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Every component of camp takes on a new meaning when you have to survive in sub zero temperatures. In the winter, selecting the right gear to bring along becomes even more important than other times of year. The first step in finding the right tent for winter camping is understanding how a four-season tent works in the winter. A lot of campers assume that a reliable two or three season tent offers as much protection as a competing four-season model. First of all, the shape allows snow to fall off the sides of the tent, rather than weigh down the middle.
Reccommened for use only in below freezing temperatures, the Mountain Hardwear EV 2 is the ultimate winter camping tent. Designed through a collaboration with American mountain climber Ed Viesturs, this low weight 2-person tent is intended to shelter climbers in harsh, high-altitude climates. A watertight snow port in the floor that provides an exit point for accumulated frost and snow gives the tent even more winter protection.
Imagine getting caught on the top of a mountain in a winter storm with high winds and dense snow. The tent’s six-pole design fights off wind while the polyurethane-coated rain fly and floor repel rain and snow.
Deigned for high-altitude climbing and tested in brutal conditions, the tent promises to hold up on mountain tops across the Rocky Mountains. When it comes to winter camping, you can trust that Alaskans know what they are talking about. These tents are so warm and durable that they have been used for years to shelter researchers in the North and South Poles. Made of water-repellent Vapex™ and other fire repellent material, the tent has a condensation-free interior and is often used with an internal stove for extra heat.
Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,945, these tents are designed for long-term camping in mega-cold temperatures. The lightweight Big Agnes String Ridge 2 Four-Season 2-Person Tent is easy to set up, lightweight and provides ample protection from the elements — making it a great option to house you and a friend on your next winter backpacking excursion. Weighing in at a minimum 5 lbs, with a simple two pole set-up of lightweight, durable poles, the tent is a lighter weight alternative to other four-season competitors. The  Silicone-treated, polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon, in turn, provides waterproof protection from snow and rain.
Keep in mind, this tent is not as durable as the heartier mountaineering tents in this list. If you’re worried about wind lifting your tent away in a winter storm, then the double wall Black Diamond Stormtrack tent should give you peace of mind. This two-person, four-season tent offers 15 stakeout points to anchor it down so that you can hunker down comfortably as the storm rages outside. The Black Diamond Stormtrack tent is available for around $500 — making it the most affordable of the best five four-season tents.

Just as difficult as finding the right time to get away for a weekend camping excursion is what to do with all your camping gear when you get back. To make matters worse, camping gear that has been stowed away for months can take on a very unpleasant odor, turning your camping trip into a contest as to who can hold their breath in the tent the longest. Having your gear properly stowed and ready to go at a moment’s notice can be difficult, and it does take a little extra time to set it up, but the results are worth it. Here are five tips to make the storage of your gear easy and to keep it (relatively) fresh smelling so you can enjoy your time in the great outdoors. Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but stick a couple of them in your camping box and in with your tent and it will help mask any residual odors that will develop if you go a while between camping trips. Re-sealable plastic bags (they come in many different sizes) are a great way to protect your camping equipment from humid air that can make your equipment smelly. These are just a few ideas about how to store your camping equipment and keep it from smelling.
And, I find that these Craftsman tool bags to be awesome to categorize gear, such as cooking utensils, tent stakes & hammer, flashlight and lighting, etc. Schreibe einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechenDu musst angemeldet sein, um einen Kommentar abzugeben.
Swimming holes come in many shapes and sizes, but you’ll know one when you see it: a refreshing pool under a waterfall, a cool mountain stream, a crisp freshwater spring, a shaded grotto, a desert creek. Campfires quickly transform into an important source of warmth and survival, camp food seems more nourishing.
You must be precise about what temperature sleeping bag you will bring along, what type of sleeping pad will provide the best insulation, which clothes will be the most efficient, etc.
The right tent could be the difference between having a comfortable night in the great outdoors and the longest, coldest night of your life. However, you may find that while standard tents do OK in the winter, there is a noticeable difference in the level of protection provided by a solid four-season tent — especially when it comes to heavy snow. The tent’s stiff but lightweight fabric and increased strength from a third pole, distinguishes the EV 2 as an exceptionally strong single-wall four-season model.
Those are the precise conditions Marmot planned for when designing the Thor 3-person four-season tent.
And when it comes to winter tents, the Arctic Oven four-season tents from Alaska Tent & Tarp are about as good as it gets.
Unless you have a large garage, finding a place to store your equipment at home can be difficult.
That is certainly the cheapest way to do it, but that means the equipment is usually scattered throughout the house.
Shoving your tent into its bag while it’s wet pretty much guarantees that your tent will get moldy and stink. If there’s any way to keep your camping box out of the garage that has drastic changes in temperature, the better chance you have of preventing funky smells. Remember, however, that no dryer sheet created by man can fully mask the smell of a moldy tent if it has been put away wet and kept in a humid garage.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. No matter the locale, there’s an intimacy to the experience, fewer distractions, a deeper connection to nature. After all, the vast majority will take research, time, effort and, in many cases, skill to tackle.
Finally, four-season tents are designed to withstand his winds and ultra-cold temperatures, making them much more durable than other models. When used with a stove — available for sale as an additional accessory — the tent houses three people comfortably.
Outside of visitor contributions, he writes every single article based off of his unique experiences and knowledge of Glacier.
A tent under the bed, a camping stove wedged between your golf clubs and tennis racket, and a kayak that doubles as a couch (OK, that might be a little extreme, but you get the idea).
With some careful packing you can fit everything you need in that box, so instead of pulling out things willy-nilly from 20 different places, you can just grab your camping box and hit the road!
When you get home from your camping trip, hang the tent for a couple hours in the sun and let it dry completely. Vacuum sealers can also come in handy when you’re packing up food and want to protect yourself from any curious critters that might be attracted to the smell of your food. How about ways to prevent or get rid of those obnoxious smells that can infiltrate a perfectly fine tent? I also store desiccant (silica gel available at most craft stores) in my closet and from time to time weigh it on a postal scale.
With a fire starter, a diamond blade sharpener, an emergency whistle and a pommel, this knife can be your handy companion whether you’re wrestling 6 foot lizards in a waist deep swamp or hollowing out a reindeer to use as a sleeping bag in the middle of the arctic.
This is a place where every tiny detail—the color and temperature of the water, the type of rocks that line the pool, the height of the diving platform, the soundtrack of bird calls you’ll hear—combines to make a wholly one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re searching for that one unmarked highway turnoff, hiking for miles in a national park, or perhaps even hiring a helicopter or pack animal to take you to some remote canyon corner, you know you’re earning something special along the way. There are several three season tents worthy of winter camping or cheaper options such as tipis.
Spending time in an unspoiled oasis of refreshing calm with just your friends, the sun, the water, and anyone else dedicated enough to make the trek. Current price and availability information are displayed on Amazon sites at the time of purchase.

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