashore and strike out northward. Brill’s just to the north of Undercity; between the two locations is a pair of matched towers. The blue one is so cute!) and numerous training dummies, for tourists of all ages, colours, sizes and heights. Often raided, never silent, constantly buzzing with latest news about gold price discounts or scary gorilla-theft stories; this is the city that never sleeps!
In this part of Stormwind another Auction House can be found, along with the Royal Bank of Stormwind. Even as I step onto the dock, I get pushed aside by a large mass of creatures of all kinds moving in a mob and jumping into the sea one after another, mumbling some hard-to-understand words but they seem to sound like ‘’daily’’, ‘’cage’’ and ‘’rock lobster’’. Aside from Engineering, Blacksmithing and Mining trainers who are located in this section of the city, one of the most important structures in the whole Alliance can be seen here, and that is the Stormwind part of the Deeprun tram, which connects it with Ironforge. You'll know when a red highlighted sentence comes up saying "The zeppelin to Orgrimmar has arrived! Built by united efforts of Gnomes(!), Dwarves and Humans, this partially-underground-partially-underwater-megastructure is one of the hallmarks of Alliance engineering, effort and determination.
Personally, I think it’s the thin air up around their heads – no Gnome would do such a foolish thing!

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