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In the featured picture a lean-to survival shelter has been constructed in a survival training class apparently in Europe. The leaves of the thatching are hanging down meaning that any water will follow the branch and leaf stem then on down to the tip where it will drip onto the occupants below. This shelter would be marginal even with a tarp as a cover over the woodwork frame as the roof is too low and the roof slope should really be greater. To create the proper survival shelter – Before doing anything, determine the purposes of the shelter, the needs the shelter must provide.
Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? The PSB like a wool blanket is still warm when wet, unlike wool it is very easy to dry, even in the field. Cover colors can be varied from Multicam on both side which we call a Concealment Blanket (PCB) to no camo at all, such as OD Green on both sides.
Items included: Blanket, Shock cord loop with cordloc, Ripstop nylon stuff sack (non-compressing). PCB, PCBT, PCBL are standard size, tall, and large, all with Multicam (camo) on both sides for full concealment. PSBx, PCBTx, PCBLx, same as above sizes but with no Multicam premium camo fabric, mostly solid colors. Having used a Doan Magnesium Fire Starting Tool for more than 30 years, with never a failure, and having tried versions of every other thing out there we elected to use this as representing what we feel is the most reliable fire starter anywhere.

I am making some assumptions here, but this picture is one of many showing accomplishments of the class. Feet seem to be at the bottom of the roof and the front edge is little if any farther out than their heads. Making meals, writing in a journal, or doing other tasks would be very difficult without being able to at least sit up comfortably. Many times people assume a shelter is only for sleeping in, while we all know that it rains in the daytime as well as at night.
I have seen so many wholly inadequate shelters built, all with happy smiling faces of the builders, unknowing the discomfort that awaits them should a storm arise. There are 3 color styles listed below shown in Blue, one for each style of colors; PSB has a camo color on one side and a solid color on the other, PCB has a camo color on each side, PSBx has no camo colors but is a solid color on each side. There is virtually nothing to break, if the fire starting situation is more challenging you can scrape more shavings. Unlike many other fire starters that throw a shower of sparks and cannot vary the heat they put out, with the Doan you can use a few scraps of shavings for simple fires or scrape a quarter sized pile to generate enormous amounts of heat to start damp materials or things like tire rubber. The bar of magnesium is light weight and has a Ferro cerium (flint) rod embedded on one side that is scraped to produce a shower of hot sparks to ignite the Magnesium shavings. All these items are contained in a durable cordura case with 2 pockets, velcro flap, MOLLE compatiblity, and  D ring. Over the years I have seen hundreds of pictures of survival training shelters – that are worthless.

Probably not for at least two reasons, 1) the forest seems plenty thick to provide shade on its own, 2) notice the woodpile on the left is covered with a tarp to protect from the rain. A proper shelter should provide protection, comfort, and ability of occupants to perform many tasks including meal preparation. So just choose your color style, then choose your size, a drop down will allow you to choose your color choice.
The kit also contains Concentrator Paper that allows starting a fire with as little as 5 scrapes of shavings,  and FireStix to lengthen the burn time in tough conditions. Exclusively at Wilderness Innovation we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the Doan magnesium Fire Starter, which means that if you use all the magnesium on the bar or the bar or striker rod break, just send us back what is left and we will send you out a new one at no additional charge. If you are going to hack down natural resources to make a shelter at least make the shelter, a shelter. A unique combination of modern materials, the PSB utilizes an exceptionally soft polyurethane foam insulating core, with highly breathable nylon cover, DWR coated to repel water. If harvesting live materials for practice, I like to gather from a wide area so I am only doing a light pruning here and there. In a real situation you would not want to waste calories and would take whatever is closest.

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