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Most of us keep a basic first aid kit for people in our homes and possibly our cars, close at hand and easy to find and get to in case of any emergencies or minor bumps and accidents.
It is always best to be prepared, and keeping a canine first aid kit alongside of your regular first aid kit is a great idea for all dog owners.
First of all, you will need a suitable container to house your first aid equipment, which can consist of anything from a large Tupperware box to a specially designed first aid kit bag or case.
A simple reference guide to canine first aid and accident management is a great place to start, as this will provide you with an at a glance guide to most of the minor problems and accidents that you might face.
Alongside of the book, keep a list of the phone numbers and contact details for your local vets- both the vet that your dog is registered with, and if possible, the details for an alternative practice in case for any reason your own vet is unobtainable in an emergency. You may also wish to keep your pet’s veterinary records and vaccination papers in your first aid kit as well.
Keep several pairs of latex gloves (or latex free for allergy sufferers, either canine or human) within easy reach in your kit. A tick twister tool is useful to have, to quickly remove any ticks that your dog might acquire when out walking. A pair of slanted-edge tweezers are handy for many reasons, including removing splinters and thorns. A packet of cotton wool balls is always handy, although these can shed fibres so should not be used for dressing wounds. A roll of gauze and some gauze-covered pads are essential, to dress wounds and apply dressings with. A gentle but effective dog-safe skin disinfectant and cleanser should be near to the top of your kit for cleaning wounds. A large bore sterile syringe (without a needle) is handy to keep, in order to enable flushing or irrigating wounds or eyes.
A bottle of a good quality antibacterial skin wash such as Chlorohexidine is important, both for washing wounds and cleansing your own hands before and after touching any wounds. A jar of Vaseline or petroleum jelly in order to comfortably use the thermometer on your dog. A small jar of honey (the type of size that is often provided with breakfast in hotels and restaurants) in case of any blood-sugar emergencies. A range of bandages, wound dressings and pads that can be used to stem the flow of blood from wounds while you seek veterinary help. Other useful equipment to keep in your kit can include a torch, a spare lead, a blanket and possibly, even some emergency funds such as a £20 note in case you need to take a taxi to your vets in a hurry. Veterinary surgeons will treat pets as required in an emergency and arrange for payment to be made later in the day or by arrangement, but taxi drivers, unfortunately, will not usually work under this same arrangement!
Once you have your kit made up and ready to use, make sure that you keep it somewhere accessible and easy to find; and that you remember where it is! The pharmacist in me made up a First Aid Kit and supply list for my son which I will put in a plastic box for him to take to the dorm.

Artificial tears drop –  Visene (gets the red out) has ingredients that are not indicated for long-term use and in some cases may not be appropriate at all. I am not a fan of multi ingredient products as they are often combined with other products with same ingredients and can cause problems. Copy of health insurance card in a Ziploc bag (He keeps the original in his wallet and I keep a copy at home. For Athletes: Any product you plan to ingest as a supplement or medication should be cleared by your trainers and coaches. Depending on location in the country, an emergency survival kit might be in order (tornado, earthquake or flood prone areas).  Other types of bad weather usually allow time to prepare (blizzard and hurricane come to mind) so they could assemble necessary items themselves. Gretchen Elliott Sionkiewicz is a graduate of  Salem State University class of 1990 with a B.S.
This is a complete, comprehensive, and cost efficient, health care kit created by a college clinic nurse practitioner and a mother of a current college student. January 30, 2015 by Tiffany Davis 3 Comments A simple DIY Mini First Aid Kit is easy and inexpensive to assemble. For this mini first aid kit I used a soft sided eye glass case that I found at Dollar Tree.
This is not meant to be a survival kit and certainly not an all-encompassing first aid kit. Please know that any advice or information I share on this blog is purely informational and should be implemented at your own discretion. Imperfectly Happy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. These sponsor and affiliate links supplement our one-income household so I can continue to bring you this blog.
In celebration of their 10th anniversary, BBC Radio 6 Music has put together a killer compilation album featuring live recordings from the station's first decade. Melanie Smith is listening to: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage by Panic!
Every household should have a first aid kit to protect you, your family and even others in case of common injuries or emergencies.
While its exact contents should be tailored to your environment and the specific needs of your family, here’s a handy checklist of items you might need, with my recommendations guided by the American Red Cross, the American College of Emergency Physicians and Walgreens.
There are always occasional cuts, scraps and scratches while camping, So always be prepared for camping accidents with a well-stocked first aid kit. It is also a great idea to keep a basic first aid and emergency kit for your dog too, as dogs are just as likely to be prone to minor accidents and the odd scrape! If this seems like a sensible idea to you but you are not sure what should be included within your kit or how to organise it, read on to find out more. It can be easy to underestimate the size of the container that you will need, in order to fit everything into it and make sure that everything in your kit is easy to find in a hurry.

It can be helpful to keep everything together and ensure that if you need to grab the kit in a hurry to accompany your dog to your own vet or a new practice, all of their health data and vaccination history is to hand as well.
Honey is preferable to raw or refined sugar, as it is more easily digestible and gets to work faster.
This can be useful to stem the flow of bleeding if your dog damages a claw, as claws often bleed profusely when injured. Many dog owners will immediately discount this suggestion due to their dog’s usually good natured temperament, but a hurt, frightened dog that is in pain may well lash out or bite, even when faced with someone trying to help them. Hopefully you will never need to use it, but even so, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are prepared for any emergency involving your dog makes is eminently worthwhile.
This list, from a pharmacist and mom, has everything, and we mean EVERYTHING,  they’ll need.
Artificial tears (Genteal, Systane, Blink, Refresh) are recommended by ophthalmologists for dry eyes, but also help for tired eyes as a soothing lubricant.
I did list decongestant, expectorant, antihistamine, and pain relievers separately as the meds taken should only reflect the symptoms they have. We are affiliates and receive a small amount of compensation if you place an order through this link. This Is BBC Radio 6 Music Live will be sold as a two-disc mega-album, featuring artists like Arcade Fire, the Killers, First Aid Kit, Beck, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, the National, Foster The People, Florence and the Machine, The Shins, and more. You also should check to see if there are specific considerations where you’re going – like mosquito and other insect bites, poison ivy, fluctuations in temperature, altitude, etc. Having the tools that you will need readily available to take care of any minor incidents or to take care of your dog while you get help or contact the vet is important, and can help to ensure that you do not waste time searching for equipment or panicking if something untoward should happen. You might find it easier to collect together everything that will include within your first aid kit first, and then later on source a suitable container to hold it all.
Many of the combo products contain acetaminophen and are mistakenly taken along with more acetaminophen and can lead to liver toxicity and overdose. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences class of 1995 with a B.S.
You could use a pencil bag for even more room, even a quality sandwich zipper bag could work in a pinch. And consider taking a first-aid course through the American Red Cross or other certified organization. She is a Registered Pharmacist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1995-present, Certified Immunizer and Diabetes Educator.

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