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Just after the events of last year, we took a hard look at our winter preparedness gear and decided it just wasn’t enough. Take a look below to see if there’s anything you feel would be an asset to your winter emergency stockpile as well. While having a gas heater is certainly a benefit, you definitely don’t need one to stay warm in case of a winter emergency scenario. You’ll likely want some way of seeing in the dark if the power goes out in the middle of the winter. Going through last year’s winter emergency with our pet cat opened our eyes to how vital it was to have some extra supplies lying around that are specifically geared to helping your pet survive. Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here!
When I moved to rural Maine to build my own home, one of the first things I heard from friends was how they had done without power for nine days the previous winter.
The panel only cost a couple of hundred dollars, and the generator itself can go anywhere with me in the back of a pickup.
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Also, if you store tea lights and have clay pots, learn to make a simple heater out of that. Always a big Baby Boom 9 months after that winter shut in situation – prep accordingly !!!!! More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear. When you bury your snowmobile and get off to pull it out, what's the first thing that happens?
Grab and Go Emergency Kit - This compact Emergency Kit is perfect for winter outdoor recreation.
Snow Claw Snow Shovel - Dig your snowmobile out of the snow with the worldest lightest and easiest to pack back country Snow Shovel, the Snow Claw. Everest Backpacks - Heavy duty backpacks equipped with padded shoulder and waste straps and multiple compartments is perfect for carrying and storing all of your snowmobile supplies. This entry was posted in Organization, Tutorial and tagged organizing, tutorial, winter emergency kit by sam.
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Last December, Thomas and I had the misfortune of living through 5 nights and 4 days with no electricity in sub-zero degree Canadian weather, as the Toronto power grid went down and emergency vehicles were having trouble getting the electrical lines back up. After all, we didn’t just want to grit our teeth and get through a winter emergency, we wanted to live through it as comfortably as we possibly could (and maybe not freeze as much?). Hypothermia is no joke, and while there are many different ways you can insulate your body that don’t require gas heating, few even come close to keeping you as warm as the emergency supplies on this part of the list.
If your stove is electric like ours, you might want to add one or two of the cooking devices below to your stock of winter emergency supplies.
Even if you do have other methods of keeping warm, none will replace the necessity for well-insulating clothes that can be layered on top of each other to keep in extra heat. Adding many of the following items to your stockpile should help you keep plenty warm regardless of whether or not you have a gas heater, or in case you happen to run out of fuel before the emergency situation ends. It’s not absolutely necessary, but we found it very helpful to at least keep a few candles lit in the room while we slept, and a flashlight on a bedside table in case we wanted to make a trip to the washroom in the dark of the night. Hot soup is amazing on a cold day, and it’s always nice to have some spreads and canned tuna on some bread in case you really feel too exhausted to be cooking.
We kept our cat huddled up in the same room as we were in, only letting him out through the cold house a couple of times a day for exercise. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! I did just that, and took the extra precaution of installing a switching panel that allows me to selectively use any of the individual circuits in the actual home electrical wiring.
But yes, certainly a huge risk of damage in case the electricity goes out and it begins to freeze.
Kerosene is far less volatile than propane, diesel, or gasoline, and it’s been used for over a century, both indoors and outdoors, for cooking, heating, and lighting. And will definitely check out some videos on making simple heaters out of tea lights + clay pots. Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog's mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike. Packed with emergency and survival necessities, and being small enough to fit in your back pack or storage compartments, you're prepared for those unexpected emergencies. Super light weight, and compact to fit in just about any backpack, the Yeti Snowshoe will keep your feet dryer and warmer by keeping your feet out of the snow. This site contains a vast amount of information for dealing with both natural and man-made disasters.

Being left without working central heating, and without a working stove (yes, ours was electric) really had us wishing we were more prepared than we were. However unlikely, we could be stuck in yet another ice storm, maybe one that knocks out the power grid for even longer this time.
From our tech to our cookware, to our heating methods and all the way down to our clothes, there was just all around more that we could have had to have been better prepared. Last year, one of our readers recommended an excellent portable propane heater, and if we didn’t already have a propane heater, you sure as hell better believe it’d be the first thing on our to-buy list! Lighting and illumination products typically last a long time and are relatively inexpensive anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to have them in case of an emergency like this. Keeping a wind up or AA-battery radio will also help you keep up-to-date on what’s happening in your city, so you can have a good idea of how long the emergency will last and how likely it is to continue past the estimated resolution date.
You might also want to feed your pet a bit extra in case the power goes out in the winter, as producing heat requires more calories to be burned. But the convenience of being able to continue on with an ordinary daily life in a power outage [handicapped only by having to choose which circuits would be the most beneficial… wifi even works!] was obvious the first time the power went down for more than a few hours.
Strap these snowshoes onto your normal boots so you don't sink up to you waist in the snow. I firmly believe that it’s always incredibly wise to learn which items have proved useful to other preppers, and which products have turned out to not be worth the investment. You can use wither the one pound bottles or get an extension hose and hook it up to a typical BBQ grill tank. Passing on information about the good and bad products out there really helps us to be better prepared as a community – at least I think so.
From fixing tent rips to loose pant hems to medical use for needles, both items seem vital to me.
It will be great for warming up the living area in the mornings when a wood fire would not be needed all day. You can keep heat in by sealing windows with tape and bags, or wear bags on feet for extra water proofing in boots; to keep sanitary with waste, bag and tape it. Here in the Southern US, the mornings can be in the 20’s and the afternoon in the 50’s!

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