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You will encounter a wide range of road conditions during the winter months, including dry pavement, black ice, hard packed snow, ice, loose snow, slush, and every combination.
The Montana DOT has published two resources to help Montanans survive in extreme unexpected weather conditions. We showed you how to smoke the chinook salmon we have been catching out of Fort Peck Reservoir. Winter Survival Guide- With old man winter bearing down on us, it is probably a good time to review your winter survival skills. You may have heard the adage “cotton is a killer”, and in certain situations it is certainly true. ESA astronaut Timothy Peake (left), Russian cosmonaut Sergei Zalyotin and Timothy Kopra of NASA (right) take part in winter survival training near Star City, Russia, on 22 January 2014.Survival training is an important part of all Soyuz mission training. ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen (left) takes part in winter survival  training near Star City outside Moscow, Russia. ESA astronaut Timothy Peake (centre) takes part in winter survival  training near Star City outside Moscow, Russia.
Roads to winter destinations may be plowed periodically, however, road conditions may often be very difficult even after plowing.

During winter, survival takes on a new meaning since it is so easy to slip into hypothermia and die. Snow can also be packed on the outside of conventional lean-to’s or debris shelters, as a windproof sealer and added insulation. The problem is, it is very popular clothing, and is worn for many outdoor winter activities. Wool will retain most of its insulating value even when wet, it will also breath better than other fabrics, allowing for activity without becoming saturated with sweat. If you are battling the cold you should melt the snow over a fire before drinking the resulting water. Then when they settle down for the evening to try and spend the night, they are battling the added moisture from all their sweat.
The rule of threes gives you three weeks without food, but in cold weather that will cut the time somewhat. You may be able to dig some cattail roots, find a squirrel’s nut cache or even strip some inner bark. If you take the time to learn extra skill sets for cold weather and adapt this winter survival guide, you will have a much better chance of coming through unscathed.

Knowledge of the area, weather, route, and the limitations of your body and equipment, plus a little common sense, can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. I don’t know about others, but I make it hard for myself to start fires, so I get practice in poor conditions.
If you have no gloves, strips of a shirttail or t-shirt can be wrapped around you fingers for makeshift gloves. There is always the  possibility that a Soyuz spacecraft could land in a remote, cold area. The biggest drawback of synthetics is that they are not fireproof, and a small ember will burn right through your expensive coat.

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