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Our base camp is set in the heart of a 2,500 acre woodland surrounded by rolling hills and downland, near the village of Tisbury in Wiltshire. Additionally, we regularly organise corporate team building events, team training, private courses for individuals or groups and even stag, hen and birthday parties in the woods. On arrival, you will be thoroughly briefed on safety, wilderness hygiene, protection of the local woodland environment and there will always be a wilderness remote response first aider on hand. Our wilderness crafts workshops are partially self-catered (breakfast and snacks are provided) however our bushcraft and survival courses are fully catered. Many irrational fears cloud peoplea€™s engagement with our wilderness a€“ even in the bushlands of suburbia. On successful completion of the course, you will be presented with the Outback Survival Certificate. Detailed joining instructions will be sent to all participants prior to the course commencing. This course is designed as a challenge for those who already have some bushcraft experience.
Leaving your standard winter kit back at base camp for safe keeping, for the challenge you will be allowed only one wool blanket, your bushcraft knife and folding saw, a Swedish fire steel, one cooking pot, a non-metal cup, a head torch, a first aid kit and a reliable method of communication. Saturday will give you the chance to improve your situation and comfort further, before experiencing your second night with minimal kit in the winter woods. Our countryside is packed with wild foods and useful plants – if you know where to look! This course assembles Friday evening for an initial safety brief at 7pm and finishes at approximately 4pm on the Sunday. It's a good idea to bring a camera on the foraging walk to record images of the plants we don't gather, although remember you've got to carry it all day!
Imagine being on holiday in a remote location, only to find yourself separated from your group and stranded in the wilderness.
Wilderness survival training is no longer confined to the military and the prepper community. Well-known survivalist and TV personality Bear Grylls operates the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in the UK, US, and Africa. The Bushcraft Woodlore First Aid Course from Ray Mears is an excellent course teaching participants how to administer emergency first aid in the wilderness. Among other things, Elite Survival Training offers expeditions for corporate management teams looking to learn lifesaving skills and build a teamwork infrastructure that will help them be better business managers. Bushmasters offers an intense two-week survival course experience in a jungle environment deep in the heart of the Amazon. The Arctic can be one of the most punishing environments in the world due to the extreme weather and a lack of natural resources.
Boulder Outdoor Survival School is the oldest and longest running survival school in the world, having opened in 1968. Woodsmoke offers a variety of Bushcraft courses including their weeklong immersive Woodlander course. Most survival schools teach the skills necessary to survive in the woods, jungle, mountains, or snow.

The Wilderness Experience International Survival School is among the most respected names worldwide for wilderness survival training.
I want to undergo training with Bushmasters’ Jungle Survival and experience the wild jungle of the Amazon.
I actually met Bear Grylls a few months ago, and we were discussing our childhoods and the effect that being outdoors had on us, and he’s a great guy! You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). These ancient woodlands are inspiring; a mix of old hazel coppice, twisted moss covered oaks and silver birch with never ending views across the Wylye valley and beyond. All courses are spent entirely outdoors however there are plenty of covered areas within the woods to enable lessons to carry on regardless of weather conditions. Wild game choices will include rabbit, pheasant, pigeon, trout, salmon and on certain courses, wild venison. Whether or not you survive such a situation largely depends on the decisions you make in the first few hours. Camping out in colder conditions is always a challenge but going without a tent, sleeping bag and stove requires a real understanding of survival priorities and a good knowledge of how to provide these essentials for life, using what nature provides. With the proper preparation and practice there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be anything other than toasty warm and well fed. One of the courses offered is a five-day adventure in the Scottish Highlands, at a cost of just ?1,399 per person. The course is a level II Wilderness Emergency Medics (WEM2) course that will prepare students to administer first aid in virtually any situation. Their corporate management team expedition to Jordan is a five-day expedition that will change how a management team works together. Participants are transported to Guyana where they train with an experienced Bushmasters instructor and two local guides. Their 28-day Field Survival course takes participants out into the wilderness of Utah (USA) with a minimum of equipment and supplies. Their extended summer survival course teaches students important concepts including fire building, proper clothing for survival, creating shelters, finding and storing safe water, and more. Nordmarken Kanot-Center is a Swedish survival school offering two Wilderness Experience International Survival School survival courses including the level one Temperate Survival course.
Regardless of the reasons for attending, participants learn new skills and different ways of thinking that serve them well in multiple areas of life. You will spend your nights under canvas or in a shelter you have made from the woodlands around you, warmed by a crackling campfire. Questions are welcome at any point and we strive to provide a ratio of one instructor to five students on all courses. Your decisions can be made easier if you have had some training in what is known as bush survival.These courses are conducted near Chidlow, one houra€™s drive from Perth in the Hills. Working in pairs, small groups or even solo (for the most experienced course members), by last light on Friday you MUST have built an effective shelter and bed, made fire to cook on and keep warm by, prepared and cooked up an evening meal before bedding down for the night. On this two day course you will live out in the woods, sleeping under a lightweight shelter and cooking over open fires.

In the event of some man-made or natural disaster, would you be able to survive for any length of time on your own? Ray Mears offers additional 2-day and weeklong courses teaching a variety of survival skills in different environments. It is an experience that seeks to identify the strengths of each team member with the hope that those strengths will be utilised in the work environment as well. They will learn valuable survival skills in a two-phase programme divided between training and isolation. This course can also be used as credit toward earning a level 2 or 3 instructor certificate from Sigma 3. It is an experience in surviving a mountain environment with little more than some water, a blanket, and a knife. They also offer an extended winter survival course with additional skills training for cold weather. It seeks to not only teach a broad set of skills, but also to give students confidence to be out in the wilderness without worry. Such a course might seem useless, but there is a lot to know about surviving along the shoreline. This course teaches fundamental survival skills necessary to survive in Europe’s temperate areas. All specialist tools will be provided and the personal kit you need to bring is minimal (there is no requirement to turn up looking as if you have coated yourselves with glue and run through an outdoor shop and we won’t expect anyone to wear animal skins either).
You will be shown how to identify edible and poisonous plants, learn which species are good for medicine, cordage, making fire, insect repellent, natural glues, soap and even dyes. These kinds of scenarios are the basis for wilderness training courses held all over the world. During the isolation phase, students quickly discover how valuable it is to work with local guides who know the Amazon inside and out. Boulder Outdoor Survival School offers shorter versions of this training at either 14 or 7 days. This can be a stand-alone course or a lead-in to one of the more specialised training courses offered by Woodsmoke.
Students learn how to fish, build shelters with limited resources, produce drinkable water through distillation, build fires, etc. Completing it is the first step in a series of courses that eventually enables successful graduates to earn the coveted Wilderness Experience International Survival School badge. As a society we need to recapture the survival skills and empathy with nature which our ancestors instinctively knew. Course providers are teaching students how to survive under some of the most extreme conditions. True appreciation and understanding of our natural environment may be the only factor that saves it, and, on occasions, us.

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