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The medicinal uses of aloe vera are amazing, as the benefits of aloe vera remedies are truly significant. If you want to grow the plant for making aloe vera remedies then put your plant in a hot dry location in your home. Imagine never having to go to the grocery store to buy aloe vera remedies when you can grow it as a house plant and get it fresh anytime you need it! A friend of mine once gave me an aloe vera plant and said to me, "Jeannine, you just never know when you'll need to use it." She was right. Lastly, you get to be up close and personal with the aloe vera plant knowing that it's a fairly easy plant to grow and take care of.
Want to soften and condition your hair and get it clean without stripping it of its protective oils? One of the other medicinal uses of aloe vera is that it contains aloin, the brown gel which is focused near the blades of the leaf. Interested in being personally mentored in Herbal Remedies & Medicinal Plants, on a transformational journey of connection to nature, community, and self? If so, please join the thousands of other people who receive monthly Deep Nature Connection Mentoring Articles, Adult and Youth Program Listings, Exclusive Program Discounts, and more! Without a stem, its green leaves resemble blades or a sword coming out from a central point. There I was, walking out of a coffee shop in Ashland, Oregon so many years ago on a crisp fall morning with a very hot cup of tea in my hand.
The gel that is found on the inside of this plant is cooling and soothing for all sorts of things from burns, cuts, stings, bruises and rashes to welts, itching, blisters, infections, and abrasions.

You end up saving money, time, reduce packaging and resources, and you get this direct and immediate connection with the aloe vera plant right at your fingertips. And one day my toddler son just barely touched our wood stove with the tips of his little fingers and got a really bad burn. You get the satisfaction of learning how to bring immediate relief in painful moments like getting a burn and you also get the total fulfillment of learning how to use aloe vera in everyday life to nourish and support your health and well-being in many different ways. It's your immediate assistant for relieving burns from sun exposure, chemical burns, or burns from a fire. These thick and heavy leaves contain the precious healing gel that provides the medicinal uses of aloe vera. You'll know this plant is doing well because over time the parent plant will produce many little offspring plants from the pot which you can lovingly separate and plant into other pots. Often there are commercial products available in grocery stores and other places with aloe vera in it.
By having aloe vera available right on hand to use when you need it for immediate relief or for making your own goods, you create an important and necessary connection. When combined with other plants and oils for this particular use, the medicinal uses of aloe vera truly shine (no pun intended)! Here are three books that can help you continue discovering the medicinal uses of aloe vera and aloe vera remedies. The disadvantage to using products like these is that there are often artificial additives that aren't needed. Having aloe vera right on hand calls you forward into having a greater awareness of taking care of yourself and knowing how to respond to your health needs.

After applying aloe vera directly and then making an aloe vera wash as well, his fingertips cooled down quickly, the healing began, and it helped him to calm down.
Here is a helpful tip: When you remove a leaf, make sure to separate the leaf right at the base of the leaf itself, at the point where it connects to the rest of the plant. Next scoop out the gel from the inside of an aloe leaf and apply promptly onto your burn or blistering skin. In that moment as I saw clouds turn into soft creatures and I imagined myself floating along with them a skate boarder skidded right into me.
If it weren't for the medicinal uses of aloe vera to soothe my skin immediately (from inside the coffee shop!), it could've been much worse.
All you need is the plant itself to receive the benefits of the medicinal uses of aloe vera. I not only get companionship, beauty and aesthetics right around me from the aloe, I get medicinal uses of aloe vera anytime I need them. You can lay a fresh aloe leaf onto your wound and then wrap a bandage around the leaf as well. If it's a burn you have, lathering fresh aloe onto your burn will help prevent it from blistering and is one of the best aloe vera remedies I know of. As far as medicinal uses of aloe vera go, do not apply creams or lotions to your burn even if there is aloe vera in it.

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