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This course is designed as a challenge for those who already have some bushcraft experience. Leaving your standard winter kit back at base camp for safe keeping, for the challenge you will be allowed only one wool blanket, your bushcraft knife and folding saw, a Swedish fire steel, one cooking pot, a non-metal cup, a head torch, a first aid kit and a reliable method of communication. Saturday will give you the chance to improve your situation and comfort further, before experiencing your second night with minimal kit in the winter woods. Wilderness survival skills for safe wilderness travel, Learn wilderness survival skills and ensure you can take care of yourself, and your loved ones on your next wilderness excursion..
Wilderness survival: free info covering all aspects of, A handbook for wilderness survival. The wilderness survival skills everyone should know, A few hours watching the discovery channel can prompt extreme survival fantasies involving frog licking and urine drinking, but what basic skills would you actually. How to survive in the wild: essential wilderness survival, What does it take to live and survive in the wild? Our base camp is set in the heart of a 2,500 acre woodland surrounded by rolling hills and downland, near the village of Tisbury in Wiltshire.
Additionally, we regularly organise corporate team building events, team training, private courses for individuals or groups and even stag, hen and birthday parties in the woods.

On arrival, you will be thoroughly briefed on safety, wilderness hygiene, protection of the local woodland environment and there will always be a wilderness remote response first aider on hand. Our wilderness crafts workshops are partially self-catered (breakfast and snacks are provided) however our bushcraft and survival courses are fully catered.
This course is suitable for management and leadership development training and small enthusiastic groups who enjoy a challenge!
This special three day workshop aims to introduce you to traditional leather working, clothing and equipment construction using a combination of bone, antler, flint and more modern tools.
Four days crafting bows, arrows, atlatl and dart, sling, bolas and the humble throwing stick. Camping out in colder conditions is always a challenge but going without a tent, sleeping bag and stove requires a real understanding of survival priorities and a good knowledge of how to provide these essentials for life, using what nature provides. With the proper preparation and practice there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be anything other than toasty warm and well fed. These ancient woodlands are inspiring; a mix of old hazel coppice, twisted moss covered oaks and silver birch with never ending views across the Wylye valley and beyond. All courses are spent entirely outdoors however there are plenty of covered areas within the woods to enable lessons to carry on regardless of weather conditions.

Wild game choices will include rabbit, pheasant, pigeon, trout, salmon and on certain courses, wild venison. Working in pairs, small groups or even solo (for the most experienced course members), by last light on Friday you MUST have built an effective shelter and bed, made fire to cook on and keep warm by, prepared and cooked up an evening meal before bedding down for the night.
You will spend your nights under canvas or in a shelter you have made from the woodlands around you, warmed by a crackling campfire.
Questions are welcome at any point and we strive to provide a ratio of one instructor to five students on all courses. All specialist tools will be provided and the personal kit you need to bring is minimal (there is no requirement to turn up looking as if you have coated yourselves with glue and run through an outdoor shop and we won’t expect anyone to wear animal skins either).

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