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Here is where we will provide input regarding the leading options for shopping for your long term food supply. Wise Foods offers 6 and 12 month disaster survival food supplies, suitable for every situation from 1 adult to several adults and multiple children. The Wise Food Storage 72 Hour Emergency Gourmet Meal Kit is a perfect short term solution for emergency situations or to be used whilst outdoors. Serving sizes for their long term kits run from 720 to 4,320, and the space-saving, square, stackable plastic buckets are equipped with easy carry handles. These great tasting products will easily take care of one person’s nutritional requirements for a period of three days.

One benefit of purchasing supplies from emergency survival food providers is that these packages and canisters are usually made stackable and durable, taking up the least amount of storage space while providing a long-term supply. With a 7 to 25 year shelf life, price begins at around $1 per serving and goes up to just over $2. But you also have to prepare for short-term (30 to 90 days) and long-term survival situations when compiling all of your emergency supplies. They are involved in the manufacturing of their food products, which gives them more control over ingredients and quality. A long-term food supply is generally considered anything over 1 year, but a number of food supply companies and preppers consider a 6 month range to be long term as well.

Fortunately, there are emergency food supply packages available to accommodate any type of storage term for instant purchase online. They are a very trusted brand in the industry, have a lot of experience in the survival niche to offer preppers, and consistently offer great promotions and flash sales.

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