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Summary: A stack-able worm bin which is aesthetically pleasing, has small footprint, and is excellent for new vermicomposters. Stack-able trays allow harvesting castings easier…no need to separate worms from castings. Since the worm factory is stack-able, it has the capability to just add more trays as needed. While the bin allows extra trays to be stacked, there is no way to increase the system horizontally. This entry was posted in Bins, Review, Vermicomposting and tagged Bin Worm Factory, Detailed Review, Nature Footprint, Worm Factory.
Blueprint for a Successful Vermiculture Compost System modeled on the famous continuous flow, Oregon Soil Corporation Reactor. VermiCo offers two models of earthworm harvester plans to meet the needs of today’s Vermicomposting Operations. Portability: Move your VermiCo harvester from one location to the next, using a standard pick-up truck. Maneuverability: Heavy duty, large pneumatic tires allow you to position your harvester anywhere along outdoor windrows. Durability: The heavy-duty welded construction in every harvester we build is your guarantee of years of profitable use. We offer the flexibility of using either an electric-powered or gas-powered harvester, providing you with a safe, sensible, and economical alternative to harvesting worms by hand. You will find the 33 pages of plans very easy to follow with pictures of your progress included for the different steps. E-125 optional feature: An “instant stop” electrical overload switch that will stop the motor instantly if the drum encounters an obstacle.
OPTIONAL FEATURE: A Detent Valve in the hydraulic circuit of the gas harvester gives the operator “forward -neutral – and reverse” control of the drum, and will also “trip” to neutral if the drum encounters resistance while turning, thereby instantly stopping the drum rotation if it encounters an obstacle. Wormlovers are delighted to supply the Hungry Bin – the only continuous flow system, and the modern wonder of worm farms! The Hungry Bin is a continuous flow system, which makes it far more efficient than worm farms that use stacked trays. You will be required to sign for the parcels, if you are not home the postie will leave notice to collect at your post office. Deliveries take between 2-5 days from order, depending where in Australia you are and what day you order. WE DON'T DELIVER worms in very hot weather - consistently over 30 degrees - as they may die in transit.

2” hole saw, Size may vary from 1-3”, adjust instructions below to suit the size you choose. Repeat 1-5 at the bottom lip or bottom rib if you don’t have a lip, be sure that your #1 mark lines up on both sets of string. Your support helps us develop environmentally friendly and self sufficiency solutions, and maintains this website as a way to share these solutions. Build an inexpensive worm binThe Green-Trust Homestead is gone, but the kids are safe!DIY Well Drilling at Green Trust, Oct.
Your online business needs the expertise of a digital marketing company to make it flourish and keep your ROI safe. The manufacturer learned the weaknesses of the previous version and adapted the 360 to help provide a more effective worm bin.  I would highly recommend them especially to newbies. Includes construction drawings, operators guide, operation plan, parts list, and site license.
These units have been specially designed to be easy to use and to offer years of reliable service.
Heavy farm-duty motor used for drum drive is made for use with extension cords without motor damage.
Our gas model adds greater versatility, allowing field use where electrical power may be unavailable.
The unique shape of the bin creates a large surface area, allowing the worms to easily access the food scraps at the top –  they’re surface feeders after all –  allowing them to process more waste, more quickly. The floor of the bin just clips off, allowing around 4 litres of castings to break away at the bottom of the taper. Tight fitting, it prevents pests from entering but has sufficient venting to create healthy airflow. If this is an non standard (not on your ruler) number, and you want you last set of holes to look right, use a digital caliper to make a set of marks on a board to transfer to the string.
I start at one of the seams, and go to the right for the first line, then flip the barrel over, and start at the same seam, and go to the left for the second line.
Cut your welded wire about 6” longer than the middle of the barrel measurement, and 1” wider than the height measurement. March 29, 2016Speaking Appliances for the Visually Impaired March 6, 2016The Death of Electronics as a Hobby? CX Interactive offers a creative and digitalized strategy that drives your targeted clients to you! Over the next few months I am going to write reviews based on my experiences with various manufactured worm bins.

So when I harvested the castings in the bottom tray, often worms were still present in the castings.
The versatile trommel screen can be used either to separate earthworms from their bedding or to screen castings to produce a uniform product. This design features what we believe is the most dependable and productive harvester of its size available.
The drum turns on heavy duty ball bearings and is powered by a reliable 4 hp gasoline engine, via a hydrostatic drive using industrial grade components for quiet, dependable operation.
The tapered sides encourages the worms to stay on the surface, while compressing their castings below. Removing the castings is a relatively clean process and the castings are largely free of worms.
This way if your lines are not evenly divisible all the way around, at least the marks are straight. Well, most beginners who experience problems vermicomposting can trace their issues back to overfeeding their worms. By adding another tray or two, it created more separation between the food and the last tray. But if you are serious gardener who needs a lot of vermicompost, you may want to look for a larger unit (such as worm wigwam or something larger).
You will reduce labor costs, increase earthworm sales and increase profits from marketing castings by investing in apiece of machinery that will provide you with years of service. An added benefit of this model is that it allows the user to vary the drum speed to optimize the harvesting process. Bad bin conditions can result from the combination of the individual not knowing how much to feed the worms, their fear of starving them, and not realizing how much water is released by food waste as it starts to breakdown. Our harvester plans are designed from years of worm farm experience and consist of rugged components. Each tray bottom is made up of a grid (photo below) which allows adequate ventilation and excess moisture just drains through to the bottom tray.
So it can be placed in a kitchen, pantry, or other small area without consuming valuable room.
Add feedstock to top of system and harvest castings and worm tea from harvest chamber below.

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