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We are wrapping up the regular hockey season in most areas, and getting ready for spring hockey, hockey camps, four on four, tryouts….or all the other sports and activities that our kids get into once hockey is over! Go to The House that Mom Built website where Canadians Hockey Moms can be celebrated by virtually raising their name to the rafters! Send one (or more) of your favourite hockey moms a personalized Facebook cover photo banner for her to share proudly, because she is a dedicated Hockey Mom!

And, be sure to join us for The House that Mom Built Twitter Party to talk all things Hockey Mom, and for a chance to win one of several fantastic prizes!
On Thursday, March 27 at 9 PM ET, I’ll be hosting a Twitter Party to celebrate hockey moms, share tips, and reflect on our season. Visit their sites to see what great stuff they might be able to giveaway and use #hockeymomCA to share all your hockey mom knowledge and stories!

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