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Grade 9-12 Leaders in Training (LIT) You begin with one week of overnight leadership training. New for 2016: LITs intending to complete Field Weeks at Overnight Camp must do so during the 2-week session immediately following their training.
Grade 6-8 Junior Leaders in Training (jLIT)jLITs also begin with one week of overnight training. Training Weeks: We leave on our Trackers buses at 10 AM from our Berkeley location on Sunday morning and return the following Friday by 3 PM. Orientation Week Locations Our LIT training weeks during the 1st and 2nd training weeks will be a rustic camping retreat in the Redwoods of Humboldt County. After registration you will be contacted to choose your location between our 4 options in Marin and the East Bay. We ask that all LITs attend training each year to refresh their knowledge and expand their skills. Although we do not guarantee future employment, we enthusiastically accept applications from alumni LITs age 16+ for summer jobs as Guild Interns in our day camps.
For more information on the nuts-and-bolts of camp, please read on for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.
We believe that all people (kids and adults) want to belong in and contribute to their community. Camp Trackers is a unique program, attracting a wide variety of “personality types” and kids from diverse backgrounds who all work together to build a village. Our provided meals are all omnivore and include an array of vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat, often mixed together. About Systemic Food Allergies To the best of our ability we always work to exclude items that typically result in severe systemic reactions leading to anaphylaxis. Trackers Staff are the most highly trained and experienced educators in the field of outdoor education, well versed in our industry. A detailed packing list will be sent with your confirmation and welcome packet along with all camp forms. If your child would like to be grouped in the same tent as their friend please note this in your registration.
We have very limited scholarship awards available of up to 20%-100% of tuition for families in need. 1 Day or 4 Evening Series Archery Training BasicsAn introduction into the world of archery and gear care.
Oct - May, 1 weekend a month  Archery Training ImmersionImmersion the sport and art of archery.
Bow Making BasicsCraft your own bow out of locally harvested materials and simple blades and knives.
Just as a heartfelt musical caroling visits shine a light of joy on these cold days of winter, so does the waffle warm our hearts, minds, and tummies.
So, join us for a gourmet musical treat and feast of holiday carols and waffles from around the world! Grade 6-8 Archery Rangers: Make a Bow Hand-craft your own traditional wood bow and use it to train archery!

Create your Wizard character and begin your studies by reconnecting with the wild and mystical power of Nature. It is the age of the Remembering, after the dragons have awoken and magic has returned to the land.
Grade 4-5 Wizards Academy: Advanced Studies Master advanced arts, and explore the deeper magicks of the world around you. Grade 4-5 Wizards Academy: Realm of the Dark Arts Students who walk the dark paths may find themselves in unexpected places.
Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:Secret Agent Academy Our ever-changing world is in new and strange kinds of peril, at the hands of nefarious evil-doers.
Edible Plant BasicsThis class covers identification while gathering for safety, sustainability and self-sufficiency.
Medicinal Plants & Winter RemediesWilders instructors guide students in safe medicinal and edible plant identification while exploring our local green spaces. During this week you meet new friends, learn outdoor skills and explore a leadership role within Trackers Earth and your community. You make new friends, develop outdoor skills and learn what it takes to be a leader within Trackers Earth and your community. Overnight field weeks are scheduled first-come, first-serve and must be scheduled during the session immediately following the training week. We cover how the student was able to teach basic to complex outdoor educational skills, plus their leadership accomplishments for the all important social structure of the camp.
They are experts at traditional crafts who possess a deft understanding of true and epic adventure. Since 2004, Trackers has led the way in standards of safety for outdoor camps and programs. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance.
We are a family organization where your child makes new friends through fantastic adventures. A camp that celebrates the musical stylings of holiday jubilation and the sheer awesomeness of waffles. We make and munch on all manner of waffles as we journey through the history of this usually sweet and sometimes savory treat. Please note, with this option there is less time on the range and a significant amount of time crafting in the wood shop.
You've been chosen to join our School of Magic, a Wizards Academy where the greatest magic masters of the Realms come to practice.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to immerse yourself into the world of espionage: ciphers, code breaking and more. Hands-on activities help you develop vital identification skills while getting to know important local plants.
Following a “food as medicine” approach to health, students learn to create home-made concoctions that will serve them throughout the cold and flu season. Begin with one week of camp training followed by leadership experience helping to guide younger campers.

You finish the program with two Field Weeks at either our day or overnight camps, guiding younger campers. This year's overnight camps have very limited space, and the majority of LITs will be completing their field weeks at Day Camp. After overnight training, jLITs spend one week of day camp mentoring our Grade K or Grade 1 programs. However, please note thtat Trackers reserves the right to ask an overnight LIT to complete their field weeks at Day Camp should we judge that they need more support in their training. Our program design demands intelligent accountability from participants, especially while working with tools and training in challenging skills. We teach the highest caliber of outdoor skills, and we adjust our curriculum for all experience levels.
Of course, these two worlds belong together just like the perfect harmony of the Christmas carols we shall sing throughout the neighborhood.
From the medieval origins of the "wafer", to Thomas Jefferson bringing the first waffle iron from France and hosting popular "waffle frolics" (parties), we explore the depths of the wonderful world of waffling. New dangers are always emerging, and strange travelers have begun to find their way into the Realms of the Golden Gate. Learn wilderness and urban survival and steel your mind against enemy interrogation techniques.
Work with some of the best outdoor educators to develop your own connection to nature and community.Along with leadership skills, your apprentice training also introduces you to teaching with Trackers Earth.
Spaces at overnight camp for LIT Field Weeks will be allocated at the discretion of the program directors, based on age and conduct at training. We encourage jLITs to complete this week during the session(s) immediately following your Training Week, and we schedule it after your registration. Every aspect of participation is considered a privilege and all campers must treat it as such. Our instructors are adept at simultaneously challenging those who have a background in what we teach, and helping a newcomer to gradually increase their ability. Choose your quests, solve ancient runic riddles, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. You could be a Leader in Training at camps teaching wilderness survival, homesteading, archery, role-playing stories and much more.
This now said, our camps have and always will be infused with vital traits of good humor, celebration and appreciation for each member of our village. All staff involved in meal preparation possess appropriate food handler certification and training. Staff attend intensive training in all safety policies, from driving safety for transported programs to home-sickness prevention and mitigation. Our staff retention percentage is excellent and the large majority of our lead staff is made up of returning instructors.

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