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Earthworms ingest soil contaminants and absorb them through the skin, making them an ideal indicator of soil toxicity. The contamination of soil with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is of much concern due to the possible harmful effects these substances can have on human health. Earthworms are excellent model organisms in ecotoxicological studies of soil toxicity due to their exposure to soil contaminants via both ingestion and passive absorption through their skin. To rectify this problem, these creatures need to be exposed to sub-lethal levels of contaminant.
Phenanthrene is one of 16 PAHs that have been classified as priority pollutants by the US Environmental Protection Agency because they possess toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. At ultra-low sub-lethal exposures of phenanthrene, the MOA was characterised by a linear correlation between the metabolites produced and the exposure concentration. Further data analysis suggested that the metabolites alanine, lysine, arginine, isoleucine, maltose, ATP and betaine may be potential indicators for sub-lethal phenanthrene exposure.
These novel results, reported in Environmental Chemistry, suggest that the technique of NMR-based earthworm metabolomics has great potential for development as a routine tool in the ecotoxicological assessment of low and sub-lethal levels of contaminants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, in the environment. Register a free account with Australasian Science Magazine to receive our email newsletter. The brief mention of Aquaponics in the recent newsletter sure got some tremendous feedback.
It seems like a lot of you are really interested in exploring it further, and many of you are already doing it which is even cooler. I know most of you are into growing your own plants and veggies, well, a simple Aquaponics setup allows you to grow 10 times the amount of product in the same space you might use in a garden, plus you eliminate all weeding and soil work.
Check out the short video here to see a simple setup some guy is creating in his garage using bits and pieces from the hardware store and you’ll see what I mean.
1) Vertical grow towers, where the fish water is pumped through the top at regular intervals. 2) Raft tanks, where the water level remains constant, but is also recirculated at regular intervals.
If this tickles your fancy, check out the short video here to see a simple setup some guy is creating in his garage using bits and pieces from the hardware store. Discover How To Grow Big Fat Composting Worms And Produce More Organic Worm Compost Faster Than Ever Before. Monday I discussed the ways climate change, GMO crops and overpopulation are threatening our food security, and I mentioned that aquaponics is in many ways the perfect solution to this problem.
For example, the balanced nature of ecosystems in organic farming has been shown to support a greater variety of insects than in conventional farming, preventing any one pest from dominating and potentially destroying crops. In aquaponic farming practices, organic matter in the form of fish waste is also converted into nutrients by microbes (and sometimes worms) and is used to fertilize the plants as well.
As shown in Figure 1 above, fish are raised in water tanks, connected to media-filled or hydroponic grow beds. Aquaponics (unlike hydroponic & aquaculture practices) requires no fertilizer or chemicals, and there is no need to dispose of the toxic fish waste. Aquaponics reduces fish species depletion and grows healthy fish that are free of mercury and radiation contamination.FYI: 75% of the world’s fisheries are currently depleted! Aquaponics allows you to grow ‘safe,’ chemical-free, genetically-unmodified, organic food, and to lessen your carbon footprint, which will save you money at the market and the gas pump (supply and demand)! Aquaponics is weed-free, has low pest management, and requires no bending over to garden – so it’s physically-challenged friendly! Aquaponics is the perfect hands-on, project-based learning tool to teach students basic biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering and business skills, while also offering students a practical side of learning, by teaching them how to become self-reliant and environmental responsible as they grow their own food in a sustainable way. Considering these facts, you can see that aquaponics offers many advantages as a more sustainable eco-friendly farming practice than conventional farming and hydroponics techniques. Urban Aquaponics ventures have recently sprung up across the US, with most being small, single owner-operated businesses.
Basic research in aquaponics is still warranted, to optimize the production of high quality yields of fruits, vegetables, and fish crops, and market research is needed, to evaluate the economic feasibility of this sustainable farming technology. This article is part two of a two-part series on how aquaponics is a sustainable solution to many of today’s problems.
Learn more about aquaponics from Tinker-Kulberg, in person, at her Aquaponics Workshop, taught along with Mike Yablonski, Ph.D, this Sunday, Oct.
At Abundance we bring people together to cultivate and celebrate community resilience in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Pickards Mountain's work is rooted in the belief that the fate of future generations will depend on their connections with the land. Slow Money NC, an Abundance partner organization, helps people invest in their local foodsheds. At Abundance, we bring people together to cultivate and celebrate resilient community in the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Coccinella magnifica, Parc naturel de la Vanoise, FranceGilles San Martin from Namur, BelgiumSome species of viruses, fungi, protozoans, wasps, and tapeworms take over the brains and actions of the animals and insects they infect a€” making them do whatever their new master wants.
A recent issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology was completely dedicated to these parasites, which turn their hosts into zombies. Baculovirus a€“ This virus infects Gypsy moth caterpillars and releases an enzyme that stops their natural molting cycle, makes them eat continually, and forces them to climb to the top of trees and clamp onto the leaves until it dies and liquefies, raining down viruses across the forest to infect other caterpillars. Toxoplasma gondii a€“ Picked up from cat poop, this tiny (one-celled) parasite infects the brains of rats, causing them to make extra dopamine and testosterone, which makes them fearless.
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis a€“ This fungus takes over the brain of ants like Camponotus leonardi, making it climb up to 25 centimeters above the ground, grasp onto a blade of grass or leaf, and die. Myrmeconema neotropicum a€“ These tiny worms make the ant Cephalotes atratus scamper up a tree, clamp down on a twig, and turn its abdomen red like a berry ripe for the picking by a hungry bird.
Ampulex compressa a€“ This wasp turns off the escape reflex of cockroaches with one bite, injecting venom into the brain. Dicroelium dentriticum a€“ This flatworm infects ants, making them crawl to the top of grasses during the evening and cool mornings, where it will be eaten by a sheep or cow.
Dinocampus coccinellae a€“ This parasitic wasp infects the spotted lady beetle Coleomegilla maculate. Thorny-headed worms a€“ These worms infect gammarids, a shrimp-like organism that lives in ponds. Leucochloridium paradoxum a€“ Amber snails eat the eggs of this flatworm and live in its tentacles, causing blindness and making the tentacles pulsate and seek light. Euhaplorchis californiensis a€“ This worm infects the brains of the killfish causing them to go belly up.
Spinochordodes tellinii a€“ This hairworm infects grasshoppers and crickets, and produces proteins that make it commit suicide by jumping into the water, where the worm wants to be so it can find a mate. The nematomorph hairworm Spinochordodes tellinii with its bush-cricket hostBildspende von D.
So this is why people keep worm farms – the castings and diluted worm juice (the liquid that comes out of it) are an invaluable fertiliser for food crops. CERES Community Environment Park in Melbourne make their own wheelie bin worm farm which can house thousands of worms and a whole lot of food scraps. The bathtub worm farm is a true beauty and, when designed properly, can double as a table for potting up or doing garden jobs on. Of course you can just go and buy a commercial worm farm from most nurseries or hardware shops, you can even add compost worms to a standard compost bin. Wow – the yoghurt thing sounds like a darn fine party trick – thanks for the heads up! We recently put in a worm tower and I love it (used to have one of the shop-bought layered ones before).
I’m surprised by the claim that our ordinary garden-type earthworms will die in worm farm conditions. Given our experience, why do earthworms in commercial wormfarms die, when _ours_ are so healthy and large? The recommended species of earthworm in such toxicity studies is Eisenia fetida, which is known under various common names such as redworm, brandling worm, tiger worm and red wiggler worm.
The problem with these studies is that, because they kill the worm, they often do not provide sufficient information concerning the toxic mode of action (MOA) of these contaminants. By monitoring the fluctuations in metabolite levels in response to these concentrations of toxins, scientists can potentially elucidate the contaminant’s MOA.
The toxic mode of action of phenanthrene in earthworms has not yet been fully examined but Myrna Simpson and co-workers from the University of Toronto in Canada have adopted a novel approach using a technique called 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to measure the response of earthworms to sub-lethal exposure of phenanthrene. Metabolomics is the study of chemical processes involving metabolites, the unique chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes leave behind. At higher exposures, the metabolite response to phenanthrene appeared to level out, indicating a distinct change in the MOA. Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including files downloadable from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner. We got some amazing photos sent in (see below) and some great feedback about what some of you guys are already doing.
It is predicted that fresh water will be a critical limiting resource for many regions in the near future! Currently, 90% of our fish is imported, with 50% of that being farmed-raised, and only 2% of the market FDA-certified as safe for consumption! Not only will growing your own plant-based fish feed improve your health, it is environmentally friendly, since most commercial fish feed is made from wild-caught fish, with corn- or soy-based filler! When you can capture people’s imagination, you are given the opportunity to teach them. The results from these studies will not only help create opportunites for farmers to diversify their market in the plant and fish sector, but the food that they will produce may in fact be healthier for the consumer.

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The parasites release chemicals or manipulate the genes of their host, changing their behaviors. The wasp injects chemicals into the spider that make it abandon its web and build a completely different one, with a thick sheet to protect the wasp's offspring's cocoons, which they build after chewing through the spider's body.
When they aren't afraid of cat smells, they venture out into the animals' presence, and get eaten, spreading the parasite to the cat. Soon, the fungus clamps the ant to the plant and grows a spore stalk out of its head, which helps spread its spores. The eggs grow and develop inside the ant's head and when they grow big enough, end up decapitating them. First, its eggs grow inside the beetle, until they paralyze her and bust out, forming a cocoon on her leg. The worm messes with the animals' normal darkness-seeking mechanism, sending it to the top of the pond, where a bird scoops it up.
The light seeking brings the snails out of the dark, the blindness makes them not know when to hide from predators, and the pulsating attracts birds, who come and gobble up the parasite.
The worms do not magic these minerals into existence, they were already present in these quantities, however the worms have changed their form by digesting them (which involves all that bacteria). A quick and important note, worm farms can only house compost worms, not your common earth worm you see in the garden or lawn.
A few years ago I worked with the Urban Bush Carpenters in Melbourne to build local NGO, Cultivating Community this fancy worm farm you can see above left for a community garden. It simply operates on the same system of having layered boxes with holes in the bottom for drainage and for the worms to travel in between. You can buy them commercially, but they’re so easy to make we think you should just do it that way. Not if you continue feeding them fresh food scraps, as long as you do this they’re not going anywhere.
In our old farm, most of the worms would die every summer as the farm overheated, even in the shade. Because of these properties, PAHs in the environment are found predominantly in soil, sediment and oily substances rather than in water or in air. However, studies that explore changes in cellular metabolism, such as the breakdown of simple metabolites like amino acids and sugars due to exposure to very low or sub-lethal concentrations of contaminants, are not often carried out. Authorisation to mechanically or electronically copy the contents of this publication is granted by the publisher to users licensed by Copyright Agency Ltd. Aquaponics is a closed-looped system that is similar to a wetland, in that plants filter the water to keep fish healthy, and, in turn, the fish effluent (waste) acts as a natural fertilizer for plant growth.
She recently founded Floppy Hat Farms, a start-up small production facility that uses sustainable farming practices to build healthy ecosystems using materials and methods that minimize the negative impact on the environment and conserve water resources. Most them them do this by changing the brain's chemicals, or by inducing "sickness behaviors" by messing with the host's immune system. The wasp uses the roach's antenna to steer the animal home where it uses it as an egg incubator. The ladybeetle's bright shell and occasional twitching help protect the cocoon from predators.
In reality, it just swims up to the top of the lake and wiggles around, where it attracts the attention of birds. This process makes them available to plants as the minerals have been changed from being an insoluble form to a plant-available soluble form.
The bottom box has no holes and captures all the worm juice for you to use later as a fertiliser (dilute it so it looks like the colour of weak tea) for the veggie patch.
All you need is some large pipe (ideally no smaller than 200mm wide), a pot plant to fit on the top as a hat and a drill to put holes into it. In addition to their presence in fossil fuels they are also formed by incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels such as wood, coal, diesel, fat, tobacco and incense. Scientists can examine the tissue of these worms and observe the effects of pollution, enabling them to identify the most efficient and effective action to prevent any detrimental outcome.
My son, Jonathan has started a ministry (aquaponicsfororphans ) to teach others about aquaponics and how to set up and run systems.
To our surprise, most buckets have collected scores of healthy earthworms, which grow to astonishing size in these nutrient flows. I will be adding deep water and towers in the next couple of months and then will enclose the systems before winter.

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