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A one adult wilderness camping checklist including extras you might need for survival in the wild.
The wilderness camping checklist is no substitute for knowledge and practice in outdoor situations.
In this article, we are going to learn about six specific guns that should be in your arsenal, and the reasons to have each gun.
While your pistol should never serve as your primary weapon in a disaster situation (if anything it’s the gun you use to get to your main gun), it should still be strapped to your hip at all times so that you always have a gun with you and you can draw and fire it quickly if danger quickly arises.
There are other great pistol calibers out there, but these are the three are most available meaning they’re not only the cheapest to buy now, but you will be far more likely to find them in a disaster scenario too. Examples of semi-automatic rifles that meet this criteria, include the AK-47, AR-15, IWI Tavor, and the Ruger Mini-14. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least 1,000 rounds of ammo PER CALIBER stored away that you will only access when disaster strikes, and at least 500-1,000 rounds ready for training purposes. The Core Survival Kit is in a tubular bag of tough cordura nylon with a drawstring top, a MOLLE compatible carry handle, 2 D rings (top and bottom), and 2-2 foot double sided velcro straps allowing the kit to be roll bar mounted, handle bar mounted, among many other configurations.
Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? First I needed to ensure that the Bottle contained the most critical of the Top Eight Critical Items not already in the Daypack.
A Chemical Handwarmers will allow me to get circulation back into my hands if I am Hypothermic and unable to initially light a fire.
Good Quality Striker, a FireSteel made in Sweden and sold under the brand name Light My Fire.
I slipped 2 Tea Bags and an extra plastic bag to store the smaller items when the Water Bottle is in use.
The Water Bottle's Versatility means that it has a better chance to be there when you need it. In the show this week Lisa and I went over some overlooked areas of preparedness, and how even the smallest thing could become a game changer. This might not be “overlooked” but it is something that deserves more consideration than it gets.
We take for granted how easily we can get support when we need it these days, but what would you do if there were no police to intervene? Being honest with yourself means leaving your ego at the front door, knowing there is always someone better than us, and knowing there is always more we can learn.
Without our trash being taken away on a weekly basis, sanitation is bound to become an issue. Like it or not all of our preparedness supplies are going to run out at one point or another. We need to think about all the supplies and food we have stored as a buffer to get us through until we can figure out a long term solution. Most of us have a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers, but do you have something as simple as nails and screws? Having manual tools like saws, hammers and drills are important, but not having the little things can make life pretty difficult. We all like to believe that we could do what it takes when push comes to shove (I do anyway) but in reality, the situation will play our far different in real life than it does in our heads. While life after SHTF is going to require more manual labor and work, there is bound to be down time…especially after the sun goes down.
Having books, board games, musical instruments and even getting outside and doing some hard work are good ways of curing boredom.
In a post SHTF situation cellphones might become non existent, or an unaffordable luxury, but we will still need a way to communicate when the family is separated. Also included in communication is talking to your family and educating them about safety and planning.

We talked about a couple of articles in the podcast from Urban Survival Site that tie into life after SHTF & some overlooked problems pretty well.
In a total grid down event, the credit card companies may not come knocking on your door, but eventually they probably will.
Also, when the food closet is bare, you will not be able to run to the store to buy dinner, you will need to have enough food to get through whatever situation you may have to face. Once you begin to amass large quantities of food, it is easy to get complacent about your food storage. These are all possibilities, so think through and plan what you would do, and come up with what if’s for every area of your preparedness. Filed Under: Featured Posts, Prepping Skills, Prepping Techniques, Survivalist Prepper Podcast About DaleSurvival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email. Do not take chances with your life, an inexpensive item like a chemical Handwarmer can be a life saver when in trouble in the wilderness.
I glued a piece of sand paper to the top of the lid to ensure that I can always light the matches and place one piece of Tinder on top of the Matches to stop them from accidently striking the lid. Matches, Lighter, and a Striker) I packed in 6 Pieces of Tinder (Wax, Kerosene & Cotton).
I supplemented it with a piece of Wire large enough to be used as the Bail for Boiling Water. Most Survival Situations are Short-Term (1-4 Days) so the Tea Bags will be a nice Morale Builder during the first couple of days.
One of the best aspects of this kit in comparison to most purchased small survival kits is that you get a full sized Survival Knife and a 1L Water Bottle.
I hope this breakdown on what a Water Bottle Survival Kit should contain make you decide to carry more Critical Items when travelling in the Wilderness.
By Dale Leave a Comment As preppers we are always looking for ways to improve our situation, and think about what live would be like after a SHTF event. While these might be the most important, there are a number of smaller situations that we don’t give a second thought to that could cause big problems when it comes to life after SHTF if we don’t know how to handle them.
Without police, the fire department and EMT’s we will be completely on our own when it comes to solving major problems.
But if we are not honest about how prepared we are, or how skilled we are, we are setting ourselves up to fail. Not only will the trash be building up, but cleaning the house will not be as easy as turning on the faucet, plugging in the vacuum, or even something as simple as flushing the toilet. Taking a hot shower will be a thing of the past unless you have a solar shower, and washing clothes means using an old school washboard, or using something like the Wonder Wash. If we need to do repairs on the home, or build something, there will be no hardware store to go to, what we have will be our hardware store. Making sure we have tapes and adhesives, enough screws and nails, automotive fluids, wrenches and sockets and maybe even some scrap wool laying around is a good idea. In today’s society we have a million distractions, but in a SHTF event that all goes away. This is especially important for anyone with children, because a bored child can make your life miserable. Make sure everyone knows what to do in different situations, and make use of the down time by making sure everyone is on the same page.
But there are modern conveniences that may not be available, like running water in your house, or electronic banking, or even your job. This is why it is important to not only continually add to our supplies, but also our skills.

The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc.
This small Survival Kit is based around a likely Spring or Fall Scenario; you go out Hiking, Hunting or taking Photos and it Snows causing you to get Stranded.
These types of disposable lighters have a very adjustable flame and I keep it right on top of the kit just incase I need it quickly.
I also wrapped a piece of duct tape around the container so I have a piece handy for repairs.
5 Tinder pieces are packed into a Film Container and 1 in the top of the Match Container to reduced the chances of the Matches Striking by accident.
The Stealth has a string so I can hand it around my neck and a small carabiner so I can attach my Flashlight, Whistle, and Striker to it. This Flashlight is fairly powerful for its size and has a flashing mode if need as a night signal.
I re-rigged the top of the bottle so no plastic needs to go near the fire and it is pre-wired with two small rings for easy attachment of a Bail. The more Binding Material that you carry the more options you have when stranded and the less you need to rely on finding a good source of Natural Cordage nearby or have a need to remove it from what you are wearing. Others like a First Aid Kit or Compass are separate items and should be carried where they are can be used easily. This Kit can be easily attached semi-permanently with Tie Wraps or Hose Clamps to a Quad or Mountain Bike.
Even if we have our food storage covered, our water storage covered and have plenty of guns and ammo, all it takes is one kink in the hose to mess up our preparedness plan.
Even if nothing like this happens, eventually our food, our ammo, our supplies, and medication are going to run out. If you prep for a year or longer, it is easy to think you are better off than your neighbors. We have an excellent opportunity right now to add to our skill set because we have practically everything at our finger tips. In this Kit I set 5 Priorities; Warmth, Fire Lighting, Survival Knife, Signaling, and Water.
In addition to the Tinder I packed in 1 pieces of Chip Fire Starter and 2 Tea Light Candles as additional Fire Lighting Aids for poor conditions.
Duplication of survival equipment means that you end up carrying either much extra gear and or leaving it all behind as it gets to heavy. But remember people are greedy, they will figure out a way to get what they feel is owed to them, this includes your mortgage company.
The Survival Items are all stored in the Water Bottle and ready to be used quickly in a survival situation. It can also be carried in any other carrying case you might be travelling with in the wilderness. If you have, be prepared that if things get really bad, they are going to think of coming to your house as their salvation. These Extra Items can make a Big Difference to a reasonable well prepared person Stranded in the Wilderness. I do not like to take chances with cheap alternatives and the sharpened steel piece of this model is excellent at producing lots of sparks. Normally I take a two Eat More Chocolate Bars (roughly 500 KCal) along for quick energy at the start of a Survival Situation. It is useful to see What I Choose to Carry in this Survival Kit and Why I Choose each Item.

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