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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. 300 metre Wireless Intercom is powered by plugging each handset into a standard wall socket, communication is totally wireless with distances of approximately 300 metres being achieved. Unlike some similar products, the communication doesn't use the mains power cables, allowing you to use this product on different ring main electricity supplies. Very simple to use, press one obvious caller button to call the other handset, answer by simply lifting the handset, no other buttons to press. Section includes also information about wireless bridge and mesh networks as well as provides simple configuration examples.
Administrator password is available almost on any wireless router and is used to log into the device for monitoring and changing configuration. The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encrypts data only between 802.11 devices, using static keys. MIC (message integrity code) or cryptographic checksum, verifies that messages have not been altered in transit (check whether received message is the same as sent message).
WPA support is built into Windows XP and latest versions and all others modern operating systems.
As we know MAC addresses unique to specify each network devices, so MAC address filtering allows you to limit network access only from specific MAC addresses or restrict access form specific MAC addresses. Security profiles are used to create security policies for wireless interfaces and allows to define such security parameters as authentication type, encryption algorithm, pre-shared keys and more others specific parameters. Access list is used by Access Point (AP) to deny or allow access for specific clients as well as control connection parameters. Authentication can be rejected or allowed by MAC address, Signal strength, Time (which days and how long per day you can be connected by AP). This is a proprietary extension that is supported by RouterOS clients, for example, between two MikroTik routers. The association procedure is as follows: when a new client wants to connect to the AP that is configured on interface wlanN, an entry with client's MAC address and interface wlanN is looked up in the access-list.
The Connect-list is can be configured on wireless interface which works in station mode (mode=station) and determine to which AP the station should connect to.
At first, the station is searching for APs all frequencies in the respective band and makes a list of Access Points. The default-authentication interface property determines whether station will attempt to connect to any access point if there is not matched any rules. Each rule in connect-list is attached to specific wireless interface, specified in the interface''''' property of that rule (this is unlike access-list, where rules can be applied to all interfaces). Note: Remember that connect-list rules are always checked sequentially, starting from the first, so put rules in the order of preference. Remote network that is connected using wireless network can be easily bridged using WDS feature of MikroTik RouterOS.
To better understand the main purpose of this example you have to be sure that you know what is the “Bridge” and what is the major benefit of it. The major benefit of bridge (also wireless bridge) is found in a phrase “to share a single IP subnet”.
Create EoIP interface on both endpoints (tunnel IP is the same on both ends, as remote address point out wlan1 address of remote router. Wireless Mesh network is based on mesh clients (basically wireless routers (AP) and gateways to wired network) that is organized in a mesh topology and can act as communication network. Decentralized network structure that can be created by independent wireless access points that installed at each network user and each of these access points can forward traffic to other wireless access point.
If some of mesh device goes down, network topology is changed immediately and alternative routes can be found. Network, where data packets cannot get loop when are transmitted among two or more switches or routers. Here can be layer 2 and layer 3 network loops, redundant links can be cause of the layer 2 loops, layer 3 network loop can occur by incorrect routing table. Which protocol re-calculate mesh topology if something change happen as well as provides loop-free network?

Protocols as STP, RSTP, HWMP+ and others provide a mechanism for disabling redundant links. It can be used instead of (Rapid) Spanning Tree protocols (RSTP) in mesh setups to ensure loop-free network and optimal routing.
HWMP+ works not only with WDS (Wireless Distributed Interface) interface but among wired Ethernet interfaces as well. Reactive mode – path to destination node are discovered on demand by flooding special message in the network.
Proactive mode is recommended when most of traffic goes between internal mesh nodes and few portal nodes. For WDS links the metric is updated dynamically depending on actual link bandwidth, which in turn is influenced by wireless signal strength, and the selected data transfer rate. Currently the protocol does not take in account the amount of bandwidth being used on a link, but that might be also used in future. Two different frequencies are used: one for AP interconnections, and one for client connections to APs, so the AP must have at least two wireless interfaces. In this example show mesh configuring between RouterA and RouterB because configuration on other mesh nodes are very similar main difference is IP address. The first we are going to create mesh interface with name “mesh1” and add interfaces to mesh interface, this configuration is very similar to bridge configuring in the RouterOS. It’s a tough life being a wireless carrier these days, once stable mobile networks shaken to their core by the market shift from voice communication to data delivery.
Instead, the report suggests, the way forward for carriers towards increased profitability in the current wireless market is a shift in focus away from market share and product volume towards customer retention and a renewed focus on profit margins, a shift, PwC recommends, that needs to include the lower end of the market spectrum as well, pre-paid subscribers. Simply put, with the wireless sector rapidly evolving, the way to achieve sustainable growth is evolving as well, driven less now by the push for more subscribers and more by the need to make existing customers more profitable. The key to long term growth and success in this time of flux and change in the wireless market is simple, the PwC report explains, it all lies in the current subscriber.
Instead, the new mantra of the wireless age should be customer valuation, an increased awareness of how carriers generate revenue from customers at each price point followed by an increased focus on customers at the lower end of the revenue scale. The point is simple, the wireless market is changing, and if carriers want to stay relevant they’ll need to quickly cast off their antiquated revenue models in favour of one’s that recognize the growth potential in the current wireless landscape; plans that offer ways to make current customers more profitable. That said, in this current mobile landscape carriers need to realize that there are more customers out there other than the premium smartphone user, customers that are looking for reliable and affordable wireless service and who are willing to pay for it. When Morals Meet Machines: Should Self-Driving Cars Favour Passengers or Pedestrians in a Crash? Digitcom, established in 1991, sells and supports Avaya, NEC, Cisco, and Nortel voice & data solutions, including the Avaya Partner, IP Office, and Communications Manager (S8300 ), Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Unified Communications Manager Express (and UC500), and Nortel Norstar, and BCM 200, BCM 400, and BCM 450. Here we will discuss how to implement security into the wireless networks (how set up authentication type, encryption protocols, pre-shared key (password) etc.), and how to restrict access others devices.
EAP can support multiple authentication mechanisms, such as one-time passwords, certificates, smart cards and public key encryption authentication. TKIP generates keys dynamically different for each client and alters keys for each successive packet. Now is available improved WPA version (WPA2) that provides stronger encryption, authentication and several others new features. If you implement full MAC address filtering on your network you need to know entire list of your client MAC addresses, so it can be very complicated when you have hundreds of clients or if clients often change devices or MAC addresses. We can specify different key static-key-1 static-key-2 static-key-3 and static-key-4, this option allows to specify which of we want to use. Client attempts connection only to access points that supports at least one of the specified ciphers. To make rule that applies only to one wireless interface, specify that interface as a value of this property.
If signal strength of the station will go out of the range that is specified in the rule, access point will disconnect that station. If such entry is found, action specified in the access list is performed, else there is no impact, default-authentication and default-forwarding arguments of interface wlanN are taken. The Connect List is organized as a list of rules that can assign priority and security settings to connections with remote access points or restrict connection to specific access point. Each rule in connect list applies only to one wireless interface that is specified by this setting.

In station mode, rule will match only access points that can support specified security profile. These rules must have connect=yes and interface equal to the name of station wireless interface.
Access is not rejected if connect-list does not have any rule that matches remote access then the default values from the wireless interface configuration are used to make connection to access point. The Ethernet bridge can be thought of as a kind of software switch which can be used to connect multiple Ethernet interfaces (physical or virtual) on a single router and share a single IP subnet.
Full wireless mesh network is network where each wireless device can communicates with each other. To provide such dynamic mesh network operation is necessary protocol that provides network topology re-calculation and loops free network.
Disabling process is made dynamically in logical level, it means that if there are two links on the same destination one of links becomes inactive, but if primary links goes down then the second (redundant) link become active (goes up).
But instead of to ensure only loop-free network HWMP+ also provides optimal routing mechanism.
This mode is recommended for mobile networks (rapidly changing networks) when communication happens between mesh node.
WDS is necessary to bridge wireless interface together to mesh network can shares the same subnet.
For wireless carriers to continue to grow they can no longer depend on expanding their subscriber base, since, as I’ve mentioned before, mobile technology has almost reached the saturation point here in North American.
Of course making customers more profitable means that carriers will need to offer them more services (and a reliable network), an expansion that relies on, in an unfortunate Catch-22, increased revenues. This is not considered a very secure wireless data encryption mechanism, though it is better than no encryption at all. Remember that MAC addresses can be “spoofed” (imitated) by knowledgeable persons, so this mechanism is not guarantee perfect security, it only makes difficult access from undesirable persons and improve network security.
Station in static-keys-required mode will not connect to an access point in static-keys-optional mode.
After that occur rule matching that is defined under connect-list, rule list is checked sequentially until the first matching rule is found. This property has effect only when station mode interface SSID is empty, or when access point mode interface has ‘wds-ignore-ssid=yes’. If signal strength is in this range connection will be accept, it will disconnect from that access point when signal strength goes out of the specified range. This example is given for the case when the networks are connected through Atheros wireless interface.
In such case packet (frame) from the same host can be sent through all redundant links simultaneously and destination device can receive multiple frame copies. Each node maintains topology database which is updated according to the selected protocol algorithm. If some of your wireless devices only support WEP encryption, remember that WEP is better than nothing, only choose static encryption key that’s not easy to guess and is not very short (recommended more than 8 symbols) and change it time by time if it is possible.
Such process can totally confuse MAC (ARP) table of mesh node that contain information about other devices location. Redundancy is good practice in your network to reduce congestion to provide availability and prevent complete network failure if one of links go down, but that is recommended to be configured together with some of these protocols.
MAC table is constantly updated with information about what MAC addresses are reachable behind each port so if failed information can cause the layer 2 network loops.
3g is one of the most used connection types for Mobile phones; basically every phone has 3G. Wireless technologies Bluetooth Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over a short dis- tance. For example, if you wanted to send your friend a picture, you can send it via Blue- tooth on your phone.
The wavelength radio Infrared transmissions in the ISM band from 2400- 2480 MHz from fixed and mobile devices.Infrared is a technology that allows compu-ting devise to communicate though short ashort range of wireless signals.

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