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Harder to get the spark to take than char cloth but you don’t have to prepare the crampball like charcloth and can take them strait from nature and use.
From a survivalist point of view, this is a good wild plant to have around your camp.  If you have any creeks or streams, they may already be growing and you may not even know it. The gator was swimming at a pretty good rate and instead of following it, we turned around to look at what the gator was eating on. My first exposure to the MOLLE pack was a couple of months ago after I bought 3 packs off ebay. The three packs that my son, nephew and I brought on the camping included – Large MOLLE with internal sleep system, MOLLE with external sleep system and medium ALICE pack. One of the things that I did not like about the large MOLLE – it did not have a radio pouch inside the pack like the alice pack does.
Overall, I view this pack as the least flexible – it has only a few webbing around the pack, none that wrap around the entire pack, and no webbing on the bottom of the pack.
Medium MOLLE VS Medium ALICE – If I had to pick between the Medium ALICE and the Medium MOLLE, I would have to pick the Medium ALICE. The Medium MOLLE does not even webbing on the bottom of the pack for lashing a tent, sleeping bag, tarp,,,, or anything else to it.
The Medium ALICE pack has 3 outside pouches – which are just the right size for storing rain gear and a 1 pound bottle of propane for a stove. When the canteens were put in the top flap (map case) the pack became top heavy.  On the camping trip my son used the Medium MOLLE, and noted that it was top heavy because of where we had to put the canteens. Self Defense: This is an active, hands on course, wear comfortable clothing and supportive shoes.
Call of the Wild: An introduction to some of the more common animal calls, when and how is the best use for them. If you have a call, bring it with you, or there will also be some available as part of a morning raffle!
In hot weather you can take clothing off, in cold weather you have to have extra clothing to put it on. Lets say that your hiking along, you dont see this snake on the trail, step on it and your bitten – what do you do?
This picture and video were tank in East Texas, just a few miles north of Beaumont, and during the month of September, 2009.
After filming a video and taking some pictures, we loaded up our packs and moved on down the stream. For people that do not get into the woods very much, getting a copperhead and a water moccasin mixed up might be an easy thing to do. The examples that ae going to be covered are from my own personal experiences from being in the wilderness and not from scientific studies.  So take this information as opinion and not as fact. The snake in the picture is a medium sized cottonmouth, I have seen them a lot larger then that.
Cotton mouths have a head big enough to grab onto your leg, your arm,,, just about anywhere. If your in a wilderness survival situation, keep in mind that everything in the world needs water.  So if you come across a creek, stream, pool of water, pond, lake or river, chances are your gonna be able to find some kind of food source.
Warning about eating food you find in the wilderness: Unless you are 100% sure what it is – DO NOT EAT IT! The only reason why I ate the grapes in the video, is because I was raised in the area and have known what Muscadine grapes are since I was a child. What are the things in the water, what can you do with them, are they edible,,, just post whatever you want in the forums.

Post your comments in the finding water in dried up creek beds thread of the survivalist forum. By learning to listen to nature and being prepared, we can enjoy our vast Canadian wilderness while avoiding trouble in the first place. The key to staying warm in the winter is to set up your fire to last all night, even through a snowstorm.
Scenario… You are on a multi day canoe trip, paddling most of the 2nd day through light rain.
Preppers, survivalists and other prepared people know that keeping your family fed during an emergency is a priority.
Some of the most valuable survival tools are simple, useful methods of doing everyday tasks. Amanda Ripley’s book "The Unthinkable" is not about disaster recovery: It’s about what happens in the midst of one – before emergency personnel arrive and structure is imposed on the loss. This website, written by Leon Pantenburg, is about proven common sense survival techniques everyone should know, whether you live in a large city, or recreate in a rural area or near a wilderness.
Pack the right tools with confidence and the know-how to use them and you and your family will survive any emergency.
The first secret to Dutch oven cooking is to remember that these cast iron kettles are the original slow cooker. In the morning, dig a hole in the ground slightly taller and larger around than the Dutch oven you will be using. When you are ready, rake the coals from the hole, place the Dutch oven inside the hole, and then put fresh coals from the campfire around and over the oven.
Shovel a few inches of soil over the top and flatten surface with a shovel or press soil down with feet.
Dutch oven cooking is more than food preparation—it is an art that you practice in the wilderness. The pack also has webbing on the bottom of the pack to strap a sleeping bag, tent, tarp or anything else. There is also webbing that runs the circumference of the pack, which makes attaching more pouches easy.  The Medium MOLLE does not have any external pouches, and with a lack of webbing, there is no way to attach extra pouches.
The bows have a very easy draw length and weight so don’t worry about having enough strength.
Explore & discuss equipment options, settings, the joy of photography, and digital verses film options. In a cold weather camping or hiking situation, you will probably want to bring extra clothing, maybe a hat gloves, extra socks,,,, the usual stuff that hikers and campers my need in cold weather. One cottonmouth my buddies and I killed and measured – it was close to 4 feet long and as big around as a mans wrist.
These skills blend modern technology and old world knowledge to allow you to explore the wilderness confidently. We started teaching these courses on the weekends as a way to share our knowledge and practice our skills. This setup keeps the heat from escaping out the back, and leaves the front open so the warmth of the fire reaches you, but not too much of the smoke. Late in the afternoon the wind picks up and both you and your companion are starting to get cold and miserable. If you can't sleep at night because you're cold, the next day is guaranteed to be exhausting. From the moment that you haul out that heavy black kettle from its place in the back of the trailer you have committed yourself to an effort that feeds, not only the camper, but the heart of history.

Made me realize that I know — or should I say, knew — next to nothing about dutch ovens or how to use them. While we were there, I decided to put together a video about the packs and do a little comparison. I know the Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove is not designed to be used like this, but oh well, it works. If you have a GPS unit, you are encouraged to bring it, however you can still participate if you don’t have one. We offer planned courses, but we also like getting out to the woods with just a few people to share knowledge. In fact you notice that your friend is starting to shiver, one of the first signs of hypothermia. You are embarking on a cooking journey that began well over three hundred years ago, to end up here, now, at the campsite with you and the watering mouths that wait for your creation. Flat bottoms are notoriously hard to cook in, because you cannot regulate the coals underneath properly.
Place the diameter + 2 coals in a circle under the oven, and the diameter – 2 coals in a circle on top, i.e. And there was a time I used to do a lot of camping, but never was there a dutch oven in sight. Maxine Lundquist on Selecting the Right Camping Chairapril on Selecting the Right Camping ChairR. Nor do I like having to use the pack with a frame – if the frame breaks your just out of luck. Let this course increase your confidence and give you a chance to learn more about protecting yourself.
Learn how to use these units to navigate more effectively, and to help you find great new places to explore! If you’re interested in bushcrafting with us or practicing your skills, get in touch.
Set your Dutch oven inside (be aware of the legs; make sure they don’t bang the heating element. 12” oven means 12+2=14 coals in a circle under the oven, and 12-2=10 coals in a circle on top on the lid.
My wife and I have discussed getting some gear and getting back to the great outdoors, so I’ll keep your tips in mind when we begin outfitting. The center of the lid should have a handle so you can remove it with ease, and don’t forget to make sure the wire handle itself is strong and easy to move.
If you can, lay the lid on the rack and the oven on top of the lid) and leave it there for a good ten minutes.
Using oven mitts, remove the pot and wipe it inside and out with a small amount of shortening, inside and out. When completely coated, increase home oven temperature to 350°F, place pot back inside and “bake” for one hour. The circle beneath keeps the center from forming a hot spot and burning your food, and put two of the coals in the center on top of the lid as well as the rest in a circle to ensure even heating. After an hour, turn off your home oven and let the whole thing cool on its own, preferably overnight.

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