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You can instantly tell that this is something special from the overall design of the product and all the benefits you are about to witness. Learning how to build primitive survival shelters can literally save your life if you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the wilderness without any supplies.
If you are lost and it is dark in the wilderness you should first understand your immediate surroundings. Remember you want to build a primitive survival shelter which basically means you need a small space covered that you can fit in to for protection from the weather. Take the largest branch that you have found and lean it at an angle against the tree or rocks that you have chosen for a base for your primitive survival shelter.
You must know how to prepare fish and game for cooking, storage, and preservation in a survival situation. Eating spoiled or rotten fish may cause diarrhea, nausea, cramps, vomiting, itching, paralysis, or a metallic taste in the mouth. To skin a snake, first cut off its head including 10 to 15 centimeters (4 to 6 inches) behind the head. After killing the bird, remove its feathers by either plucking or skinning being careful not to let the feathers touch the game meat. NOTE: When cutting the hide, insert the knife blade under the skin and turn the blade up so that only the hide gets cut. Remove the entrails from smaller game by splitting the body open and pulling them out with the fingers. Keep the poncho enclosure around the meat to hold the smoke and keep a close watch on the fire. Visit Geek Slop for bite-sized chunks of science and technology news and interesting articles catered to geeks and other superhero types. Check out Bible Blender for bible study blended with science, history, technology, and your analysis. Interesting science news, crazy science fair experiments, fun brain games and more cool science stuff for kids, parents, teachers at Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. It is so easy to use and these are the reasons why: With Cutting Teeth Every single link it really is a human powered Chainsaw ! If you are not completely satisfied in that time or you don't feel it was worth every single penny of your investment we will refund your money no questions asked. Although it seems unlikely but it can happen, to almost anybody that enjoys hiking or backpacking in the outdoors. Take a look around and try not to wander far off as you want to avoid getting injured if it is dark.
The most basic design of using a few tree branches leaning against a large tree trunk or rock can provide a basic frame.

It does not matter what shape they are in as you will need to drag them to your base location.
Improper cleaning or storage of wild game can result in inedible, or possibly worse, wasted fish or game. However, boiling the fish with the skin on is the best way to preserve the most nutritional food value. For instance, pack fish into a ball of clay and bury it in the coals of a fire until the clay hardens. To skin a bird, cut a ring around the skin just above the feet and then cut an incision from the legs to the tail, then tear off the entire skin to the neck.  Remember, skinning removes some of the food value. Remove the hide by pulling it away from the carcass, cutting the connective tissue where necessary. You can stew or boil smaller pieces, particularly those that remain attached to bone after the initial butchering, as soup or broth.
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It starts with the Design, the Materials of construction to the packaging and the outstanding customer service. This Guarantee is in place to protect your new investment and this is why we call it the Best Lifetime Guarantee. A primitive survival shelter is put together with anything that you can find around you to protect yourself from the snow, rain, wind or heat. Look for large trees, rocks and other natural formations that you can use to start building your primitive survival shelter. You basically need to use these large natural items as the base for your primitive survival shelter.
The more wooden branches that you can find the better your primitive survival shelter will be. Once completed make sure you have enough space to either sit or sleep under these branches. Nutritious fats and oil are stored just under the skin and, by boiling, you can save the juices for broth. Open up the body cavity and remove the entrails, saving the craw (in seed-eating birds), heart, and liver.

Place the carcass belly up and split the hide from throat to tail, cutting around all sexual organs.
There is less work and less wear on your knife if you break the ribs first, then cut through the breaks. You can cook body organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys using the same methods as for muscle meat. Properly smoked meat will look like a dark, curled, brittle stick and you can eat it without further cooking. Just wrap the blade around the branch and move it back and forth - Eats tree limbs for breakfast !!
If you want to build a primitive survival shelter then you can follow some easy guidelines to help you get started. Once you have found a spot then start to clear away the brush or grass to make some room for yourself. Do not worry about the size of the wooden tree branches as you can always lean the smaller ones up against large branches to fill in the gaps. Also, make sure that the branches are angled properly and are sitting against the tree or rocks properly as you do not want them to slip down and fall on you. Extreme Portability - The effectiveness and compactness of this product is where it shines. Peel the skin back, then grasp the skin in one hand and the body in the other and pull apart (Figure 8-25). For smaller mammals, cut the hide around the body and insert two fingers under the hide on both sides of the cut and pull both pieces off. Cut around the anus, then reach into the lower abdominal cavity, grasp the lower intestine, and pull to remove.
You must cut around a large bone at the top of the leg and cut to the ball-and-socket hip joint.
Cuts like butter and it's perfect for backpacking, cutting wood for the fire and it is fun to use. Its recommended for anyone who is interested in prepping, survival tools, or just plain camping in general. Great for sea kayak or backpacking trips where weight is a factor but you still want to be able to cut wood for a fire. Another good feature is that you can slip cordage through the loop handles and throw it over higher limbs and just pull and saw away.

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