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In the Fallout of 2077 many, many natural creatures were scorched from the Earth and many other unnatural creatures were reborn along other evolutionary paths.
Seeped into the wasteland soil, water and some times the very air it's self, the (FEV), Forced Evolutionary Virus, radiation and countless unlassified toxic wastes all twisted creatures great and small down forced evolutionary paths and perhaps none more than the scorpius genus as a varied species.
In the case of the Mars Scorpion "Maris Scorpius", Sea Scorpion, evolution took a path closer to the scorpion's true Paleozoic fresh water dwelling ancestors. Mars Scorpions, some may say are so named, Mars Scorpions, due to their blold red markings and war like hostile nature but it is more likely, the name is just a bastardization of the Latin "Maris Scorpius", Sea Scorpion. Likewise, Mars Scorpions are immune to all but the rarest of exotic, weaponized infectious elements. Supposedly, the AI for this securitron was developped in the Sanctuary but it was never finished before the war and remained in Beta for a long time. If a player drops a tin can in front of them they will say "Pick up the can." with gradually increasing tone to passerbys. If the player witnesses their self destruct sequence you can hear "WHAT THE FUUU-BOOOOOM!".
In this Vault, it functioned perfectly normally, but the twist was that due to poor stitching the Jumpsuits were designed to fail within six months.
There was also a very small control group who were shown not to have any issues with their body and walked around with pride.
Things have started getting pretty real, pretty quickly, in the augmented reality world of Pokemon GO. First, we saw an Australian police station who had something of an Assault on Precinct 13 issue, with – presumably large, since they felt a need to issue a statement – numbers of budding Pokemon Go trainers coming inside the station, the location of a Pokestop.

Now things have a touch of the Stephen King about them as a young Pokemon Go player finds a dead body in the river near her home in Wyoming, after being instructed by the game to find a Pokemon in a water source. The local police department don’t believe there has been any foul play, and he body is as a result of accidental drowning. Tom has wielded an assortment of weaponry over the years; from simple crowbars and standard-issue pistols, to legendary swords and something called a BFG 9000. Pokemon Sun and Moon is ringing in the changes with Alola types, but the bizarre new Exeggutor is possibly a step too far. Since Pokemon Go started its gradual release upon the world, one word that has constantly crept up has been “nostalgia”.
Here's 10 places you really shouldn't play Pokemon GO, for reasons of safety, decency, and generally not being a jerk to those around you. Yet they are neither bound to fresh or salt waters as they are now fully amphibious and adaptable, able to breath in most any waters as well as toxic, even radioative, polluted air. They lurk just beyond the shore and lunge unexpectedly but after an initial burst of speed, they are slow and comparatively clumsy on land.
Even some relatively deep sea fishing crews have reported barely escaping death by cutting away their own fishing nets or anchor cables befor Mars Scorpions could climb on board their ships to wreak havock. These models are seen patrolling the borders of the Mojave or key points not too far from the strip (Such as the Lucky 38 pump system, the power station, and Hoover Dam).There are very rarely more than one patrolling the Strip at any given time.
Gustav Albrecht and Jennifer Redwood had teamed up to finish it, but just before the AI was fully stable, there were "complications" between the two developpers. At point blank range, they will deploy "Crowd Control" (bean bag ammo split accross 4 barrels in the front and back, similar to James Roy).

All that is known about them is they appeared right around the time the nukes exploded in there silos in the divide. That is why Mars Scorpions first attack with their claws, hoping to score a critical hit that might hold their victem just long enough to negate some agility based damage resistance and allow them a bonus to hit with their poisonous stinger.
As a result, Jennifer went back to the Mojave and sold the AI protocols to Timothy Wellington.
The only way to have got a place in Vault 70 was to pass a personality test, although everyone was told this was to "make sure they didn't suffer from any early signs or claustrophobia, paranoia or other cognative problems that could place themselves or fellow dwellers in danger" the true aim of the test was to make sure that most dwellers suffered insecurities about thier body so they would react more to the clothing issue. Timothy or the rest of his crew can also remote control one of them using the lucky 38 mainframe. Unless directly controlled by the Lucky 38 mainframe or if their drivers bug out, they will never use it.
Although called a "sea scorpion", it's now belived they were fresh water dwellers and this is where differences begin. Longer Ranges permit the robot to use An anti-materiel Rifle hidden by their left shoulder panel. Instead, the nukes can be detonated if the securitron is defeated, offering one last big hit to the enemies.

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