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The brutal wilderness of the Rocky Mountains can be deadly to those unaccustomed to its dangers.
When mountain man Nathaniel King promises a dying Ute warrior that he would find the man's son, he has no idea that he will soon confront an enemy unlike any he has ever faced.
When Nate King comes along a pair of green would-be trappers from New York, he is only too glad to risk his life to save them from a Piegan war party.
Wilderness Synopsis: Into the Wilderness is the first Wilderness novel by Sara Donati (Rosina Lippi). So when a clan of travelers from the hill country back East arrive at Nate King's part of the mountain, Nate is more than willing to lend a hand and show them some hospitality.
For his trail will lead him and his family straight into the clutches of a mysterious, hidden tribe--a tribe that no white man has ever seen and lived to describe. As mountain man Nate King and his family struggle to live free in the untamed country of frontier America, Nate and his neighbors have begun to find tracks and other signs of a being the Indians know as the "Old One", a half-man, half-breed creature that preys on humans and kills simply for the sake of killing.

Penniless old trapper Ben Frazier is just about ready to pack it all in when an Arapaho warrior takes pity on him and shows him where to find the elusive gold that white men value so greatly.
It's only after he takes them into his own cabin that he realizes that they would repay his kindness with betrayal.
The series follows the Bonner family, starting out in the late 18th century and continues well into the 19th century.
In December 1792, Elizabeth Middleton has left her house in England in order to join her family in a mountain village in New York State. He has no way of knowing that this clan is used to fighting--and killing--for what they want. His problems seem to be over, but then another band of trappers finds out about the gold and force Ben to lead them to it. Whether ita€™s in the form of hostile Indians, fierce animals, or the unforgiving elements, death can surprise any unwary frontiersman.

New York is nothing like England, and the man she meets is nothing like anyone she’s ever met before either.
Ita€™s up to Zach King to save the old man, but can he survive a fight against a gang of gold-crazed mountain men?
Thata€™s why Nate King and his family have mastered the fine art of survival a€“ and learned to provide help to their friends whenever necessary. He’s a white man dressed like a Native American, and his name is Nathaniel Bonner (aka Between-Two-Lives to the Mohawks).
So when one of Natea€™s neighbors shows up at his cabin more dead than alive, Nate doesna€™t hesitate for a second.

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