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First aid kits are required by law to be kept in the workplace and on commercial passenger vehicles. The size of the first aid kit depends on where it is being used and how many people it potentially needs to service. A first aid kit itself may be made from any number of materials and in different shapes and sizes. People may choose to create their own first aid kits by finding a special container and filling it with supplies already on hand, then filling in with a few additional purchased items. Whatever the container, a first aid kit should be clearly marked as such and, ideally, placed in a easily accessed (preferably highly visible) location.
Every first aid kit differs in what it holds, from the smallest pocket-size kits to the largest industrial kits. Another helpful item to include in the kit is a booklet that details a variety of first aid procedures. Even though many people review these techniques in first aid training at various times, panic situations can cause people to become nervous and forget exactly what needs to be done. In general, first aid kits are available at mass-merchandise retailers such as drug stores, grocery stores, discount stores, pharmacies, bargain stores, and convenience stores. Because first aid kits are listed in many different categories on eBay, the easiest way to find them is to do a keyword search from the homepage. Nobody should be without at least one fully stocked first aid kit in their home, and having a second one in a personal vehicle is ideal.
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First aid may be required in a number of different situations: natural disasters, accidents, attacks, animal bites and stings, and acute illness. At home, the kit needs only to provide enough supplies to treat a family and possibly a few guests. The biggest kits are designed to help many people with a variety of injuries and ailments, whereas smaller ones may be suitable for a classroom or family.

It is up to the individual to determine which items are most important and what situations could possibly be encountered where the kit is located. However, first aid kits are also available at a variety of specialty retailers, depending on the usage of the kit. A first aid kit can make anyone with a wound or injury more comfortable, and in certain circumstances, prompt and appropriate first aid can save a life or a limb. Prompt and appropriate medical treatment for wounds, injuries, and sickness can reduce the chance of complications and permanent effects. A first aid kit should always be taken on outdoor excursions, such as camping trips, hiking trips, and picnics. In the workplace, a first aid kit should have enough contents for an entire department or floor. At home, a first aid kit can be kept under a bathroom sink, on the floor of a linen closet, in a bathroom or kitchen drawer, or on a wall hook placed low. Include 911 for emergency services, the number for poison control (1-800-222-1222), family doctors, dentists, relatives, friends, and neighbors. The following chart gives a list of the most popular items included in first aid kits; shoppers can decide which of these supplies are preferable to have on hand, either when looking for a pre-stocked kit, individual products to refill a used kit, or items for creating a custom first aid kit from scratch.
It is a good idea to create an inventory sheet for the first aid kit to be used when restocking.
For example, first aid kits for offices or school and passenger buses are generally available from industrial suppliers. You will see that the kits show up in categories from health to sporting goods to automotive, to name just a few.
Good medical care cannot be provided without the right tools and supplies, which is why every home, building, and vehicle should have at least one kit.
Most wall-mounted first aid centers are metal, whereas portable kits are generally made of plastic. Always keep the first aid kit in the same place; moving it can mean lost seconds which, in the world of first aid, are critical.

Also include business (non-emergency) numbers for the police department and an ambulance service.
Items can be checked off in pencil as they are used and then erased as the supplies are replaced in the container. First aid kits for personal vehicles can be found at automotive parts stores as well as the usual venues.
You can also make your own first aid kit by purchasing a watertight plastic container and filling it with the supplies of your choosing. You can visit each category to see what is available, or you can just go to the category that fits your needs. The contents vary from a few adhesive bandages and some gauze and tape to full-blown medical kits with CPR masks and space blankets. Choosing a first aid kit is a matter of determining the intended use; this determines the size needed. Kits for outdoor activities may be found at sporting goods stores, camping and backpacking stores, and survival outfitters. The choice of size of the first aid kit as well as what goes in it depends on the situation in which the kit might potentially be used.
Most basic first aid kits are listed in the health category under the first aid subcategory. The more people the kit could possibly be used to treat, the more supplies are needed and the wider the variety needed.
Nobody can be fully prepared for any situation, but having a good basic first aid kit on hand can make a significant difference in how well these situations are handled.

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