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Pull the cone from the ground and trim off any protruding ribs from the top and bottom holes. People are often quite surprised by what they can and will do when their life, or the life of someone they love, is on the line! Garry Friedman was professionally a pilot so once he is flying his plane but at the some time his plane gets out of controlled and plane crashed in the forest but Garry Friedman is still alive. Now the main aim of the Garry Friedman is to gets out of this forest and he is  battling for his survival because this forest is full of bloodthirsty creatures.

Will be trying this out once I find a good location that doesn’t ban using fish traps. The story of the game is that Garry Friedman lost his wife and his doughtier in the accident. In this battle player can use many different types of weapons to kill these bloodthirsty creatures. This is probably best for water that’s fully on land that you own (especially a pond).

Player can also create his own weapons which will help him to kill hiss enemy easily and quickly.

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