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The moisture from the ground reacts with the heat from the sun to produce condensation on the plastic. The Department of Treasury has put out an ad for survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system. Contracts for survival kits are usually made for the military, or law enforcement such as the FBI.
The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country.
The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec. The survival kits must come in a fanny-pack or backpack that can fit all of the items, including a 33-piece personal first aid kit with “decongestant tablets,” a variety of bandages, and medicines. The kits must also include a “reusable solar blanket” 52 by 84 inches long, a 2,400-calorie food bar, “50 water purification tablets,” a “dust mask,” “one-size fits all poncho with hood,” a rechargeable lantern with built-in radio, and an “Air-Aid emergency mask” for protection against airborne viruses. The Emergency Preparedness & Response Specialist is a professional in the field of emergency preparedness. Someone in the decision-making process has a close friend, relative or associate in the survival-kit (or components thereof) business. Thats right, its like the worthless gear we had in the Air Force that we were forced to use instead of good gear.
There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money. If you’re in a SHTF survival situation, one of the first things you will need to think about building a survival shelter.
The video below shows Lilly using a thermal reflective blanket as a tarp to build a shelter which is a great idea — it reflectes your body heat and the heat from a fire outside the door to help warm you.
Primitive tools out of wood – If you need a certain tool, but you just forgot to pack it, fashion a new one from wood! You are either dealing with weather, or preparing for weather in a SHTF survival situation.
Have you ever been out in the woods on a hike and see a huge dead tree that you just knew was going to eventually fall? Some bugs and creepy crawlers (like ticks and gnats) will be more of an irritating nuisance than an eminent danger, but even those critters can become dangerous if they prevent you from getting good sleep.
Even if you brought water with you, it is a good idea to know the location of the nearest water source. Set your camp within 100 yards of a water source if possible to limit the amount of travel you have to do to get to the water. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. GearPods Wilderness is a unique, fully-integrated adventure system designed to accompany you deep into the wilderness. This integrated adventure system is compact, waterproof, durable and unmatched in pound-for-pound capabilities. Visit Geek Slop for bite-sized chunks of science and technology news and interesting articles catered to geeks and other superhero types. Check out Bible Blender for bible study blended with science, history, technology, and your analysis. Interesting science news, crazy science fair experiments, fun brain games and more cool science stuff for kids, parents, teachers at Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab.
The brown house spider or brown recluse spider is a small, light brown spider identified by a dark brown violin on its back. Leaves on the rainforest floor are large because of the limited amount of sunlight they get.

One method is to completely fill the bottle with water, cap it and drop it into some hot coals.
To do this, you'll need some plastic sheeting or a poncho, a digging tool, a container and a rock.
This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! There are certain factors you should take into consideration when building a shelter in the wilderness. But if you don’t have one, you can still build your survival shelter the same basic way. You’re going to need small twigs medium-sized branches, and possibly even larger logs. Hammers, spears, containers, rafts, utensils, and other essential tools for survival can all be bushcrafted from wood in the wild. The kind of wigglies you want to look out for the most would of course be venomous creatures like snakes, spiders and scorpions.
In fact, most insects can actually be dangerous — like biting ants and disease carrying mosquitoes. If there is no water source nearby, you will eventually have to abandon that shelter location very quickly and move to find water in an emergency situation. Make sure you always carry a container with you so when you find water, you have something in which to collect the water.
He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live.
Built on the modular GearPods Connect™ system, GearPods Wilderness makes it possible to effortlessly carry the gear and tools you need to manage contingencies and stay prepared even during unplanned nights out. GearPods Health provides a compact yet comprehensive first aid kit for treating common outdoor ailments and injuries. The stem is smooth, hollow (solid when very young) and sectioned off like bamboo and is often purple or red striped or mottled on mature plants. For side-splitting humor, check out Funny Grins' huge cache of funny jokes, zany videos, and outrageous pictures.. At mortal journey, check out the footprints of our past - interesting stories and news about past and current trends and fads. If you find a stream, don't just start drinking; it could contain parasites that can make you seriously ill. But first, skip ahead to the next page and learn about what edible plants and animals you can find in the jungle.
Cut longer branches to go all the way across the back, tie them off, and shingle the back with the foliage covered boughs from the ground up to help repel water or snow. It’s a good idea to always carry a foldable saw blade in your bug-out bag with you to help cut firewood down to a manageable size. In cold weather, you will need a thoroughly insulated shelter that will block wind and hold in heat from your body and fire. You still want to shield yourself from the sun, though so you don’t fall to dehydration or worse, heat stroke. If you are out in the woods a lot, you should definitely learn more about the animals indigenous to your area so you will know the venomous from the non-venomous ones (not that you necessarily want to mess with either). You will want to make yourself as comfortable in the woods as humanly possible so you are not stressed and can actually relax into your situation (even if it is a SHTF situation). If you take the time to learn all you can about your environment and surrounding areas, you will be better prepared if that SHTF time comes. GearPods Survival Pro offers a range of survival tools to help you stay hydrated, build a fire and shelter, signal for help, repair gear, fish and navigate out of an unfamiliar situation.

Systemic reaction includes respiratory difficulties, thick-feeling tongue, body spasms, drooling, gastric distention, double vision, blindness, involuntary rapid movement of the eyeballs, involuntary urination and defecation, and heart failure. You should purify the water by boiling it over a fire --10 minutes is a good rule of thumb. If you don't have enough water to fill the bottle, suspend it above the fire with rope or vine so the flames just touch the bottom. You’re going to need to find a location with ample wood to be used for shelter making. However, if rain is eminent, you will need to put some extra effort into making your shelter water-tight. The term typically refers to dead trees or large boulders that could potentially fall on you without warning. The best course of action is to steer completely clear of them if you can, or at least know enough to get around them. If you have a stainless steel container, you can purify the water by boiling it right in the container in which you collected it. Once you learn something new about your area, teach someone that doesn’t know so they are better prepared, too. Necrosis does not occur in all bites, but usually in 3 to 4 days, a star-shaped, firm area of deep purple discoloration appears at the bite site. Death is rare, occurring mainly in children and adults with high blood pressure or illnesses. If you have a container to store water, simply angle a leaf into it overnight or during a rainstorm and you have some fresh drinking water in no time. Finally GearPods Shelter provides a complete emergency shelter system combining a lightweight silicon-coated ripstop nylon tarp rigging system with cord and line tensioners, and a thermal blanket. If you don't have a container, you can probably find an aluminum or tin can in most any natural environment. Using 550 cord or bushcrafted cordage, you can lash branches to small trees to make your shelter, or you may have to start from scratch and build a pup tent style shelter where the wood supports itself. Weakness, headache, dizziness, tremors, sweating, salivation, and increased blood pressure may occur. If it tastes a little funny, it's because rainwater lacks certain minerals found in groundwater or streams.
When you go to sleep, you may want to throw a large log on the fire so it smolders all night, otherwise you might wake up to nothing but ash and have to start all over again. Secondary infection and regional swollen lymph glands usually become visible at this stage.
This is where situational awareness is very important — always be aware of your surroundings. The outstanding characteristic of the brown recluse bite is an ulcer that does not heal but persists for weeks or months. In addition to the ulcer, there is often a systemic reaction that is serious and may lead to death. Reactions (fever, chills, joint pain, vomiting, and a generalized rash) occur chiefly in children or debilitated persons.

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