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A team at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Winston-Salem in North Carolina has developed a new bioprinter, called ITOP: Integrated Tissue and Organ Printing System. Up until now, most 3D-printed organs and tissues have not been large enough or stable enough to implant in humans.
A bioprinter, described today in Nature Biotechnology, was used to make ear, bone, and muscle structures out of plastic-like materials and living cells belonging either to humans, rabbits, rats, or mice.
ITOPA makes the organs by layering patterns of biodegradable, plastic-like materials and water-based gels containing stem cells. So far, Atala’s team has observed nerve formation after two weeks in muscle tissue that they inserted in rats. Funding for NOVA Next is provided by the Eleanor & Howard Morgan Family Foundation.Original funding for NOVA Next was provided by Amy and Joshua Boger.
In the penultimate episode, “A Reckoning,” Ethan convinced Harold to give up the names of the remaining resistance members by showing him the mutilated remains of his co-rebels. Meanwhile, Amy had a brain hemorrhage, and Pam pushed Theresa to continue investigating Plot 33. David Pilcher’s story about it being 4028 and Wayward Pines being the last bastion of humanity has seemed to check out so far. But Pilcher’s decision to turn the power off after Ethan revealed the truth to the town indicates he has a much darker, ego-driven side that, despite what he told Ethan, needs to be in charge. Pam’s loyalties have appeared to slowly switch in the last couple of episodes as her brother’s megalomaniac tendencies have become cause for concern. Megan Fisher seems to have pretty strong control over the First Generation, what with being a hypnotherapist and all.
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- One police officer has died and another came out of surgery after being shot in a San Diego neighborhood, authorities said early Friday. Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. This shockingly explicit review of one of the most outspoken books about Allied atrocities against postwar Germany is not for the squeamish.
If you have a delicate constitution and wish to protect your mind from images of extreme violence, images bordering on the grotesquely obscene and satanic, please read no further. The review concerns itself with the savage rapes and murders of 2 million German women at the hands of Red army soldiers, the bulk of them Mongols, Tatars and Jews with an atavistic hatred of the White race. The German clergy were only too aware of the rape and mass murder of Catholic nuns, many of them bedridden geriatric women. The same dreadful scenes were enacted in the hospitals, homes for the aged, and other such institutions. The Americans and the Brits knew all these atrocities were going on but did nothing to stop them. Tearing German women apart, including little children before their parent’s eyes, was one the perks of war for these coldhearted killers.
Here are a few chilling quotes from Hellstorm which you will not find in Sexton’s book review below, though you will find other quotes there that are equally horrifying. The mothers had had to witness how their ten and twelve-year-old daughters were raped by some 20 men; the daughters in turn saw their mothers being raped, even their grandmothers. When even violated corpses could no longer be of use, sticks, iron bars and telephone receivers were rammed up their vaginas. The women were raped, not once or twice but ten, twenty, thirty and a hundred times, and it was all the same to the Russians whether they raped mere children or old women.
I’ve often pondered what the concept “hell” entailed; what it means to be living in the absence of “God,” the supreme creative force behind all life.
Relentless, reckless, and senseless hate of a magnitude so profound, so immense, that I am still unable to understand it. Who but the Devil itself could make a family turn on itself, causing it to tear itself apart in such a murderous, inhuman fashion that the victims are left unrecognizable after all the torture, abuse, burning, systematic rape, and beatings subsides?
Goodrich describes the Allied-induced inferno in more detail than most need to know to gain an understanding of the depths of Allied criminality and hatred, but the detail is necessary.
A German woman has her jaws forced open by the filthy brutish hands of a Soviet serial rapist. Ehrenburg, like any skilled propagandist with a penchant for revenge and training in human psychology, appealed to the basest instincts of his men, urging them to rape and wantonly slaughter other human beings at will. LASHA DARKMOON: This psychopathic war criminal, directly responsible for the rape, torture and mass murder of 2 million German women after WWII, is now honored in Israel, his papers being lovingly preserved by the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.
In his 6-volume memoirs, Ehrenberg openly boasts about being aware of the crimes of the Stalin regime, his own included, and actually admits that a veil of silence has been drawn over these matters. He is buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery where his tomb is graced with a crude, cartoonish portrait by his close friend Picasso. The thought of being burned alive is horrific, but the thought of being burned alive because you are trapped in melted asphalt and literally stuck by your own disfigured hands and knees and screaming is worse. You supported Adolf Hitler, the man who dared to stand up to international finance and the Jewish system of systematic international monetary and spiritual enslavement. THAT was your “crime” and the crime of millions of others in Germany and Europe who were incinerated, melted, tortured, strafed, raped or blown into body parts by their own racial and cultural kindred in the USSR, Britain and America. The core of the firestorms often reached 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit; the flames 1,300 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Millions of German men and boys died from starvation, disease, exposure, heat exhaustion, thirst, and of course torture, slave labor, random massacre, and systematic execution.
After having served in the worst war in Western history, and one of the worst in world history, German men came “home” to nothing more than rubble. There were very few “homes” to return to, so thousands of men ended their lives in despair. Because their own blood kindred in America and Britain — and even in much of Europe — had betrayed them: had turned on them to appease their Jewish overlords.
And then there were the death camps where over a million German men perished because Eisenhower (pictured) hated Germans: “God I hate the Germans,” he said.
His racism and hate became official policy, a policy of genocide—an American orchestrated Holodomor.
While this horror is unfolding, Roosevelt (and later Truman) and Churchill cheerily offer Stalin half of Europe. Between 20 and 25 million Germans and collaborators perished in the years AFTER the war had officially ended.
A little German boy holds a lantern as he sits in a wagon en route to the Allied lines in the bitter winter snow. And most of the White races of the world were more than willing and eager to take up the flag of international Jewish money power and to smash the one White race that opposed it with such honor, valor and sheer might — so much so that it took all the best brain-power and material wealth of the entire White super-race, and all the monetary power of its Jewish financiers and overlords, to break its back.
LASHA DARKMOON: And how these diabolical merchants of death, in complete thrall to their Jewish puppet masters, tried to break Germany’s back!
I went into Goodrich’s book expecting to read little more than I already knew about the worst gynocide and mass rape of womankind in recorded history, but I was in for a shock. We crossed the yard to the former works kitchen, which had been completely cleared out except for a few tables on the window side.
The Commissar told me to watch and learn how to turn the Master Race into whimpering bits of misery. The horror that ensued nearly defies written description, as no written description can actually make a reader of either sex feel and genuinely know the pain and suffering inflicted in this never-ending horror show.
Now two Poles [we are not told if they were Polish Jews] came in, dressed only in their trousers, and the girls cried out at their sight.
I was close to passing out as one of them took his knife and, before the very eyes of the other girls, cut off her right breast. Force yourself to see your own body mutilated in similar fashion; force yourself to picture a knife plunging into your abdomen again .

The other three had collapsed, they cried for their mothers and begged for a quick death, but the same fate awaited them as well.
The slaughter was interrupted several times to sweep the blood out of the room and clear away the bodies.
One girl had not undressed completely, she may also have been a little older than the others, who were around seventeen years of age.
In the yard entire groups of girls were clubbed to death after the prettiest of them had been selected for this torture. LASHA DARKMOON:  It is a closely documented fact that most of the supervisory jobs among the Red Army Bolsheviks were held by Jews. As for the Red army rapists, we have a great deal of  circumstantial evidence that the bulk of these belonged to three ethnic groups with an atavistic hatred against the White race: Mongols, Tatars, and Russian Jews. Never in the history of the world has such an orgy of rape and mass murder taken place, all of it against the helpless women and children of a great defeated nation, and all with the full connivance of the three great leaders of the victor countries: the blood-bespattered Franklin D. When all had been destroyed, when all seemed to have been lost forever in Year Zero, the Germans proved once again that such was just not the case.
Brick by brick, and hour by hour, they rebuilt upon the ruins of God’s Empire a new Germany. Even though Germany today is still an occupied nation with a hurting people, she still possesses that flicker of life and spirituality that the other White races and nations lost long ago when they sold their souls to Judaism and the Jewish “god” of hatred and revenge. Unfortunately, it’s unrealistic to hope that every citizen who has the misfortune of encountering a deranged gunman also happens to be carrying a firearm at the time.
In cases like these, there are a few important tips to remember that can make the difference between life and death – but what are they? The video starts off by reminding the viewer that active shooter events are unpredictable by their very nature.
If the unspeakable ever happens, you can defend yourself by following this simple advice: run, hide, or fight. The first solution is the most obvious, because humans have a natural desire to run away from danger.
Well, as surprising as this advice may be, it’s exactly what you’re supposed to do when there are no other options.
The final bit advice of is something that a lot of people might overlook: don’t do something dumb that might get you shot accidentally when the police arrive.
This video hasn’t quite gone viral with 200,000 views, but we’re hoping to spread the word and get the message out there. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School More Sports Crime U.S. The Michigan jail inmate who snatched a gun from a law enforcement agent and fatally shot two bailiffs in court was handcuffed in the front when he stole the weapon, police said Tuesday. That inmate a€” Larry Gordon, 45 a€” shot and killed bailiffs Joe Zangaro, 61, and Ron Kienzle, 63, as he was escorted out of the Berrien County courthouse Monday afternoon.
Bailey said a fight broke out with Gordon and the bailiffs as they tried bringing him back to his holding cell.
Zangaro and Kienzle both became court officers after retiring from other law enforcement jobs. Officers honed in on the home in search of another possible suspect involved in the shooting. The cells survived the printing processa€”a feat that has not been easy to accomplish in the pasta€”and the structures were stable enough to be successfully implanted in rodents, the researchers report.
Once transplanted, these organs could be colonized by human blood vessels (their plastic-like elements having degraded), and their self-sustaining regenerative processes can begin.
As Nathan from Gift of Life points out, a€?When taken from a deceased person, tissues can be collected 24 hours after the heart stops, but organs need a blood supply.a€? Without vasculature, cells do not receive nutrients and oxygen or excrete wastes beyond a thickness of a few layers. They’ve also printed human-sized ears and documented the formation of cartilage tissue after two months in mice. As Ethan looked for those 14 individuals, Megan Fisher convinced Ben to speak to his fellow First Generation members, and Ben apologized for Ethan failing the town. With a security card, Theresa discovered a computer full of video diaries from individuals, including Adam Hassler, who were looking for survivors shortly after being awakened in 4020.
The decision to turn the power off and doom Group B to Abby invasion might hint that this might not be the first time he wiped the slate clean when he wasn’t satisfied with the results of his experiment. She even gave Theresa the encouragement and means to continue investigating Plot 33, which housed proof of Pilcher’s and Ethan’s story.
The San Diego Police Department gave an update on the officers on its Twitter account, but offered no additional details. These Russian troops had been incited to lustmurder by the psychopathic Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg.
The Russians knocked them down, kicked them, beat them on the head and in the face with the butt-end of their revolvers and rifles. Even nuns who were seventy and eighty years old and were ill and bedridden were raped and ill-treated by these barbarians. These atrocities have either been minimized or covered up by the court historians, since there are not enough tears to go round. Prepare for a roller coaster ride into a landscape of terror that neither Dante in his Inferno nor Hieronymus Bosch in his maddest paintings could ever have imagined. After reading Thomas Goodrich’s breathtaking and physically nauseating analytical narrative of the burnt offering – Holocaust – of Germany I now know what hell looks like and how its inhabitants live and behave.
And then the irony of it all: that former inhabitants of Europe – Europeans – were responsible for inculcating hell in their own Heimat (homeland). Thomas Goodrich answers this question silently, subtly, but matter-of-factly – the Jews in Communist Russia (the former USSR) and Capitalist America and Britain.
Goodrich is the type of author who literally puts you, the reader, there in the midst of hell.
He literally spits into her mouth and forces her to swallow his salivary filth as he rams her body again . This pamphlet was distributed in the millions among Red Army troops on the front lines of battle — men who were already intoxicated with hate and vengefulness as a result of over two decades of Bolshevik oppression: the collectivization of their farms, the confiscation of their grain and property, and the mass murder of their families. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime.
A Holocaust in the truest sense of the word: a burnt offering of the Germanic race – women, children, refugees, POWs, the elderly, and even animals at the Berlin Zoo – to the Christian-Jewish “god” Jahve. This is why: So that a few people, mostly ethnic Jews, could continue to make money from money and enslave millions of people in the process.
Their wives, girlfriends, and children were dead, enslaved, mutilated, driven to madness, missing, lost, or had gone with the enemy to survive and prevent further systematic rape by Polish, Russian, and Mongolian soldiers.
Countless thousands of German men were shipped off to Britain and Siberia to serve as slave laborers for the “victors”. It is a crime that will never be forgotten, and it is a crime that will forever stain the hands and national consciences of the former USSR, the United States of America, Great Britain and her Commonwealth nations, and perhaps more pointedly the Anglo and Slavic races of the White supra-race. Never has so much hatred and vengeance been poured forth onto one people and one nation that had chosen not to abide by the laws of international bankers and financiers who wish only to enslave, plunder, steal and when necessary, kill. As an individual who looks out for women’s interests, I was repeatedly overcome with emotion while reading of the indescribable genital mutilations, deliberate and systematic terrorism, gang-rape and wanton mass murder of women.
When they refused out of modesty, he ordered me to do it to them, and for all of us to follow him. They quickly grabbed the first of the girls, and bent her backwards over the edge of the table until her joints cracked.

This was used to tear up the breasts of the other girls, which soon caused the floor to be awash in blood. They soaked her bra with oil and set it on fire, and while she screamed, a thin iron rod was shoved into her vagina . Roosevelt, the coldhearted war criminal Winston Churchill, and that ultimate psychopath and monster in human form, Josef Stalin. No Holocaust by fire, no gynocide, no viricide, no famine, no other inhuman atrocities, could subdue or quench the noble Germanic spirit — which is the essence of the White race of humankind. No crimes in recorded history surpass those inflicted against Germany and Europe by the United States, Great Britain and the former Soviet Union—all with the ideological and financial backing of international Jewry.
Citizens who exercise their Constitutional right to carry a firearm can defend themselves and the people around them in a crisis moment. The City of Houston set out to create this video in the wake of the Aurora massacre in the hopes that it could help save lives. On the one hand, it doesn’t vilify gun owners by making them out to be militant people who care more about guns than the sanctity of life. You cannot allow yourself to be lulled into a fall sense of security, because any public environment at any time could become the target of a shooting rampage. Pick a location that will completely cover your body, and if at all possible you should hide behind objects that might stop incoming bullets. If this becomes a necessity, the video suggests that you gather with other people in a group, grab improvised weapons and commit fully to the aggression of the moment to completely overwhelm the gunman. CBS 2 showed the video to the Union County SWAT team in New Jersey, and they gave the video a big thumbs up – even the part about attacking the gunman. You should avoid pointing and yelling so that it doesn’t look like you’re one of the gunmen, and you should keep your hands visible at all times. Gordon also wounded two people in the courthouse before officers shot him dead just moments later. The start of the fight a€” and the way the handcuffed inmate managed to wrestle away a gun a€” remain under investigation. If the technology works in humans the way it has in animals, doctors may soon find themselves using bioprinters to produce replacement cartilage and bone for people who have been injured, using a patient’s own cells. This convinced three members of the First Generation to take the law into their own hands, and they executed all the rebels, except Kate, as Ethan’s arrival saved her. With the veil being pulled back on David Pilcher’s operation, how will the students respond? Video footage showed officers out in force with numerous squad cars with emergency lights flashing lining a street, officers on foot, and a helicopter buzz overhead. Indeed, many of them joined in the bloodbath of sadistic sexuality: Americans, Brits, Frenchmen, Poles, Moroccans, and, last but not least, Jews from all over the world salivating for revenge against the White race — in particular a contingent of lust-crazed Jews from Palestine. And what is this hell that he forces you to experience page after page, torture after torture, and rape after rape? If you have already killed a German, then kill another one — there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses.
The truth is that this was the single largest burnt offering of human flesh to the Devil in recorded history. In the large, tiled room some Russians were waiting for us, making remarks that must have been very obscene, judging from how everything they said drew gales of laughter.
The death of National Socialist Germany was the death of Western man and everything he once stood for. The Virginia Tech shooter shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others at Virginia Tech.
At the same time, it doesn’t promote vigilante justice by telling people how to use a firearm to take down a crisis shooter. Turn off your phone’s ring and vibrate features, turn off the light, and try to remain calm and as noiseless as possible until the cavalry arrives. James Russo added, “[If] it looks like the shooter is coming into your room, get your group together. Odds are good that you’ll never need to actually use this advice, but if that day ever comes this six-minute instructional video could mean the difference between life and death. The team inventedA a temporary polymer outer shell to keep structures intact during this process. Ethan pretended to call for a reckoning for Kate, but he used the opportunity to reveal the truth to the town.
Or will the mutated remnants of the human race destroy them, so David Pilcher can begin anew with Group C? Whether she chooses her brother or the people, she seems primed to play a key role in the finale. The German doctor who the little boy was lucky enough to hunt down is doing his best to perform a tamponade (a blockage) of her uterus.
Over and over again I heard the terrible screams when the breasts were tortured, and the loud groans at the mutilation of the genitals.
Most recently, the Colorado shooter killed 12 people in the Aurora theater, leaving 58 others wounded.
Bolt for the exit, and once you get outside don’t let anybody else wander into the building. Look at what’s in a room, pick up a lamp, do whatever you can to prepare yourself.” Work together! They also added tiny channels to the printed tissues that help carry nutrients, water, and oxygen to the living cells.
For what did hundreds of thousands of German victims suffer: international finance Capitalism. They dispose of the children rapidly, viciously: their heads are rammed into the side of the building. This victim was not just the victim of these Red Army men, reduced to base animal instinct and mentality, but she was also the victim of an ideology inspired by Judaism and a Jewish propagandist named Ilya Ehrenburg. The Commissar always made sure that I was watching, and when I had to throw up they even paused in their tortures.
It was always the same, the begging for mercy, the high-pitched scream when the breasts were cut and the groans when the genitals were mutilated. I try not to imagine it because about 2,000 women in the Nemmersdorf area alone suffered a similar fate.
Try to imagine the horror and the helplessness you would feel as your person was mutilated and your very life bleeding away on a table. Ilya Ehrenburg, for his part as the lascivious advocator of rape of German women, helped the Red Army perpetrate the largest gynocide and mass rape in recorded history. This is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching situations for police officers to go through," Zimmerman added.Red Flag Warning Issued for San Diego Mountains, DesertsAccording to the chief, Gomez was arrested shortly after the shooting Thursday night. A manhunt was launched in Southcrest and surrounding areas, including San Diego's nearby Shelltown neighborhood. It's been a long night."2 Police Officers Shot in San DiegoThe sounds of dozens of flash bangs filled the air as the SWAT standoff unfolded. She too went in and out of the hospital, comforting the families of the officers.Other SDPD leaders, including Asst.

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