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Assemble the bin and you are ready to start your worm composting project! Most worm bins will stand outside. If you don't find what you where looking for on this page, look for it in our worm composting search engine below! Can worm farms be used indoors Hello I just wanted to know if one can use a worm farm indoors or will it develop bad smells? How to keep worms warm in winter! Not rated yetI live in central Illinois and was wondering how to keep the worms warm during the winter in my shed? Can I add worms to my vegetable garden Not rated yetWill composting worms eat the veggies I am trying to grow? Recycling dog poop from a dog day care centre Not rated yetQ: How does this recycling of dog poop work in cold weather? This design has two stacking units, but you can add as many as you want, depending on how much waste your family produces. Also, I used pine, to keep costs down and I finished it with a clear, food safe protective coat.
It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
My husband and I were just talking about building one of these last weekend.  Thank you so much!!! The worms will eat the dog poop and turn it into compost, but it can contain pathogens so definitely don't use it in your edible garden. If you use pine and get the cheap furring strips and already have the tools you have do it for under $50. I keep a container beside the sind and chop up all my scraps into small peices after that the container goes into the freezer for 3 days. It be nice to drill a hole in the bottom to catch the worm tea,  this makes great fertilizer. If you're looking for advice, I'd say that rather than adding more 'supports' I'd just get a container that is more sturdy. You're currently viewing our message boards as a guest which gives you limited access to participate in discussions and access our other features such as our wiki and photo gallery.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. Now we starting putting up our wood panels, and you can now see how the frame with all the pipes in it becomes out middle piece. Now I have put in the top most frame so that all the side panel's can be held in place and starting adding a LOT more screws to hold it together. Keep in mind I put on the front last because the front panel will be cut to make an door the will swing open on the bottom half.
Now to help the wood last a little bit longer I suggest painting the entire bin inside out out. Bottom view, I left this bottom chamber 10" high so that I could fit a shovel directly into it. Now from the bottom you can see I have made a flat layer with card board boxes cut and laid out flat. Life - Some assembly required, As is no warranty, Batteries not included, Instructions shipped separately and are frequently wrong!
Statistics - Data that analyst twist to support the insane opinions of those that pay them. As the castings finish and dry they should fall out on their own, or at least is the theory. The best part about harvesting for me is that all I will have to do now is scoop out the finished product, screen it and start using it. If you were to place a layer of expanded metal above the EMT pipe you would have something that would hold the material up with out it falling through and the openings may be large enough for the casting to fall through. I like your input about making the EMT vibrate, this is good info and will be considered in a few years when I have to make my next one bigger and better. The spring beets should be sizing up right about now, so how about making some tasty pickles for summer BBQs? And of course, since it came from her and it is food I loved as a child, it always takes me back to my North Dakota farm roots.
I don’t know what variety beets she grew, but for pickles I like to grow Detroit Dark Red or Early Wonder Tall Top for the rich burgundy color.
These Brussels sprouts, sown on May 7, got potted up to 4″ pots this week, and will be ready for the garden by mid-June. At this stage of the year—what I call mid-spring in my catalog of mini-seasons—I am engaged in a garden tug-of-war. And now, when you’re focused solely on getting those hot crops of summer in the ground, let the cool breezes of a maritime spring clue you in: time to give those long-season vegetables of next winter some love. The tomatoes are getting leggy, and the peppers aren’t getting any younger in their pots.
There are many other, shorter-season veggies that can be sown later in the summer and into the fall for fall and winter eating, but for right now, instead of trying to jump-start summer, skip over it and look to fall. Many Seattle gardeners are mourning the impending loss of City People’s Garden Store on Madison, which got the land sold out from under it for the inevitable mixed-use development. I’ve been giving a series of edible gardening talks there for years, and my last talk is coming up next weekend.
Interestingly, many of the gardening questions posed to Ciscoe and his guests could be lifted (minus the lilting British accents) from GQT.

In this photo on their website, you can clearly see me in my green shirt (and Susie next to me) to the left of the sign, waiting for the taping to begin.
Guinness is a landscape designer who has won six gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show (and is the niece of rose breeder David Austin). Here are a few photos from the National Botanic Garden in Wales, which is about an hour north of Swansea. Shell the beans, and drop the bean seeds all at once into a pan of boiling water (enough to cover). Young garlic, pulled before the bulb has had a chance to differentiate into cloves, has an onionlike texture and a flavor that is equal parts spiciness and grassiness. Fresh fava beans, freed from their tough, grey seed coats, seem to be equal parts sugar and substance. It’s too soon to be whipping up this recipe, but I mentioned it in my column in the current issue of Edible Seattle. Back from my annual visits to the region’s garden shows, which filled my head with ideas for pathways and fun garden additions. A path through a nurse log was part of the Hoh Rainforest display at the NW Flower & Garden Show. Flowers line the path to a forest service lookout tower in this display at the NW Flower & Garden Show. Large circular stepping stones blended beautifully with washed gravel in a pleasing curved path in this Yard, Garden & Patio Show display. An impressive combination of stone products created this inviting waterfall at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show.
Salmon (of the porcelain variety) headed upstream to spawn in a display garden at the NW Flower & Garden Show.
Giant recycled-plastic pots lit from within and gabion walls with galvanized metal screens highlighted this garden at the NW Flower & Garden Show. Glamping in a Southwest cactus garden was part of this display at the NW Flower & Garden Show. Simple and elegant with just two elements, this ikebana arrangement by Charles Coghlan caught my eye at the NW Flower & Garden Show. I'm a gardener in Seattle, where the cool maritime climate lets me grow food all year round. What about the bedding Not rated yetHi all i am thinking about is starting my own worm farm just for the purpose of feeding my own plants and bringing my garden to a refreshed state. Won't they smell bad? Not rated yetWorm farms can absolutely be used indoors and many many worm farming enthusiasts are doing it all over the world. I built it before improving the plans so my my actual worm compost bin that I built is full of flaws, but I've worked on it in sketchup and I think it's good to go now.
It should be odorless, if you notice an odor, you probably just need to give it a stir to let some air in on the action. Again you can attach them to each other first with pocket hole screws to make it tighter if you wish. Place the staples at about the midpoint on the (1x2) boards and fold up or trim off any excess mesh hanging off the edges.
By joining our community, you'll have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload photos, and access many other special features. This is a Flow through type of worm bin which should make harvesting the worm castings a lot easier for me. This is where all the castings will fall out and ill be able to scoop them out when they are all done. Now you can also see how the front panel is the only thing holding all the EMT pipe into place now. Any color will do, I just happen to have some old white paint that I found laying around the house.
I like to start all my bins with LOTS of shredded paper and cardboard for the worms to make a nice home out of.
I should not have to shake it but this is my 1st time using a flow through system so we will see how it really works out. I have been adding a lot of shredded paper and cardboard, banana stalks and leafs, kitchen waste, and Horse manure mix with hay and wood chips.
Seems like it will take out some of the work involved with harvesting worms right now, as I have been using plastic bins. For details on growing successive plantings of root crops, including beets, for fall and winter, see my column in the July-August, 2016 issue of Edible Seattle.
Part of me wants to grow the fattest red tomato on the block, so juicy it drips down my shirt. Mid-spring is a time for struggle on the part of my tomato plants, and the peppers can stay under cover or fight for their survival.
It was the first nursery I used when I moved to Seattle in the mid-1980s, and I still hold it fondly in my mind. I get the BBC 4 show via podcast, and greatly enjoy the experience of listening, learning and laughing along with their panel of witty experts.
Flowerdew (yes, his actual name) on the KIRO radio show of Ciscoe Morris, Seattle’s own version of a beloved expert radio gardener. Our Maritime Northwest climate has a lot in common with the mild climes of the British Isles. We were present for the taping of two shows, but alas did not get any of our questions chosen for consideration by the panel.

Flowerdew, Bunny Guinness (which reminds me, Happy Easter!), Pippa Greenwood (you can’t make these names up!), Toby Buckland, Chris Beardshaw, James Wong and other panelists are certainly pedigreed. He’s a great host, an expert in just about everything green, and a fun person to chat with, and I always look forward to the show.
Swirl and cook for a very short time, perhaps 30 seconds, until the beans begin to turn brighter green.
Cook the garlic for a minute or so, tossing regularly, until limp and giving off a pungent odor.
Once cooked, they retain a meaty toothsomeness like the interior of a firm baked potato, but with only a light starchiness. I was also amazed at the materials used for the hardscape and water features, and had a very enjoyable time helping one display garden become reality. The worms should eventually move on up to the top when they run out of food in their level, leaving beautiful castings behind - perfect compost for your garden. You can make a square face with the (1x3) boards first using pocket holes and then screw or nail the face onto the unit, or you can just screw then pieces on one at a time. Flow-through bins can hold hundreds of pounds of material, and something like this can't handle that much strain even with supports. It did go through scraps quickly, but also dried out superfast, and the finished compost was only moderately finished (which is OK for my use, but I would love some really nice VC at times). Here are some pictures of the bin, and a few steps along the way in case you would like to type and make one like your own. The cardboard will eventually start to break down and tear allowing castings to start falling through.
Plastic bins do work good I have been using them for a long time now but harvesting is a real pain and the bins always seem to wet, making harvesting that much more time consuming.
A small electric motor and offset crank could vibrate the plate and possibly shake the castings through. When all you want to do is take your kids hiking, go to a music festival, wheel off on a nice long bike ride, or simply just host a BBQ, you have to look to the skies, and judge the depth of the grey.
I often hear advice on that show that is applicable to my own yard–another reason to listen, if I needed one. Its amazing longevity can be attributed to the British love of gardening, although you could say that it has contributed to their perennial plant fever. Two summers ago, my wife and I took a walking trip in England, and after strolling the farms and gardens of the Cotswolds, we ventured to Wales for a weekend to attend GQT’s Summer Garden Party at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. The promise of these two early summer delicacies is just coming into leaf, but already it’s blooming in my mind. Use a sieve to quickly remove the beans and drop them into a bowl of icy water to stop the cooking. The young garlic bulb will not have differentiated cloves, and you will use the entire thing, plus some of the greens. Plan to grow them next year, and this spring, look for fresh favas and young garlic at your local farmers market.
When you empty the bottom unit into your garden, place it on top and start over, filling it as the bottom unit becomes saturated. For example, learn about: The pipe work to support banana bunches, making pots out of newspaper, using plastic cups as pots, tips for building coverings for plants during winter, etc.
Because this is an open air design if a worm pokes his head down into the lower half he will want to move back up.
I have been thinking when it comes time to replace this one I need to find a way to make the entire middle grate movable. They celebrate this dreary holiday weekend weather like twirling hippies at a Phish concert.
Hope you can join me, support the store with some purchases and give City People’s a proper send-off.
Your life will be easier if you just get a different bin and use this one for something else. You will gain access to post, create threads, private message, upload images, join groups and more. I would only need 2" of movement, I'm pretty sure I will be able to figure something out.
Flowerdew is one of England’s leading organic gardeners whose family has been farming in East Anglia since the Tudors ruled the land in the 1500s. I was also thinking the next version should also be made of starboard or some type of plastic that will not break down and last much longer. Once the system really gets going I should not be at risk any longer of this happening as the worms will stay toward the top half. I have a tumbling composter too and use it for my bunny poop, garden waste and like watermelon skin etc. I like the tumbling one too, it's very useful and it has the ability to catch some of the juices which seem to be very rich and helps my garden a lot.

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