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A couple days ago, I got a comment from a YouTube viewer named Lanthanaas in response to Prepisode 129, The Best Survival TV Show.
His log cabin was constructed out of spruce trees that he had hewn and trimmed with an axe, saw, and some chisels. He hunted, foraged, and was able to get occasional supply drops from a buddy of his who was a bush plane pilot (via Sears catalog ordering). While Dick Proenneke was living in true, 100% off-grid fashion, he also brought along his trusty camera, and got a lot of footage of his adventures. The videos are available for purchase here, but you can also watch a bunch of footage on Bob Swerer’s YouTube channel.
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The bait is placed at the end of the horizontal stick to the right of "A" (this stick can be made longer as necessary), so that it is located directly under the weight.

When the animal takes the bait at the end of the horizontal stick, the trigger at "A" is released. Note also that it is usually good practice to put something hard on the ground under the whole trap, or place the trap on rock. NOTE: In a serious survival situation setting traps for anything smaller than a chipmunk may not be worth the caloric effort of setting up the trap. In his comment he mentioned that while it’s not really a tv show, there are some really cool videos of Dick Proenneke alone in the wilderness. There he built a log cabin with some really rudimentary hand tools, and proceeded to live there for the next 30 years!! He made the place secure, decently sheltered from the elements, built a chimney out of rocks, and cut doors and windows. The horizontal stick falls to the ground, and the diagonal stick flips up and out in an arc.

Otherwise it may dig into the ground and cannot fall out of the way when the trap is triggered - the deadfall weight will come to rest on the vertical stick and won't fall to the ground.
Otherwise, the deadfall, when it falls, may not kill the animal, only injure it, since the animal may be pressed into the soft ground. Knots or natrual bends in the sticks used can create the mechanism necessary for the trap to work.
If you use a round dead-fall like a log you may have to create guide posts on either side to keep it from rolling and not setting properly.
These help guide the deadfall downward and keeps the trap stable or knocked over from the wind.

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