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While we are still waiting for our first Chipotle in Jupiter, FL (Steve Ells are you listening?), I ate at the Chipotles in Orlando very frequently when I was in college. Chipotle isn’t exactly a Paleo dining experience, but I’ve always been amazed how you can literally taste the freshness there.
Every time two Chipotle restaurants open, another farmer whose pigs are naturally raised can join the Niman Ranch network and become a supplier to the chain. They have plans to build their own dairy cooperative in order to get cheese and sour cream from pasture raised cows. All cilantro is locally grown, 40% of all their beans are organically grown, and they shoot for 10% of their avocados to be organic. They are also undergoing a project with Good Shepherd Poultry Range to resurrect heritage breeds of chicken that can survive on pastures. This is not a non-profit trying to save the rainforests, this is a publicly traded company that must produce growing profits quarter after quarter in order to please investors.
Just five years ago, there were very few “farmer’s markets” and the ones you could find had exorbitant prices on their foods. As we demand more organic fruits and vegetables, they will not only become easier to access but cheaper as well (not taking into account the U.S. Although not optimal in a Paleo diet, if you’re going to eat out, eat at restaurants that truly care about their ingredients.
And as always, we love seeing your “paleo-fied recipes” of restaurant meals cooked at home. Here’s the one and only piece of marketing I’ve ever seen from Chipotle and its message is truly awesome and inspiring.
The Bulletproof Diet: How to Upgrade Paleo and Eat More Chocolate, Butter, and Coffee Everyday!
Did you know Victorians toss the equivalent of one in every five bags of groceries they buy?

These wriggly, squiggly munching machines will ingest most kitchen scraps (but avoid meat, dairy, citrus fruit and onion), and provide you with an amazing fertiliser and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
There are many suitable containers for keeping worms, from ready made farms to basic wooden boxes or plastic stackable ones.
The most common composting worms are Indian Blues, Red Wrigglers and Tigers and you will find them at most garden centres typically being sold as ‘composting worms’. In a couple of weeks, worm “castings” will collect in the bottom of the top box, making a terrific fertiliser.
I do think Chipotle makes one hell of a cheat meal and a great alternative to most fast food choices. Chipotle doesn’t spend on slick marketing to kids, instead it reinvests in the quality of its ingredients. When Chipotle started there were only about 50 to 60 of these farmers, now there is between 600 and 700.
They search for the lowest bids on ingredients, regardless of where they actually come from.
They already don’t use cows with any synthetic hormones and 30% of their cows are pasture raised.
An industry that has spent more money fighting off government regulation, then actually enforcing their own safe and healthy practices. And despite higher food costs than traditional fast food stores, they still operated at an amazing 25.9% margin.
For those of you out there who were not Economics Majors, it simply means, the more something is in demand and the more it is produced, the more the per unit cost will go down. Now with higher demand for organic vegetables and fruits, there are more markets available with lower prices for foods. Check out my brother’s latest Zinger-esque recipe that will remind you of the Ale House staple.

It’s not like you can flip a switch and have 100% free-ranging beef, and chicken, and pork on the menu at every restaurant in the United States. Good job by the marketing deparment i guess because SHITpotle isnt even real mexican food and its a shame that you fat american fucks think it is, im happy there arent any of those restaurants here in Canada. Jimmy Moore is being a whiner about this issue (coconut oil), which, if he had his way, would cause prices – and calories in the food – to rise prohibitively. Instead of throwing away your waste that will end up in landfill, why not consider starting your own worm farm?
Chop up everything beforehand and feed your worms only small amounts as needed once or twice a week.
If you start getting headaches or feel nauseated, cut back on the water intake during the day.  People who are sick, have fragile  health, the elderly and people who are very acidic may have to take it very slow. Dilute the “leachate” until it looks like weak ‘tea’, one part leachate to eight parts water in a nine litre watering can. Cost may not matter to someone spending $5.00 a day on glucose testing strips, but it does to the average consumer. Somehow the soybean industry convinced us that saturated fat is deadly and trans fats are much better for us, which is completely false and not debatable.
Every now and then you can collect worm “castings” from the top bin and scatter a walnut size ball into your pots where it acts as an excellent fertiliser.

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