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In this non-stop extreme survival journey, ten teams of two will be tested beyond their wildest imaginations as they venture into the some of the most unforgiving and dramatic landscapes of New Zealand's South Island. Ryan Gwin, 24Resides: Mobile, AlabamaRyan’s father taught him to hunt and fish at a young age. Madeline Mitchell, 24Resides: Mobile, AlabamaThis all-star cheerleader, competitive pageant queen and avid athlete was told she may never walk again following a car accident. Donna Nettles Jackson, 51Resides: Fairhope, AlabamaDonna grew up in a family of four siblings and enjoyed a very privileged life. Canden Bliss Jackson, 23Resides: Los Angeles, CaliforniaCanden grew up in a small Alabama town where she soon discovered a passion for horses and softball.
Austin Vach, 24Resides: Maple Valley, WashingtonAustin is the fourth of five children and grew up in a very active household.
Jim Vach, 61Resides: Maple Valley, WashingtonJim worked as a postal inspector for nearly 29 years where he investigated the largest sweepstakes fraud case in the United States, the two largest mortgage frauds in the history of Washington, and served for seven years on the Seattle Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Joint Terrorism Task Force. Wilson Sheppard, 40Resides: Altadena, CaliforniaWilson was introduced to hunting and fishing as a young boy. Robin Sheppard, 36Resides: Altadena, CaliforniaRobin was very active in band and cheerleading throughout high school and graduated as president of her high school.
Andrew “Lucky” Larson, 58Resides: Stillman Valley, IllinoisLucky was born on Friday the 13th, hence the nickname. Spencer Hill, 35Resides: Los Angeles, CaliforniaGrowing up, Spencer played tennis, basketball and football.
Alicia Berkwitt, 28Resides: Marina del Rey, CaliforniaGrowing up was difficult for Alicia, whose parents divorced when she was 17. Royce Wadsworth, 25Resides: West Hollywood, CaliforniaRoyce grew up as a competitive gymnast, and was very athletic in high school. Kyle Krieger, 29Resides: West Hollywood, CaliforniaKyle grew up playing soccer but as his sister’s athleticism began to shine, Kyle felt very alone. Vanessa Vazquez, 23Resides: Chicago, IllinoisVanessa grew up in a low-income household where money was very tight, but the family bond was strong. Erica Franklin, 24Resides: Chicago, IllinoisErica was constantly compared to her older sister growing up.
Dominic Depierro, 26Resides: Miami Beach, FloridaDominic spent all his time in the kitchen with his parents carrying on Greek and Italian traditions and learned how to cook at a very early age.
Over two years ago, an informed source contacted The Wildcat Sanctuary having seen firsthand how the latest Obie cub (whose real name is Lilly) was being treated. Though Julie has been involved in animal rescue most of her life, she’s spent the past decade specializing in advocacy for captive wild cats.
Discovery Channel is the flagship channel in Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific’s portfolio of entertainment brands, providing 24 hours of high quality documentaries that offer viewers universal insights into the inner workings of the real world. World-renowned survival expert Bear Grylls will take on the role of host, judge, and mentor over eight weeks, during which the contestants will compete in MAN VS. He played football and ran track in high school and now works for Chevron, where he is a technical analyst. She was in a wheelchair for three months, but went on to be named Miss Alabama then runner-up for Miss USA.
To appease her female family members, she agreed to compete in the Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant in 2007 and won.

While in school, he started his own business and was able to graduate college debt free by building websites for local nonprofits.
He retired in 2007 and has since worked as a fraud analyst with the Postal Inspection Service. Both of Robin’s parents passed away right after retiring and never fulfilled their desire to travel, which inspired Robin and Wilson to travel as often as they can. Growing up in rural Illinois, much of his time was spent driving tractors, milking cows and riding horses. He has lived in Los Angeles for 12 years, working as a bartender and recently started his own clothing line. She moved to Southern California when she was 20 and started building her hair extensions business. He works as a telecommunications field technician and met his best friend and teammate, Jeff, through video games. An overachiever, Royce was also the drum major of the marching band, class president and co-valedictorian.
Struggling to feel comfortable with his sexuality and living his sister’s shadow, he turned to drugs and alcohol. She is the youngest of six children and the only girl, and knows how to hold her own among the boys. She never felt like her own person until people took notice of her when she sang in her high school talent show. Which contestants run out of steam?EPISODE 3: LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND  3 FebruaryBear drops the contestants off in the middle of a bay where they must display their swimming prowess by swimming back to shore. We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. Gold Rush 6This season, on GOLD RUSH, three generations of Hoffman men are finally set up to strike it rich. Discovery Channel is available in Southeast Asia in the following markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. He thinks this experience will not only make him and his fiancee a stronger couple, but will also allow them to be tested beyond their limits. She currently teaches third grade and believes that with both her and her fiance’s abilities and different talents, they will be undefeated.
She hopes to push herself beyond what is comfortable, to grow along with her daughter Canden, make her family proud and prove to the world that “50 can still kick a**!” Donna lives with her husband, Steve, a former National Football League football player, as well as her son who works as a fashion consultant. He is currently single, living at home with his parents and working full-time as a technical accounting manager at Microsoft, while saving up for a house of his own. Jim feels that the experience and mental toughness that he and Austin share will give them an advantage in the competition. Robin sees this opportunity as a way to increase her communication skills with Wilson and to sharpen her leadership and survival skills in corporate America. Lucky and Louie have been on several outdoor adventures together and she hopes this experience will allow them to grow their mutual respect. As he gets older, he definitely wants to get married and have a family. Spencer views the competition as an opportunity to test to his relationship with Alicia and as a chance for them to get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
A natural leader, Jeff hopes to put the pair’s teamwork to the test and accomplish something bigger than anything they have ever dreamed of.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys a variety of outdoor activities that include long-boarding, golfing, hiking and snowboarding. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, and now works in finance and human resources in the movie production industry. During college, he came out to his friends and family as gay, allowing him to feel supported and tackle his addiction.
Adventure and relationship building are the reasons she looks forward to this wonderful opportunity. Canden craves adventure and believes she can do well on the show, considering her high-level athletic ability as well as strong will and character.
Austin did not get the same interaction with his dad, Jim, that his older brothers received and he hopes this experience will help create more bonding opportunities. As a rugged outdoorsman, Lucky always assumed he would have sons and treated his daughters as if they were boys. He hopes that this experience will give Louie more confidence in herself.
She hopes this opportunity will let her see him in extreme situations because she wants to see how he reacts under pressure.
He says this endeavour will be something that he and Jeff can look back on and reminisce when they are older.
In his spare time he is involved with beach volleyball, snowboarding, lifting weights and is currently training for a half-ironman triathlon.
Kyle has been clean and sober for six years and is a hairstylist at a top Beverly Hills salon. She is ready to grow and evolve alongside best friend Erica, and is excited to test themselves as well as their friendship.
She is ready to test her bond with Vanessa and, if they can make it, come out stronger on the other side.
He hopes this opportunity will allow their relationship to get to the next level in a way that Esmeralda could finally trust Dominic to take care of her.
The last team standing will walk away with the grand prize of US$500,000.From dense forests and sheer mountain drop-offs, to freezing cold rivers and unforgiving glacier crevasses, the teams will be pushed to their limits. She currently works as an on-air host and is looking forward to spending quality time with her mother and working as a team. Since then, he has operated a sport-fishing boat in Alaska, passenger ferries in Long Beach and private charter yachts in San Pedro. His newfound budding friendship with Royce will either flourish or break during this experience.
In addition to the challenge, hunger sets in, and teams rely on Bear for strength to continue. Traversing nature's fiercest obstacles demands heart-led determination, resourcefulness, and survival spirit.
Which team will prove that they have what it takes to GET OUT ALIVE WITH BEAR GRYLLS? Follow Discovery Channel on Facebook for more updates.

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