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The largest state, Alaska is two-and-a-half times as big as Texas, covering more then 570,000 square miles.
Cullen's town of Valdez is buried under 26 feet of snow in a winter that has been harsh even by Alaska standards. Alaska is known for its harsh winters and rugged environment, which makes practicing family medicine in the state difficult at best. The Alaska Family Medicine Residency works closely with and supports chapter efforts, and 80 percent of graduating residents stay in Alaska.
Consider these fast facts about Alaska: The state is two-and-a-half times bigger than Texas and claims a land area of more than 570,000 square miles. Residency Supports Chapter WorkThe Alaska AFP holds two educational meetings a year: a winter update in March and its annual Scientific Congress in June. Now, she takes care of patients at the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center and is poised to be installed as the Alaska AFP's next president in June.Granholm understands the difficulties of keeping members connected and says the chapter has long relied on the Internet, e-mail and conference calls. Summing Up the StoriesPhysicians try to describe the isolation and challenges of practicing medicine in Alaska, but their stories tell it all.
Ia€™ve seen Grady Powell before on another reality show, National Geographica€™s Ultimate Survival Alaska, where he was a member of the military team. Dual Survival season 7 will premier on The Discovery Channel on January 13, 2016 at 9:00 pm. Next thing you know all the great shows like Dual Survival, Gold Rush, Alaskan Bush people will be gone, just imagine these people have made the Jew producers millions and pocket change for the rest.
Life Below Zero returns as an early winter forces Alaskans to go head-to-head with Mother Nature to hunt, gather, and preserve their ability to survive in their corner of the Arctic as the dark, bitter cold closes in. When the Ice Melts, the Work Begins With light returning across Alaska, our seasoned bush dwellers must venture across the thawing terrain, combating waking predators and unpredictable weather, to stake their claim on the limited summer harvest. Last week, Glenn answered some of his fan’s questions on Facebook about his lifestyle, reasons for joining the show and how he deals with isolation.
Last week following the season finale of Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens answered fans’ questions about the crash and recovery process, living life off-the-grid, and being on the show. Check out these highlights!
This week on Life Below Zero, our Alaskans face complications as they prepare for a successful future.
This week on Life Below Zero, the winter season is nearing its end but the pressures for survival are as strong as ever.
Fall season in the Arctic means crunch time for the final preparations for the brutal winter months ahead.
Last night on Life Below Zero, winter preparations were in full swing as the changing seasons bring the tough transition from fall to winter. Recent CommentsBev westbury on Meet Life Below Zero’s Big Eskimo FamilyJoseph on Locked Up Abroad: Where Are They Now?
Nature is putting on a show in Alaska's Katmai National Park and the Bearcam is letting us see it live. Hundreds of brown bears converge at this time of year on the Brooks River running through Katmai National Park and Preserve looking for a good meal. Brooks Falls is one of the best places in the world to watch brown bears because it is one of the first places in the region where bright, energetic, and pre-spawned salmon are available to bears. Park rangers originally set up webcams from the viewing platform on a bridge overlooking the river thanks to a $150,000 grant. It isn’t uncommon to see five or six large male brown bears at once positioned in prime fishing spots along the falls. Ranger Michael Fitz and his team help keep everyone updated on life for the bears at Brooks Falls on their informative blog. It seems like meditation to watch the bears as they go about their activity and the beautiful scenery. Correspondingly, Communities Digital News, LLC uses its best efforts to operate in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine under US Copyright Law and always tries to provide proper attribution. What's remarkable, however, is that the kitchen is located on the second story of the house.

It's mid-January, and a series of avalanches has closed the mountain pass that connects Valdez to Glennallen, the closest town, which serves as a pick-up point for patients who need air transport to Anchorage. Alaska has more than 722,000 residents, nearly half of whom live in Anchorage, the state's largest city. The chapter also sponsors an Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) course every fall at the Alaska Family Medicine Residency in Anchorage, the state's only medical residency program. Originally from Salt Lake City, Granholm entered the residency program in 2000, graduated in 2003, and worked in Bethel in an Eskimo community close to the Bering Sea for eight years. Chapter meetings often include members calling in from Bethel, Nome, and sometimes Sitka and Juneau.
One FP tells of providing comprehensive care to a patient with highly complex health problems that, in any other setting, would require the services of a multispecialty health care team.
It was very surprising when The Discovery Channel canceled the show after the alleged issues with co-host Joe Teti (have a look here), considering the high ratings of the show. He didna€™t seem like a wilderness expert on that show, but then again, it doesna€™t seem like qualifications are needed to be on a Discovery Channel show.
In Kiwalik, the Hailstones are on another caribou hunt when Chip’s snow machine breaks down, posing a major setback in their quest for meat. Now that the weather is warming, the Alaskans are able to spend more time making repairs and up-keeping their camps.
In Eagle, Andy set off to find elusive moose, as he and Kate need to replenish their red meat supply for the coming winter. With freezing temperatures and dangerous threats from predators, every day is a struggle to survive. They spend hours every day fishing for stream-raised sockeye (red) salmon heading up river.
Early in the annual salmon run, Brooks Falls creates a temporary barrier to migrating salmon.
Today, all of the cams are installed on existing infrastructure at the park, either wildlife viewing platforms or radio repeaters. As many as 25 bears have been seen fishing at Brooks Falls at the same time during peak periods later in July. Regular viewers will begin to recognize individual bears, some of which have been given names including Ted, Otis. If you have reason to believe that any written material or image has been innocently infringed, please bring it to the immediate attention of CDN via the e-mail address or phone number listed on the Contact page so that it can be resolved expeditiously.
Falkenthal is a veteran award winning broadcast and print journalist, editor, producer, talk host and commentator. Smaller planes that take off and land in Valdez have been grounded for four days because of poor weather conditions. Juneau, the state capital, is nearly 1,000 miles from Anchorage and accessible only by air or sea (presenting a challenge to those who want to be politically active on a face-to-face level).
Another recalls a harrowing three-and-a-half-hour ambulance ride through a snowy mountain pass to deliver two teenage boys with critical head injuries to the next town, where they were airlifted to Anchorage for treatment.
Seems like someone at Discovery had the same thought, so the show will be back for Season 7. I guess they decided to start with a clean slate this season, but I wish they had kept Matt. You might be a fan of the talent shows, or the treasure hunting type shows, or the survival in the wilderness type shows. The bears and the salmon along with the seagulls in the peanut gallery hoping for scraps never fail to put on nature’s best show. We get access any time we please as viewers to a remote part of our planet, watching Mother Nature at work in real time thousands of miles away. She is an instructor at National University in San Diego, and previously taught in the School of Journalism & Media Studies at San Diego State University. Still, Cullen can drive to his clinic, which is located just a mile away and which sits only 50 yards from the local hospital.

It's easy to see why the 367 members of the Alaska AFP -- who dot this vast geography like tiny push pins on a wall map -- rely heavily on their chapter for support. For example, faculty members help teach the ALSO course, and a resident serves on the chapter's board of directors. Ita€™s hard to see why anyone wouldna€™t like him; then again, maybe thata€™s exactly why he wasna€™t a good fit for the show. Put the best things you love from all three together and you get summer’s number one best reality show. Once salmon stop migrating in large numbers, Brooks Falls is no longer a good place to fish and bears abandon it for better fishing elsewhere.
Bears will wait patiently in a favorite spot in the whirlpools of the falls, snatching live salmon, or stroll along the falls looking for activity. Doty, a member of the AAFP's Board of Directors, puts it this way: "We use the chapter as a gathering place, because we have such disparate practices and we're so far-flung. She wants Alaska FPs to be more tuned in to issues such as practice transformation and accountable care organizations -- topics that are hot in the "Lower 48" states.
And they sometimes have to consider where might be the safest place for a woman in preterm labor to deliver and then base their final decision on flight conditions and the availability of airport landing lights. It’s the Brooks Falls Bearcam, live daily on your nearest computer, tablet or smartphone from Katmai National Park in Alaska.
At the mouth of the river, two more cameras are attached to the Lower River Platform and one camera is underneath the floating bridge. When a bear catches a salmon, it will snack on the live fish as it wildly tries to escape the bear’s jaws. In addition to the urgent, preventive and chronic disease care always handled by FPs, Cullen delivers about 50 babies a year -- some by cesarean section -- and performs surgery when necessary.
Chapter meetings are a way to share ideas and anchor our professional relationships.""The chapter was -- and still is -- my professional lifesaver," says Katy Sheridan, of Soldotna, a native of Alaska who graduated from a residency program in Maine in the 1990s and then returned to her home state to practice family medicine. Residents are encouraged to get involved in both the chapter and the national AAFP, to the extent that the residency program pays full membership dues for all 36 residents.
Chapter leaders give much credit for the chapter's success to Marilyn Dodd, the chapter's executive director since 1996. Family physicians in Alaska speak of the natural beauty of their state and how they wouldn't live anywhere else. The scenery alone is spectacular and well worth viewing, including the occasional bald eagle. Circling sea gulls will pounce on anything that gets dropped into the water by a careless bear.
Once settled, Sheridan had the social support of family and friends -- and ample invitations for holiday dinners. In the past 15 years, the chapter has added nearly 70 new members, an impressive feat for a chapter so small.In the winter, Dodd manages chapter business out of her home in Clam Gulch, a tiny town on the Kenai Peninsula.
When the weather's more amenable -- and when the need arises -- she makes the trip into Soldotna some 19 miles away. The bush areas of Alaska are towns and villages -- some with as few as 50 people -- that are accessible only by boat, plane or snowmobile. Because of the unique demands placed on family physicians in Alaska, the residency program focuses heavily on obstetrics, orthopedics, pediatrics and emergency medicine.
And 50 percent of those graduates practice in rural communities -- also higher than the national average.
Indeed, coming to Alaska for training -- and then settling in for good -- seems to be a common story.

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