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Learn the many techniques that can give you more interesting and flavoursome food cooked on an open fire, along with introducing some wild edibles.
Throughout the days, we'll explore how to use natural materials to construct a variety of tools for our basic needs, and learn how to live comfortably in the wild.
Kirsten RechnitzSurvival & Traditional Living Skills InstructorKirsten is a veteran of the wild. Team Cohesion-Team Building, Bushcraft, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Survival,CRASH Course.
Team Cohesion offer Dynamic, Unique and Innovative Courses, Enhancing your Essential Skills for Life.

Team Cohesion is proud to offer a range of unique life enhancing training courses which include Team Building, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft and the Lifesaving CRASH Course.
Team Cohesion is a Passionate and Visionary Company, with a Dedicated Team who offer a Wealth of Expertise within their Specialist Fields; Revolutionising the Face of Training. We aim to build on personal strengths to build confidence whilst working within a team or alone using your own initiative. Team Cohesions training ethos is to create a relaxed, enjoyable and exciting training experience in which to learn to your full potential. We welcome all participants who seek a wilderness excursion, aiming to increase their knowledge of traditional earth living skills.

Her specialization in desert survival and the traditional living skills of Native Americans has included a month long solo expedition in the desert, where she sustained herself with friction fire, spear fishing, trapping, wild edibles, hunting and natural debris shelters. She has continued to develop her skills in teaching as primitive lifestyles have become not only a lifelong passion but a preferred way of living.

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