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1= Place block build starter blockx = place wooden blockv = place stone block 2 = Normal Scale 3 = Mini Me Scale 4 = 2x Normal Scale 5 = Torch On 6 = Torch Off 7 = HUD On 8 = HUD Off9 = Place trapSpace plus forward (w) climb tree, pine trees only.
Ive now opened up the Articles and Media section of this listing so you can post what you want to.
If you want selling points remember its free as that means it will be a game and not just a bankers wet dream. And with only two of us seriously struggling to get it made we simply dont have the time or energy anyway. V0.27 is a massive step forward with AI so lets get ready to ramble once again in the latest version soon to be released. Loads of news and videos showing you all the effort that goes into giving you a free indie game. The peices will fall where they will and it wont be gimmicks that make it a good game it will be the passion we have for open world and survival that will. I hope that other devs have the vision as you do, not just for the bucks (hehehehehe puns).
This may have occured at the uploaders request, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC. Or Join the No Return Free Forum for early download of the Latest Survival And Hunting Game Dev Builds.
And that to us is fair as trying to con you with marketing tricks is not why we make games.
If this is a mistake and you are the uploader of this file and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.We recommend you return to the download list and browse the links from there. Introduction - NO RETURN - NO RETREAT - NO SURRENDERIn a world on the cusp of a social cataclysm there is the haves and the have nots, but which ever you are there is only one judge and ultimately it will be him who decides your fate. With the world now entering the years of tribulation you might of thought it would be easier out here, but we can all make a bad call.
So if there was ever a time to start praying then this would probably be it, otherwise you might just end up the prey. As you can see no more wandering left hand and a nice transition between looking down the ironsight and not.

No Return throws you into a 20 x 20km open world frought with danger, deep into the wilderness where nobody can hear you scream. For those not familure with delatghost, gladiators of the arena is his core system and consider wisely how epic No Return will be if we keep him happy and he adds in some of these features. Out here in the wild if the weather and the change of seasons doesnt kill you then you can bet that something or someone will soon try, if not this day then most certainly the next.Hide in the rocks, build a base in the mountains or head into the swamps doesnt make much difference as soon enough you will be found.
Below is dev so not pretty, and not much to look at if you dont know what you are seeing so check out this one if you dont feel the vibe. When all life is threatend you best be ready to realise that you are now on the menu and whatever morals you held dear will be questioned sooner rather than later.
If you are not ready to kill the animals to feed yourself are you really going to take another players life, or a mercanery rangers for that matter. The judge will be watching every move to determine your fate, so chose your actions wisely. You best realise quickly that you have only two choices, become a shadow and master of surviving off what nature provides or learn to fight and learn to kill. A bounty has been put on the head of all those who fled the cities into the wilderness, yip it hardly seems fair does it when all you wanted to do was survive. The mercenaries have the weapons, equipment and man power while you have a bit of wood, some string and bit of gum, but this aint MacGyver.
GAME MODES COMING SOON!1) Hunting Game PlayThis includes the stags and ducks so far but will include a water class as well. You wont have any health, food or water concerns and will be free to wander about hunting to your hearts content. 2) Hunting & Survival Game PlayThis option adds the above but with the survival game features we have working already. So you will need to look out for food items, water, gather resources and build a shelter to see how long you can survive. We will also add in some of the enemy mercanery bases so that you can try and storm them and we can see how the game play works out. 4) End of Days - Welcome to the TribulationThe Above (No.3) but following a set time line where we throw the end of the world at you.
4) Special Features - Loads to ComeThis will be a series of check boxes which will allow you to throw into any of the above game modes anything you like.

Missions For all Game ModesMissions will be added once we have seperated out the game modes for you all.
These will include rescue, resistance, explosives, wild life rescue, Mercanery base attack and so much more. But these will just be our take on it as the features will be available in open play as well. There is a lot more still to come including the underground which we hope to have some news on very soon. Open World Survival and Hunting Game Testers Needed to Provide FeedbackIf you enjoy your open world survival and hunting games as much as we do why not join the forum as we need feedback on a lot of areas. And yes you will be rewarded with something in game named after you or even a link in game to your site, be that you tube or something else.
Its intended that if you just want to go for a walk in the open world then that will be an option.
New Player Character & MercenariesWe have finaly started to add in the player character models for the player, fugitives and mercenary classes. Dont panic if you dont like as with a dev budget we could certainly up the quality considerably.
Some options for the characters will in time include the usual colour changes, face styles and and so on. V0.271 Available NOW!If you want to join the fun and take part in multiplayer testing with the developers and your m8s then you will need to register to the forum and follow the simple steps provided. Everything is provided free, we are a small dev team of two, so if you have skills then contact us to get involved.
Help us and we will help you be you a youtuber or just an open world PC survival and hunting game fan. You are free to make videos of NO RETURN dev builds as long as you state the dev build number and link back to the No Return Indiedb listing.
If you like testing and enjoy your open world survival and hunting games then come along and join the fun.Video of New Menus - Settings - Build Templates - Change Start TimeVideo below shows some of the work being done on the HUD for the next release.

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