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The stackable VermiHut computer virus compost bin permits meals scrap to be fed into the ground tray with compost worms and bedding.
With a worm bin, you can treat many kinds of domestic organic waste such as leftover fruit, vegetables and other food scraps, coffee grounds and even the dung of your pet (on a separated system). Did you know Victorians toss the equivalent of one in every five bags of groceries they buy?
These wriggly, squiggly munching machines will ingest most kitchen scraps (but avoid meat, dairy, citrus fruit and onion), and provide you with an amazing fertiliser and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. There are many suitable containers for keeping worms, from ready made farms to basic wooden boxes or plastic stackable ones.

The most common composting worms are Indian Blues, Red Wrigglers and Tigers and you will find them at most garden centres typically being sold as ‘composting worms’. In a couple of weeks, worm “castings” will collect in the bottom of the top box, making a terrific fertiliser. Instead of throwing away your waste that will end up in landfill, why not consider starting your own worm farm?
Chop up everything beforehand and feed your worms only small amounts as needed once or twice a week.
Dilute the “leachate” until it looks like weak ‘tea’, one part leachate to eight parts water in a nine litre watering can.

Every now and then you can collect worm “castings” from the top bin and scatter a walnut size ball into your pots where it acts as an excellent fertiliser.

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