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A much better way to deal with dog waste is to use earthworms or better composting worms to convert the dog shit into nutrient rich worm castings.Dog shit, is in an excellent food source for earthworms.
Making money with earthworms is easy----------Recycling with earthworms-----------Worm composting against climate change-----------Find out more about "Worm Food"----------Go back from "dog poop" to the "Home Page"----------More information about the recycling of dog poop------------For questions or suggestions please contact us! How to keep Black Soldier Flies out of my dog poop worm bin I recently started composting both dog poop and food waste in an outdoor worm bin. Why don't my worms eat the dog poop? I've recently set up a poop compost bin but my worms aren't touching the dog poop and it's now going moldy! I just put a pound of red worms two days ago in the bin that i've created to compost dog poop.

Can I recycle food waste and dog waste in one Worm Bin? Not rated yetI am finally about to start my first worm bin with the main intention of using it to dispose my dog's waste.
Will compost worms die if you add poo from wormed dogs Not rated yetHi, I'm really keen to start a worm composter for our two (large) puppies.
Can worms recycle Dogs- and Cats poop in large quantities? Not rated yetWe have about 20 adult dogs and 50 cats.
Large scale vermicomposting of horse manure Not rated yetDo you have examples of large scale vermicomposting in South Africa? Answer:Hello Linda,you are quite right human hair is an excellent worm food and get recycled in worm farms and worm bins.

Is your methodology of of recycling pet waste with the help of earthworms workable on this large scale?
Even if it takes quite a while for the hair to start to decompose at which state it turns into a suitable worm food.But in the meantime the hairballs form soft and fluffy areas inside the worm farm which can hold lots of oxygen. I found very often not only mature worms but especially tiny baby worms inside piles of human-, cat- and dog hair that we had dumped into our worm farms.

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