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Every one always remembers a teacher’s gift when school is wrapping up, but what about the teacher’s after a chaotic first day back to school? Read previous post:Classy Grunge Printable CD Envelope TemplateThere are many things you can do with a CD.
Each poem includes a teacher direction sheet, sample poem, rough draft worksheet, and a final copy sheet for students.
Before you go, don't forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $10 giftcard to Dunkin Donuts and 3 products from my TPT store! Waiting – a poem for Pi Day Only 1 Year of Water Left in California, NASA Scientist Suggests Rationing Can poverty be stopped? It is not our responsibility to hold your hand…nothing good in life comes easy or free.

Keeping Life Creative has the right idea to help you help your child’s teacher this year. Try using the rocky soil of the northeast without a backhoe and that project would be a back braking job. It comes in the form of a free printable (yay!) and the supply list to carry out this thoughtful idea.
I love that the tag is a safari theme, because you know some class rooms are like entering the wild. Theya€™re also inexpensive to build and might be an option for those folks to build on a limited budget.
The only uses I could see range from a root cellar to a small very temporary shelter for protection from a hurricane or a twister but the door would have to be reinforced and the framing would have to include concrete and steel to withstand flying debris .

The earthbag dome structure below was built for Mother Earth News as an example of the construction technique back in 2009 for only $300.
With a little ingenuity and creating thinking one can easily see how this type of structure could be scaled up to build a larger sized home.

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