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Nel corso del Treehouse tenutosi oggi all’E3 2016, Nintendo ha finalmente alzato il velo di mistero che circondava il nuovo capitolo di The Legend of Zelda, che ricordiamo in uscita il prossimo marzo 2017 su Nintendo Wii U e Nintendo NX. Takashi Tezuka, produttore di Mario Maker per Wii U, ha parlato delle nuove funzionalita con NZGamer. Novita per Sonic The Hedgehog durante uno streaming E3 di SEGAE3 2016: Yungoos, avvistato un nuovo Pokemon!
Comunque rivedendo il gameplay, mi sta piacendo maggiormente, rispetto al trailer iniziale.
Hai ragione, non avevo visto con attenzione la spada, a primo impatto mi sembrava sporca di terra, riguardando con calma il trailer, invece, e ricoperta di ruggine e cade a pezzi. Come scritto sopra a Franz, non ci avevo pensato perche ho visto di fretta solo il trailer (non notando le reali condizioni della master sword). Per me o e della timeline che dici tu (visto che arrivera pure Link Lupo) o e quella che dovrebbe chiudersi con Zelda II (si potrebbe ipotizzare la sconfitta di Link e la resurrezione di Ganondorf col rituale che prevedeva l’utlizzo del sangue di Link [e Zelda era KO gia ad inizio avventura quindi nessuno ha protetto Hyrule]). A me e piaciuto, il mio hype e fuori parametro (e mi ero curato dal non montarne tanto), il gioco appare PIU BELLO CHE MAI, sia graficamente, sia a livello di gameplay e ambientazione.
Beh no, fa molto cavaliere medievale onestamente, il design e abbastanza pulito anche se fantasy con gli spallacci. Comunque, a guardare lo steam, le performance non sono ancora un granche, soffre un po’ la Wii U. Ho notato anche io cali di framerate (sono orientato a quelli piu che a frameskip perche e successo solo in punti specifici), soprattutto nello stream seguente al trailer, in punti molto alti con ampia visibilita in ogni direzione. Quando viene usata, il significato comunemente accettato e quello legato al dettaglio degli oggetti del mondo in base alla distanza dal protagonista.
Ogni oggetto in un mondo di gioco ha un certo dettaglio e deve essere calcolato e renderizzato.Per evitare inutili carichi di lavoro, ogni oggetto ha diversi livelli di dettaglio che cambiano in base alla distanza. Spesso capita che invece di diminuire sempre il livello di dettaglio, l’oggetto viene proprio rimosso dal gioco e si carica solo quando il giocatore e estremamente vicino.
In the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil live tribes who have no contact with the outside world.
Their decision not to maintain contact with other tribes and outsiders is almost certainly a result of previous disastrous encounters and the ongoing invasion and destruction of their forest home.
For example, the uncontacted groups living in the state of Acre are probably survivors of the rubber boom, when many Indians were enslaved.
Stranger in the ForestFirst Contact in the Amazon: Tribes of Brazil recall their experiences of contact and the dangers that followed. Some, like the uncontacted Awa, are nomadic hunter gatherers constantly on the move, able to build a home within hours and abandon it days later.
Others are more settled, living in communal houses and planting manioc and other crops in forest clearings as well as hunting and fishing. However, other uncontacted groups are teetering on the edge of extinction with no more than a handful of individuals left. These tiny fragmented groups living mainly in Rondonia, Mato Grosso and Maranhao states are the survivors of brutal land grabs when they were targeted and murdered by loggers, ranchers, and others.
Today they are still deliberately hunted down and their forests homes are being rapidly destroyed. Mega dam and road building projects, part of the government’s ‘accelerated growth programme’, pose huge threats. The Jirau and Santo Antonio dams being built on the Madeira river are very near to several groups of uncontacted Indians.
A recent report says that some of them are abandoning their land due to the noise and pollution from the construction sites. All are extremely vulnerable to diseases like flu or the common cold transmitted by outsiders and to which they have no resistance: good reasons to avoid contact. The uncontacted peoples of Brazil must be protected and their land rights recognised before they, along with the forests they depend on, vanish forever.
There are tribes all over the world who have decided to remain isolated from national society or even other indigenous peoples. Since 1987, FUNAI has had a department dedicated to uncontacted Indians, whose policy is to make contact only in cases where their immediate survival is at risk.
They will only survive if their land, which they have a right to under international and national law, is protected.
Contact should only happen when and where isolated peoples decide that they are ready for it. These very isolated peoples have not built up immunity to diseases common elsewhere, which is why they are so vulnerable.
It is not unusual for 50% of a tribe to be wiped out within a year of first contact, by diseases such as measles and influenza. The Matis population fell by half following contact, when both young and old, including most of the shamans, died from introduced diseases. Conflict and violent clashes are one of the most common outcomes of economic activity in areas where uncontacted people live. The last five surviving Akuntsu suffered brutal attacks, witnessed the massacre of their companions and saw their homes bulldozed by ranchers.
It is believed that this lone man is the last survivor of his people, who were probably massacred by cattle ranchers occupying the region of Tanaru in Rondonia state.
He is sometimes known only as ‘the Man of the Hole’ because of the big holes he digs either to trap animals or to hide in. In 1998 two Piripkura men, Mande-i and Tucan, walked out of the forest of their own accord. During the short time he spent in hospital he talked about how in the recent past his people were more numerous and described how they had been massacred by white people, and how he and his sole companion moved through the forest hunting, fishing and gathering. FUNAI has signed a temporary order forbidding anyone to enter the Piripkura’s land without permission and banning all economic activities there. It is believed they stopped having children because they are constantly fleeing loggers and other intruders. As they are always on the move, they cannot cultivate and must rely solely on hunting and fishing. Their land has not yet been protected and therefore their survival as a people is at great risk.

In an unexpected move, a federal prosecutor has launched an investigation into the genocide of these Kawahiva.
Evidence suggests that loggers are deliberately targeting them forcing them to abandon their houses and keep on the run. On the border of Brazil and Peru, the Javari valley is home to seven contacted peoples and about seven uncontacted Indian groups, one of the largest concentrations of isolated peoples in Brazil.
Korubo mother and child in the Javari Valley around the time of first contact in the mid nineties, Brazil. One group, the Korubo are known in the area as ‘caceteiros’ or ‘clubmen’ because of the large clubs they use to protect themselves. In 1996 FUNAI made contact with a group of 30 Korubo who had split off from the main group, which remains uncontacted and repeatedly avoids contact with surrounding groups. Lethal diseases caught from outsiders are affecting contacted groups in the territory and there are fears these could be transmitted to uncontacted groups with tragic consequences. We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. Pugliese first met the Awa in 2009, after a journalist friend suggested he accompany him and anA anthropologistA on the two-day journey down the river to then unprotected piece of rainforest the tribe called home.'They heard the sound of the speedboat's engine and they came down to the river bank,' he recalled. Isolated: In an uprising after centuries of oppression, in 1835, around 100,000 indigenous people were killed.
What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? The small purple-black fruits of the elderberry plant are an amazing source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and anti-oxidants. Every July I harvest several pounds of elderberries for making jelly and an immune boosting syrup. Mid-September, when the air begins to get crisper, is usually when I start making batches of immune boosting elderberry syrup. Pour the elderberries, rose hips, echinacea, ginger root, and cinnamon sticks into a medium stainless steel pot. Once the mixture has cooked down, strain the herbs from the liquid using a mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Making your own elderberry syrup is so much cheaper than buying bottles of Sambucus at the health food store. I'm a homeschooling, homesteading mama of four, doing everything I can to help my family live more self-sufficiently on our one country acre here in the Bible Belt South. I have been using elderberry syrup for many years but I never thought of adding all those other things. I don’t know of a really good substitute for cinnamon that would taste as good with the elderberries.
Below are three amazing, but unusual, animal friendships formed between orphaned animals and their childhood companions. Today they spend their time playing, swimming and walking together, and are almost inseparable. Africa Geographic publishes a premier online magazine and blog for our sophisticated international audience.
We offer powerful, cost-effective advertising and social media activation campaigns across all devices and screen sizes to brands, agencies and the travel trade.
The core game mode sees players fight in an every man for themselves battle, each time a player in the arena dies the sky lights up and shows a portrait of them to signify another challenger has died.
A me ha fatto schifo, il mio hype e stato disintegrato (e mi ero curato dal non montarne tanto), il gioco appare PIU BRUTTO CHE MAI, sia graficamente, sia a livello di gameplay e ambientazione. Ero molto molto molto ottimista, ma il mio ottimismo si e spatasciato contro il muro della realta. Strapreferisco uno Zelda cosi, pieno di stile e personalita, che a uno scialbo videorealismo o presunto tale.
Poligonalmente mi pare deboluccio, le texture ambientali non mi sono parse particolarmente definite ma col cell shading son sempre da prendere con le pinze perche vengono facilmente distrutte dalla compressione video. Ho visto che sono molto aggressivi per le minuzie (tipo 5 metri) ma molte siluetthe appaiono lo stesso, bisogna lavorarci un pochino, ma ci sta, mancano ancora mesi. Non e un termine propriamente corretto, ma sono 3 lettere ed oramai si usa nella parlata videoludica. Inoltre potrebbe averti dato questo impatto l’assenza di una tuta verde o di una master sword in mano a Link(?).
Cioe ok il video epico, a sorpresa direi, ma caspita io non ho il tempo di stare ore a farmi dei pippotti su twitch perche ho una casa da mandare avanti, non si poteva fare un bel evento ad un orario definito e POI farsi tutti i pippotti in diretta? There are thought to be at least 100 isolated groups in this rainforest, according to the government’s Indian affairs department FUNAI. What we do know is that they wish to remain uncontacted: they have shot arrows at outsiders and airplanes, or they simply avoid contact by hiding deep in the forest. Here they live in relative tranquility in several demarcated territories which are largely untouched.
Karapiru an Awa man survived an attack by gunmen and lived on his own for ten years hiding in the forest until he finally made contact with some colonists and now lives with other Awa.
Most are already known about and however isolated, all constantly adapt to their changing circumstances. Instead, FUNAI seeks to demarcate and protect their land from invaders with its protection posts. They should be allowed to live in peace, free from fear of extermination and disastrous contact. But Mande-i and Tucan are in great danger as their land is constantly invaded by illegal loggers who are blocking their forest trails to prevent them from hunting.
But unless the government takes urgent action to map out and sign their land into law now, the last known Piripkura survivors may disappear for ever. Their forests are constantly being invaded by loggers many of whom operate out of Colniza, one of Brazil’s most violent frontier towns in one of the most deforested regions in the Amazon.
Located on the border of Brazil and Peru, the Javari Valley is home to seven contacted peoples and about seven uncontacted Indian groups, one of the largest concentrations of isolated peoples in Brazil. The remaining population live in a tiny jungle home near Barra do CordaThe Awa were forced to adopt a nomadic lifestyle to escape the genocide.

They have very strong immune boosting properties, and have proven to be effective at reducing the length and severity of colds and flu. If I can’t cook them right away, I stick them straight into a freezer bag to store until I have time to process the berries. The syrup is basically an infusion of berries and strong medicinal herbs, sweetened with honey.
When we’re sick I usually double or triple that, taking a tsp at mealtime throughout the day.
Although my husband and I grew up as city kids, in 2008 we started feeling the urge to begin pulling ourselves out of the "system" and learning how to provide for our most basic needs.
I know it can be stored, but if I ran out do you know of something native to the US that could be used as a substitute and work just as well?
Species stick to their own kind, carnivores hunt to eat, and some wild animals have a vicious streak in them that is vital for their survival in the wild.
Chobe comes over to the family property at Tshukudu Game Reserve in Limpopo, and gently roughs up her playmate on a regular basis. Baloo, the American black bear, Leo, the African lion, and Shere Khan, the Bengal tiger met under very sad circumstances. When observing the bear, tiger and lion, there is no doubt that they love each other like family. At three-years-old, she was taken in by the Myrtle Beach Safari Centre for Endangered Animals. I am fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time travelling all over the world and also some of Southern Africa.
I was on a visit to Bloemfontein four years ago and at Cheetah Experience, there was a dog playing around with Cheetahs. Il gioco visivamente e peggiore di quanto mai visto, nel trailer si vede un aliasing terrificante, pop up, e il velo di nebbia che hanno messo OVUNQUE non riesce a mascherare i palesi problemi del titolo.
Qui a quanto vedo puoi scrutare molto, molto lontano senza che si perda la capacita di riconoscere i punti di riferimento (data magari dall’eccessiva semplificazione poligonale di zone e strutture lontane che perdono cosi cio che le distingue dal resto), cosa che apprezzo sempre.
Infine nel trailer a me sembra che abbiano voluto mostrare solo le novita aggiunte, aliene ai precedenti Zelda (cacciare e… cucinare funghi XD) , quindi credo sia normale sentirsi un attimo spaesati.
I ordered two varieties from an online nursery, which quickly grew into lovely small trees. Elderberries also make great juice, wine, vinegar, dressings, and shrubs (the drink, not the plant).
Bring almost to a boil, then turn the heat to med-low and simmer uncovered for about 30 min, or until the liquid is reduced by half. However, when taken out of their natural habitat and separated from their family at a  young age, wild animals can sometimes change their nature. They eat, sleep, play and groom each other affectionately all day long. Apart from Leo’s scar, they are now all healthy and happy.
Bella was just a puppy when she was also abandoned at the centre by her owner, who was building a pool for Bubbles.
Currently I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cape Town, and I'm enjoying every moment of being here. Players are also able to create their own tribe for the game that others can join, each tribe member (and tamed creatures) carrying the tribe flag so they can be easily recognised. Mano a mano che mi avvicino, ecco che passa ad un modello sempre piu dettagliato, cosi che quando ci sono vicino c’e il massimo dettaglio. Since then, contact has been re-established with three members of the tribe, but no one knows if there are any more survivors. Now that I know what the plant, the flowers, and the fruits look like in their various stages of growth, I notice elderberries along highways, at the edges of overgrown fields, and in roadside ditches… they’re everywhere!
In fact, they can form a family bond so strong that nothing seems out of the ordinary, even if it looks that way! Then, when Chobe was old enough, the sad but exciting day came to release her back into the wild. Only a few months old, they were discovered by police in a drug lord’s basement; terribly neglected and malnourished. The deep bond formed as cubs has grown into a strong, but unlikely, brotherhood between the three animals. All characters start at level 1 and will level up throughout the match by building, killing creatures and of course eliminating players, which in turn levels them up and allows them to place points into different attributes such as crafting, health, stamina and more. DINOSAURS The island is littered with dinosaurs, from small spitter type dinosaurs that can temporary blind you with their attacks, huge passive herbivores, and deadly “Carno” carnivorous dinosaurs like the T-Rex. Around 60 of them have never had any contact with the outside world.Almost all of them were wiped out by diseases including smallpox, measles and flu imported by the colonists.
There is fire everywhere and it is very close to our communities.A 'We need the government to help us. I've been sharing about it all on my website, New Life on a Homestead, and am excited to bring the preparedness aspect of this lifestyle to all of you here as well!
Leo had a wound on his nose from being confined in a small crate, and Baloo underwent surgery to remove a harness which his skin had started grow over because it had not been adjusted as he grew. Dinosaurs are the primary source of hide materials for making armor, as well as a source of meat to keep your character fed, more importantly they can be tamed to server as your own mount or companion battle pet! ENVIRONMENT Players aren’t only battling against each other; they have to survive the arena itself. During Baloo’s surgery, Leo and Shere Khan paced and vocalised their distress at being separated from their friend. Whether being out under the burning hot sun, or caught in freezing waters, combatants will need to create shelter for themselves, campfires to keep warm and cook food. However, much to Prince’s delight, she never forgot him, and she still finds time in her busy schedule to regularly pop in and play with her old pal.
At the start of each battle players are dropped into the main arena starting location, naked and without any items, a distance away are dozens of starter packages that players can try and run to and collect first, giving them all manner of tools, weapons, armor and other things they will need to survive.
Doctors figured out what we were doing, checked it out, now its standard fair in the homes for the aged.

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