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A century after Earth was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, 100 space station residents are sent to the planet to determine whether it's habitable. A pregnant teen is forced by her family to leave her boyfriend and assume a new identity in America, but 12 years later, the couple reunites in Korea. Whether preparing for college or becoming teen moms, DC Met students face many challenges in this firsthand account of life inside school reform.
Based on historical events, this crime drama centers on Italian operation "Clean Hands," set in motion to tame the tide of political corruption. In the second follow-up to his film Seven Up, Michael Apted checks in with his original subjects, who are now 21 and dealing with life as adults.
Just two years away from turning 30, participants in Michael Apted's documentary series are facing serious questions of identity and purpose. Morgan Spurlock hosts this reality series that attempts to up participants' empathy quotients by immersing them in someone else's reality for a month. This drama series follows a group of Swedes who've emigrated from their native country to Thailand in search of happiness and a better life. Within 48 hours of winning the 100-meter men's final at the 1988 Seoul Games, Ben Johnson tested positive for steroids -- and scandal reigned. Director Billy Corben examines the harsh realities behind the flashy careers of professional athletes, most of whom will go bankrupt after retiring. Two-sport athlete Bo Jackson will forever be known as a cultural icon -- and one of the most famous professional sportsmen of all time.
This smartly crafted sitcom follows Liz Lemon, an unlucky-in-love New Yorker who heads up a ragtag team of writers on a fictional NBC variety show.
When it comes to picking the best gun for preppers, there really isn’t 1 right answer to this. I’m not going to go into the absurdity of “gun free zones” and the absurdity of disarming the American population instead of fixing the real problem, that’s a post for another time. This post is going to be about why gun ownership is important to preppers, and how we can become one of the good guys with guns…you know, the ones you never hear about on mainstream media.
This week in the show Lisa and I talked about why owning a gun will become even more important for preppers, how to be a responsible gun owner, and picking the right gun for the job. First and foremost, before we start talking about why you need firearms, we need to talk about what being a good gun owner means.
For first time gun owners I would highly recommend taking some sort of gun safety class, and then putting a few hundred rounds though the gun at the gun range while practicing everything you learned in that class. Cleaning: Even cleaning your gun can help with safety and your overall comfort with the gun. Knowing how to disassemble and reassemble your gun will help you understand how all the pieces work together, and why misfires happen. Know Your Gun Laws: Every state has different gun laws, so what is legal in your state might not be legal in another.
This is especially important for concealed carry holders who travel, and might have to cross state lines.
It’s also important to know what will happen after a defensive shooting, and what you will need to expect.
It’s also important to remember that not all SHTF scenarios involve WROL (Without Rule of Law), and there are some scenarios that involve complete confiscation…but that’s a story for another day. While in some situations having something is better than nothing, having the right tool for the job is important.
Hand Guns: Great for self-defense, concealed carry, and short range, but not as accurate as a long gun. Long Guns: A long gun (rifle) will give you more range to protect your family and property at the perimeter level, and will also give you more accuracy for hunting. While having just 1 gun is better than nothing, I believe that you should have at least 1 of each in your collection. While having guns and ammo will help you sustain and protect yourself is any sort of SHTF scenario, having something to protect in the first place like food and water are still the most important.
Just like everything else when it comes to preparedness, our supplies will eventually run out.
A while back we got Lisa a 9mm hand gun and right now she is not very comfortable shooting it.
We decided to get her a smaller caliber .22 hand gun because she is more willing to practice at the range, and hopefully work her way up to being comfortable with the larger caliber ammunition. You also need to be honest with yourself about whether or not you would be able to pull the trigger on an attacker. In the show Lisa and I talked a little bit about why it’s important to own a gun (or guns) now, as well as in the event of societal breakdown. Because of this current administration, and because I’m not sure how much longer it will be legal to purchase an AR style rifle, I went ahead and got one now. There are far more good guys with guns than bad guys, but you would never know that by watching TV, and I want to be part of the good guys with gun’s club.
This country was founded on the fact that we need to be able to defend ourselves against the very people who are trying to take that are trying to take them away. If you listen to the mainstream media, anyone who owns more than 1 gun must be a domestic terrorist, but needless to say, that is not the case. Gun ownership and collecting is a hobby just like building model rockets is a hobby, collecting Star Wars action figures is a hobby, and rebuilding muscle cars is a hobby.
While there will probably not be as much hunting going on as people think in a SHTF scenario, it’s still important to have the option if available.
Depending on your area though, there could be squirrels, rabbits, birds and other small game you can take advantage of. Contrary to popular belief these days, you are the only one who has the sole responsibility of taking care of yourself.
Some situations can happen quicker than they can respond, and we need to be able to protect ourselves and our family. My hope is that I never have to use any of my guns for anything other than hunting or going to the range, but I enjoy the comfort of knowing that if something were to happen that put my family in danger, I have the tools I need to protect them.
To me it’s just like having car insurance, I hope I never need to use it, but I’ll be glad I have it if I ever need it. This might not be “overlooked” but it is something that deserves more consideration than it gets. Without our trash being taken away on a weekly basis, sanitation is bound to become an issue. Like it or not all of our preparedness supplies are going to run out at one point or another.
Most of us have a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers, but do you have something as simple as nails and screws? As preppers we are always looking for ways to improve our situation, and think about what live would be like after a SHTF event.
In the show this week Lisa and I went over some overlooked areas of preparedness, and how even the smallest thing could become a game changer.
We take for granted how easily we can get support when we need it these days, but what would you do if there were no police to intervene?
Being honest with yourself means leaving your ego at the front door, knowing there is always someone better than us, and knowing there is always more we can learn. We need to think about all the supplies and food we have stored as a buffer to get us through until we can figure out a long term solution. Having manual tools like saws, hammers and drills are important, but not having the little things can make life pretty difficult. We all like to believe that we could do what it takes when push comes to shove (I do anyway) but in reality, the situation will play our far different in real life than it does in our heads. While life after SHTF is going to require more manual labor and work, there is bound to be down time…especially after the sun goes down. Having books, board games, musical instruments and even getting outside and doing some hard work are good ways of curing boredom. In a post SHTF situation cellphones might become non existent, or an unaffordable luxury, but we will still need a way to communicate when the family is separated.
Also included in communication is talking to your family and educating them about safety and planning. We talked about a couple of articles in the podcast from Urban Survival Site that tie into life after SHTF & some overlooked problems pretty well. In a total grid down event, the credit card companies may not come knocking on your door, but eventually they probably will. Also, when the food closet is bare, you will not be able to run to the store to buy dinner, you will need to have enough food to get through whatever situation you may have to face. Once you begin to amass large quantities of food, it is easy to get complacent about your food storage. These are all possibilities, so think through and plan what you would do, and come up with what if’s for every area of your preparedness. The post Life After SHTF & Some Overlooked Problems appeared first on Survivalist Prepper.
This week on the Survivalistprepper podcast we are happy to welcome back Sara Hathaway, Sara is the author of the books Day after Disaster and Without Land.
Sara has quite a bit of self-defense training, and this week we had her on to talk about all the different aspects, and how it can (and is) useful to us as preppers. A have a 3-part question for you: What self-defense training do you have, why did you decide to do it, and what added benefits does it have? I decided to get involved in self defense training because I always wanted to do it as a kid but my mom said I was already too rough.

We can talk about a couple situations where learning self-defense might be useful to preppers?
Also long term survival situations will do crazy things to honest, good people’s minds.
In a long term survival situation if you have to physically defend yourself you want it to end as soon as possible without damaging yourself. Men are often in positions where they have to fight to protect their loved ones or just because they are being aggressed.
As far as non-lethal weapons my mother in law used to make me carry pepper spray when I was out playing hockey at night. On that note I want to mention that if you are grabbed from behind kicking to a man’s privates is not the best thing you can do. Obviously having a concealed carry permit is ideal but you need to practice, practice, practice.
Today is the last day (July28th) that The Survivalist Prepper Academy 2.0 will be available at half price.
This giveaway is a members only giveaway, and if you would like to become a member you can do so here. The post Self Defense for Preppers With Sara Hathaway appeared first on Survivalist Prepper. When you start your list, don’t include your Bug out bags and everyday carry items, these are a bonus because I think these will be on the top of everyone’s list. There are probably 100 prepping articles talking about the most important prepping supplies, and the prepping supplies that will disappear first. Everyone can find out what you should have, but sometimes what you should have, and what you do have are 2 different things. This exercise shows why bug out bags are important even if you have no plans on bugging out to the woods.
Some bug out bag items include: Fixed blade knife, water filter, compass, tarp, folding saw, etc. To make this a realistic as possible you can only add every day carry items you actually carry every day…not what you want (or should) carry. My EDC items include: Multi tool, folding knife, Prepinstein Designs paracord belt and my EDC kit. In my truck I always have a plastic container under my rear seat that has some fishing gear including a small tent, folding camp stove and fishing tackle.
This could be considered an area of weakness, but I don’t have clothes put aside for this situation. Who knows how long something like this could last, so I am going to grab as much water as I can. I’m not going to take the time to go through the cupboards, I am going to grab all the “Prepper” food I can find.
Along with the small solar charges in our lights out kit I am also going to bring the solar generator I put together. The camping gear in my truck might not cut it, so I will need to add some supplies from the garage.
We have some gasoline stored in 5 gallon jugs, and I would want at least 3 of them with me.
This is a situation that hits close to home, as we have had several large wild fires that have put us on high alert that we may have to leave our home quickly.
Like many people my laptop has so much information on it, this is definitely something that has to go regardless if there is power or internet access. This has cash, gold and silver so everything that is in our safe will be coming along with us.
Although if we were to get pulled over, this could cause a few raised eyebrows, but carefully hidden and keeping the ammunition separated, these firearms are an important part of our prepping, so they would be coming along.
We already have these stored in our garage, and not knowing what the emergency might be, I want to be sure to have at least a little bit of gas. This is a given, but I would grab quick foods that are easy to pack that we already have in our pantry. This includes items like my camera’s, saddle, and horse tack that would not be easily replaced.
It’s interesting to look at how different our lists are and it just goes to show “2 is 1, and 1 is none”. On the other hand, we both had some of the same items listed which can be helpful because I am so forgetful. Practicing situational awareness is not that hard, yet millions of people are so consumed with their daily lives they forget all about it. Another important aspect of the preparedness mindset is the need to share our knowledge whenever possible.
Today in the show Lisa and I talked about the preparedness mindset, and how prepping goes a lot deeper than making sure we have food stored and a way to start a fire.
Practicing situational awareness is preparedness, getting out of debt is preparedness, and even getting healthy and physically fit is preparedness.
Twelve years after a wild night changed everything, they're getting a second chance to make a life together. Learning how to become self sufficient and living without any outside help from the government.
You would never know this by watching the news, but guns are not always for killing people, some people use them to hunt. Not only will cleaning your firearm help with reliability and performance, it will help you understand how everything works.
Make sure and understand what laws apply to you, and also keep up to date on the ever changing gun laws. A concealed carry weapon would not be the ideal choice for hunting, and a long rifle is not a great choice for self-defense. They are a great self-defense gun at short range because you don’t need to be all that accurate, and they could also be used to hunt birds and other animals, depending on the shell. Not only is it important to have these guns, it’s important to actually be proficient with them.
Anyone who focuses strictly on guns and ammo are going to be the people we need to protect ourselves against. You can have the biggest, baddest gun in the world, but if you are too scared to pull the trigger it is useless.
I have no doubt that in a life or death situation she would pull the trigger, but I want her to become more comfortable using a gun and become more proficient. Most normal people would never want to have to use their gun for self-defense, but if the need arises, we need to do it without hesitation, hesitation could lead to us or our family becoming victims.
It’s a little ironic that the more people talk about banning guns, or adding restrictions, gun sales start to rise.
The solution is not to take away guns from the good guys, the solution is to start upholding the laws already on the books and hold the bad guys more accountable. Not for any nefarious reasons, just because I enjoy going to the range and shooting, and I want to try different guns and calibers.
There are nowhere near the number of animals there were in the past, and everyone and their brother are going to be out looking for food when there is no grocery store.
As I mentioned above though, you need the right tool for the job, you probably don’t want to take an AR out to hunt a couple of pidgins…for a few different reasons. While it’s good to have the police to protect you (and you should let them if possible) we can’t, and shouldn’t expect them to be there at our beck and call. At this rate, waiting to purchase a firearm could mean jumping through a hundred hoops, or not getting one at all. But if we are not honest about how prepared we are, or how skilled we are, we are setting ourselves up to fail.
Even if we have our food storage covered, our water storage covered and have plenty of guns and ammo, all it takes is one kink in the hose to mess up our preparedness plan. While these might be the most important, there are a number of smaller situations that we don’t give a second thought to that could cause big problems when it comes to life after SHTF if we don’t know how to handle them.
Without police, the fire department and EMT’s we will be completely on our own when it comes to solving major problems. Not only will the trash be building up, but cleaning the house will not be as easy as turning on the faucet, plugging in the vacuum, or even something as simple as flushing the toilet.
Taking a hot shower will be a thing of the past unless you have a solar shower, and washing clothes means using an old school washboard, or using something like the Wonder Wash. If we need to do repairs on the home, or build something, there will be no hardware store to go to, what we have will be our hardware store. Making sure we have tapes and adhesives, enough screws and nails, automotive fluids, wrenches and sockets and maybe even some scrap wool laying around is a good idea. In today’s society we have a million distractions, but in a SHTF event that all goes away. This is especially important for anyone with children, because a bored child can make your life miserable. Make sure everyone knows what to do in different situations, and make use of the down time by making sure everyone is on the same page. But there are modern conveniences that may not be available, like running water in your house, or electronic banking, or even your job. This is why it is important to not only continually add to our supplies, but also our skills.
One thing to keep in mind, you don't want to go to hard because you want to have a partner to practice on in the future.

Some pf you might also know her from her Changing Earth Podcast where she discusses some of the chapters in her books, as well as has an expert guest on to talk about different areas of preparedness.
I have also dabbled in close quarters combat training in a survival training program I did as well as with Skip Buck a former Sherriff Sergeant that I train with.
I pursued a opportunity to play Olympic ice hockey and when it didn’t really pan out I decided to start training martial arts. Mentally you become more accustomed to these situations making it easier to face them in real life.
The good news is the basics are the basics and no matter what form of self defense you want to learn the basics are all the same. Walking, rapidly for 10 minutes a day helps the body and mind but you need to push it much farther. There are martial arts schools everywhere so do your homework and find one that you can give with.
One thing to keep in mind, you don’t want to go to hard because you want to have a partner to practice on in the future. In a long term survival situation, unless you know how to make gun powder, your supply of bullets is going to run out. Great thought but it was always in the bottom of my purse and I doubt I could have gotten to it if I was attacked. Any weapon you are not comfortable with will not be your first go to in a stressful situation, plus you don’t want to hurt anyone else.
Confidence can stop the attack before it even begins but you will not be confident if you are not prepared for an encounter and physically capable of carrying out the moves you have practiced. I was and still am in a lot of ways a little fireball and rarely do I back down from something I am passionate about. Lisa and I decided to take this a step further and see if our most important prepping supplies matches all these articles. This little exercise has actually helped us identify some areas of weakness, as well as strengths, and see how our priorities are a little different. So, if you have a really good bug out bag setup, and you have everyday carry items, you already have a head start…as it should be.
A good bug out bag should contain items that cover the 5 areas of preparedness, food, water, shelter, security and sanitation. This is not an all-inclusive list, but I tried to think about how I would be racing around the house, grabbing everything I could think of if I only had 10 minutes.
Because this kit is put together and ready to go, it would take no time at all to load it up.
A crank radio might be good because of the NOAA channels, and I would want my ham radio to scan for radio traffic. It is a given that I have my go bag in my car already, so this is an extra I guess you could say because I already have it packed up and ready to go. This is a large kit with everything I would need to treat my family, or others.  This medical bag would last for a while, and has a medicine cabinet inside of it as well as items to treat any sort of injury, short of having to do surgery. One, they are comfortable, and will add a sense of normalcy in an otherwise un-normal situation. It has important information, as well as a list of everything we own, with pictures of every room in and outside of our home on a flash drive, which may be important if we have to prove what was in our home in case it was destroyed, for whatever the reason. And since I am presuming it would be due to a wildfire, I would want to remove the excess gas from our garage.
We have a few of the water blocks which are fantastic for storing water, and they are square, so they fit easily into a car, and I could put ‘stuff’ on top of them as well, so organized packing.
It is already to go, and has the basic items needed when camping out like lanterns (solar) bug spray, plates and silverware, small propane bottles, camping stove, coffee pot, fishing gear, extra coats, blankets, clothing, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc. There are some things that I completely forgot about like opening the safe, important documents and first aid supplies. Her list tends to include items for longer term events, and mine includes more items geared towards survival. At the end of the show we talked about what this world would look like if we didn’t have the police that we seem to take for granted these days. To some people it’s a passing fad (like y2k), to some people it’s somewhat of a hobby, which is not necessarily bad. Now by lifestyle I don’t mean wearing cammo and eating MRE’s every day, I mean that it should be something you think about with everything you do, and even something “we just do” without thinking about it.
While all these prepping supplies are important, they only delay the inevitable if we don’t have the right mindset and knowledge. Veuillez mettre a jour votre navigateur ou activer Google Chrome Frame pour beneficier pleinement du site. Stay up to date with the latest prepper news and information like bugging out and bugging in. You can get different types of ammo making it useful for self-defense and hunting, although the range of a shotgun is very limited. This holds true for not only being uncomfortable with the recoil, but also being able to pull the trigger if you are your family is in danger. To most people this seems like some sort of crazy made up fantasy world, but to me the crazy made up fantasy world is the one we live in today. Even if nothing like this happens, eventually our food, our ammo, our supplies, and medication are going to run out. If you prep for a year or longer, it is easy to think you are better off than your neighbors. We have an excellent opportunity right now to add to our skill set because we have practically everything at our finger tips. Also you get beat and have to mentally challenge yourself on how to avoid that in the future, how to calm your mind, and increase your defenses.
I would start with making sure your body is ready for the physical rigors of learning self defense, which you should be doing anyway to be prepared for anything. If you really want to do it all on your own, it will be monumentally difficult because you need a partner to practice on. If you don’t know how to physically defend yourself you are going to be in a lot of trouble. They have the jagged edged rims around the light which work great as stabbing items as well as window breakers if you are ever in a car sinking in the water.
I can go up against the biggest men out there and it may not be pretty and I may get hurt but knowing a few devastating techniques could be the reason I am able to walk away when other couldn’t.
Lisa also mentioned using a clothes basket because it could be used to carry stuff in the future.
I would assume the most viable reason of forcing us out of our home at the present time would be an evacuation order because of a wildfire. But that, and the animals aside, this is what I would be bringing if we had to evacuate our home and had only 10 minutes to do it.
These are important to me, and items I would be really sad if I lost, so they would be packed into my car.
This is probably because we know each other so well, that we know what the other person is going to take care of. When I started it was basically a hobby, I focused on the aspects of prepping and survivalism that I enjoyed. But remember people are greedy, they will figure out a way to get what they feel is owed to them, this includes your mortgage company. I later transitioned to Tae Kwon Do because of the Olympic possibilities and the quality of instructors. Predators look for easy to attack targets and if your level of self confidence portrays you as a difficult target it takes you off the list. Programs like, insanity are great workouts for cardio and they get the whole body used to participating. You may not want to hurt them severely (with a gun) but you want to make sure you can defend yourself and protect your honor. There are methods to make sure you can end a fight quickly with minimal harm to either participant but it takes practice. It does you no good if it is in the car and you are attacked while putting groceries into the car. The adrenaline that fighting induces surges through your body and effects you in unimaginable ways.
If you have, be prepared that if things get really bad, they are going to think of coming to your house as their salvation. Another bonus to self defense training is, during training you are put into uncomfortable situations where you may get your butt kicked. Trust me it hurts and you will get bruised, maybe even broken but your body will grow stronger and you will be able to take more abuse in the future.
That thing is strong when it is flipped out so I always carry it flipped out and in my hand.
If you can break the nose the eyes instantly start watering making it harder for them to hold onto you or see you. The last benefit to self defense training is the most obvious, you learn to defend yourself! Experiencing this in a life and death situation for the first time could cause you to hesitate or freeze and that could be the deal breaker.

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