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As a group, pancreatic cancers come with a very low survival rate — 75 percent of patients die less than a year after diagnosis, and 94 percent die within five years, according to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PCAN), an organization in Manhattan Beach, Calif., that champions research and patient and family support. The cancer often escapes early detection because patients display few warning signs that anything is wrong. Only 8 percent of cases are diagnosed before the cancer has spread beyond the pancreas, according to the National Cancer Institute.
On top of being hard to detect, pancreatic cancer is very resistant to chemotherapy treatments, Duff said.

The best treatment option is surgery to remove the tumor, Duff said, but only 15 percent of patients have their pancreatic cancer detected in time for surgery. For this reason, the PCAN recommends that patients with pancreatic cancer consider participating in clinical trials testing new treatments.
When patients do experience symptoms, they are often vague aches and pains, such as indigestion or back pain, that can be attributed to other ailments.
And there are only three chemotherapy drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat it.

And unlike for breast cancer or prostate cancer, there are no screening tools available for pancreatic cancer, she said.

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