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Fixed: A Bug with ranged weapons when animals would not attack or notice you upon being used. Note: My apologies for another update been busy and I only have so much time to fix issues thanks for the reports I hope you enjoy! Changed: Ghillie suit - Activate to use, no longer has permanent stealth, reduces movement speed by 25%, adds 25 bonus damage on melee attack on first hit.
That's not that much, but considering that I have not promoted the game and the fact that the game was made within 3 days (spent something likeĀ 10 hours), that's a sign to me that I cannot just stop there. Packt Publishing approached by offering a copy of their newly published title Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook by Claudio Scolastici in exchange for a review.
I felt the naval combat and ship building were in such work-in-progress stage now that I don't feel happy about releasing them to public.

Since the beginning of this year, I've been working on a 2D game that goes by the working title: _Voyages of Chumbucket Lickin' Pirates_. The main goal of this project was to test if it's possible to create an online multiplayer action game in 72 hours using Photon PUN. I'm now working on a new version Survive alpha 0.7 that will be available by the end of June 2015. It was more about how to use 3rd party graphics tool to create sprites, and it missed some relevant points there too. I'll rather polish that core feature, than give a buggy preview for people to test and dislike. Every day I spend at least half an hour to work on the game (often that 30 minutes turns into 3 hours).

This is because my LDJAM entry 'Survive' is climbing fast higher and higher in Google Play and it's already reached over 30 000 downloads. For the past week I've worked a lot to get the naval combat done, but unfortunately that couldn't make its way into this release. To complete the game you either kill the opposing team or out last the weather conditions until they die.

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