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Even though 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot was released to great critical acclaim, the game was not without its detractors. Ever since the game was first revealed in its stunning E3 2014 trailer, Crystal Dynamics has been adamant that it will feature far more puzzle solving and tomb raiding than the previous Tomb Raider.
Lara’s victory is short-lived, however, as some enemies begin flinging flaming arrows at her. Microsoft has been pushing hard for Rise of the Tomb Raider as one of the biggest games releasing this holiday season, and they should considering it’s a timed exclusive on Xbox One. It has a small frame and short barrel that make it easy to hide anywhere on the body – and it also packs the power of 10+1 rounds of 9mm.Even with the small frame size, the Glock 26 retains the same width of a full size Glock.
Many criticized the title for not living up to its namesake, with iconic protagonist Lara Croft spending most of her time surviving in the wilderness and shooting enemies, as opposed to actually raiding tombs.
It features Lara Croft completing various platforming sequences while exploring the tomb’s depths, all the while solving puzzles, smashing walls with a pickaxe, and more until she reaches the treasure at the bottom. Considering Rise of the Tomb Raider is three times larger than the 2013 game on top of the more traditional Tomb Raider gameplay, fans have plenty to be excited about this November.

Will you be picking up the game on release, or are you waiting for it to hit another platform? Founded in 1898, the company started as a supplier for commercial fishing fleets and logging camps.
We stacked up 10 guns against each other to bring you our top carry handguns based on stopping power, weight, ease of use, and price.
This allows the shooter to get a better hold and much more control over the firearm.It is a smaller firearm in general, and the internal parts have been moved closer together, but the Glock 26 is still a Glock.
Crystal Dynamics has heard these complaints, though, and Rise of the Tomb Raider is looking to make up for Lara’s lack of actual tomb raiding  in a big way.
LCR stands for “Lightweight Carry Revolver” – and the entire LCR series comes with Ruger’s patent-pending trigger system. The compact design of the frame and 13-round capacity make it a great gun to tuck under a shirt or waistband.The Taurus PT111 also features an awesome gripping surface on the frame of the gun in order for you to have a confident hold. When the slide resets the internal striker to get ready to fire the next round, the trigger is then in single-action mode.

If the round fails to fire, the PT111 automatically switches into double-action mode – which will allow you to strike the same primer again. This slim, lightweight, easy to use 9mm pistol holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm – which has more than enough stopping power for you.This gun is super comfortable to hold, a pleasure to shoot, and a fantastic carry firearm for the price.
This gun would literally fit in your pocket!It carries 7+1 rounds of .380ACP, and only weighs 23 ounces. Paul, MinnesotaMississippi – Mossy OakMossy Oak makes some of the most recognizable camouflage patterns in the hunting industry. It has both single and double-action trigger modes, and the single action trigger is only 4 pounds – which means a crisp, clean shot placement every time. The 6-pound trigger pull makes for a crisp and accurate shot placement, and the sights on top of the gun are fantastic.

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