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Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. I’ve rounded up 40 tips, activities, games and recipes to make camping with kids just as fun as it should be!
The Slingshot as we it them today came about in the late 1800’s when vulcanized rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear. However, in the old days, they were more popular as a hunting weapon because they could and still can shoot just about anything that will fit in the pouch including arrows, due mainly to being a silent weapon that is deadly in the right hands. Slingshots in years past were used to fire lead musket balls, stones, air gun pellets, ball bearings and so on.
The slingshot bands usually have a 40 lb pull, which means the force when using arrows is enough to bring down bigger game. There are 50 lb slingshot bands that can be used with certain models and some call them bear killers, because there are reports of hunters bringing down bear and moose using a sling bow.
Typically, you would use an Archery Release, shown on the left, when using arrows with a slingshot. The pouch would need to have a lanyard to hook the release on to draw back and then release. There is any number of models and styles of Archery Releaser and you can even make your own out of PVC piping or similar plastic or metal material strong enough to hold up under the strain. These type of precision rests need to be fixed to your hunting slingshot as a retrofit accessory if you decide to try hunting with arrows. Be sure to dull any shiny parts that can reflect light day or night. Most can be carried in a large pocket or stuck through the waistband for carrying. Make sure if using steel shot you have them so they do not knock together if stealth is required.
The slingshot has been used by various military units around the world to launch any number of projectiles at enemy forces and when ammunition is low – you can use virtually any object you can find that will fit in the pouch. When in evasion mode you want to make sure you can hunt silently and efficiently without being detected, which again, makes a slingshot the ideal weapon. It can be fired from the standing, sitting, squatting and prone positions, which make this weapon ideal for stalking and stealth in the wild. Hamster colds symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, sniffling, half closed watery eyes, warm bodies, thirst, ears laid back, lack of activity, fatigue, noticeable discharge both from the eyes and the nose( this is why the nose may appear swollen). Severe hamster colds symptoms: lethargy, obvious and noisy sneezing and sniffling, refuse to drink and eat, weight loss, bad looking coat. Place the hamster’s cage into a warm, draft free area, if possible close to a radiator. Clean and disinfect the cage, the water bottles, food dishes and all the toys there are in the hamster’s cage.
Add fresh and dry bedding, even more than usual because now more then ever your hamster needs to feel comfy and warm. He needs strength to overcome the illness, so you can help  him by preparing a mixture of lukewarm milk, water and a bit of honey.
To make sure your hamster gets the warmth he needs, put a heating pad (buy one that is specially for rodents to make sure it’s chew proof). Sometimes hamsters develop allergy to products we use, like aerosols, spray furniture polish, cigarette smoke, perfumes, air fresheners or any products we use for our hygiene or for home decoration. If you keep your hamster in a room where are opened windows or just if your hamster’s luck runs out and encounters with a bee or any other kind of insect, the antihistamine lotion is his lucky charm. You have a crazy hamster that wonder’s around in the cage, buries everything and plays with his toys till you get tired from all of that commotion?
These medicines replace all the beneficial bacteria that are killed when your hamsters is on antibiotics or he simply has a lack of these bacterias.
A mild disinfectant such as Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) is of great help when your hamster’s wound needs to be disinfected.
Are useful to feed hamsters that won’t eat or sick hamsters that can not eat by themselves. You can use it to make a home remedy for your hamster: prepare a solution made with 2 table spoon of table salt and one pint water. When you prepare the first aid kit for your hamster make sure that you have the right scissors: it has to be the one with round edges to prevent any accident when using it on your hamster.

If you are afraid that it might be cold in the room where you keep your hamster, a heated pad will solve the problem.
I find this quite handy especially when I observe a scratch on my hamster or when I accidentally cut his nails too short, because it stops bleeding. I haven’t needed mine, but you never know what your hamster is up to so you should be prepared just in case. This solution that is specifically designed to replace fluids and minerals (electrolytes) that are lost when your hamster has diarrhea with or without vomiting. You might laugh, but there are a lot of cases of hamsters that got stuck between the bars of their cage. You can always add more products to the first aid kit, depending on your hamster needs and health condition. After he wakes up, during playtime and after playtime, the hamster will gladly groom himself.
The hamster is standing up on his back legs with ears up, motionless and staring  at something.
The hamster seen or heard something interesting and he is according it his total attention. Is a small repeated noise and is followed by small or bigger pulses in the hamster’s body. Sneezing could be a sign of illness (allergies, colds or influenza) or maybe the hamster is trying to show to you that the air is too dusty. They’re tough and timeless, and in two-wheel-drive sidecar form, can tackle terrain that few other touring bikes can match. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help. Sticking to these routines will help kids adjust to the flexibility of the rest of the day. Bring along puzzles, books and quiet building toys for lounging in the tent once in a while. 50 ideas to make it easier (and more fun!)10 must have camping supplies5 Beginner Kendama Tricks (and Tips) from Kids Like You! A slingshot regardless of make or model is ideal for turkey, rabbit and squirrel hunting and can be used for self-defense as well.
You can use the pinch method however to draw back the bands but this method is more difficult to draw and launch arrows. Symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, irritated stomach, wheezing,  red feet, hair loss, skin irritation, persistent and frequent itching or dry skin are all  signs that your hamster developed an allergy. In case not, he will most likely have an allergy or even worse, could be suffering from wet tail.
In this case put your hamster on dry food only until you figure at what food is he allergic. I  would be sneezing and have runny nose if I was kept in a cage full of dust (I imagine you would feel the same).
Some studies show that  they have a great impact both in hamsters allergies and respiratory diseases.
If your hamsters has problems breathing or has severe allergy, you have to take it to vet as soon as you can to avoid any future complications.
Make sure that everyone in the house knows where it is and how to properly treat minor wounds.
You should only use what the vet has recommended you and not improvise because hamsters are allergic to most of the medical treatment we have and use.
You have to double check before you apply the lotion that the stinger is removed from your little hamster wound. Sometimes, you can use bandages to splint injured limbs, but only after you make sure that the injury is minor. A pair of latex gloves are ideal to protect yourself and your hamster when cleaning and bandaging a wound. Not buying the thermometer, but actually getting to use it because the hamster will use all his tricks to escape.
The scissors has many purposes: cutting the fur from around the wound, removes knotted fur or cut pieces of bandages.

If you use a bowl instead a hamster water bottle, you will have to use the towels more often because your hamster might end up very wet after a short run in the cage. The hamster is cleaning himself by licking his paws and then rubs his face, ears, fur, the whole body. The hamster is continuously sniffing , moving his whiskers up and down, left and right, everywhere! If the smell  bothers him, the sniffing will transform into sneezing.This will assure you that your hamster is healthy and also curious. I’ve shared my list for 10 must have camping suppliesA and 50 ideas for making camping easier, the tips in the comments are awesome too! At the end of the trip tie up the bag, toss the laundry bag in the car and the trash in the dumpster.
Take your medicines and you will be able to play with your hamster after you get rid of the pesky cold! This is messy for you as you need to clean the cage, but is dangerous for the hamster too as he can easily catch a cold.
Feeling not so great, the hamster would spend almost all the time curled up in a corner of his cage. Give him this home made treatment for a couple of days or so and watch how your hamster reacts to it.
It’s not safe or neither healthy to stuff your hamster with packs of new vegetables and fruits every day. If your hamster was allergy free before you started to feed him with a specific food item, remove that food from his diet because he doesn’t tolerate it. If you have a hunch that the bedding is the one causing the allergy replace it with tissue or toilet paper and see what happens.
Great alternatives to cedar and pine shavings are wood pulp fiber, aspen, eco-straw pellets, recycled newspapers and much more.
Even you can use it to wash your hands after cleaning your hamster wound or just after you’ve handled any kind of injured animal. As you know they come in various sizes so you can get the ones that are best for your hamster’s needs.
You can buy them from the drugstore, supermarket or you could just kindly ask the vet for a pair. You check your hamster fur with it to see if there are any parasites or any other small wounds, check his ears and many other funny and small tasks that need to be completed to ensure your hamster’s health.
As a responsible hamster owner, you have to pay attention to your hamster health and take action at the slightest sign of  illness. If your hamster gets rid of the allergy, you have to get rid of something too…the bedding product. Check the hamster periodically to see if he is chewing off the bandages and if so, replace it to prevent him from licking his wound. This method is very useful especially when you have more hamsters in a cage to see if there are bullies in there, stealing the food from other hamsters. Still, the hamster should have a designated nail clipper and metal nail file, for personal use only. It’s recommended that you bath your hamster only when the vets detects some illness symptoms and a bath is absolutely necessary. There’s an engine skid plate, an auxiliary spotlight and even a winch.There are towing points both front and rear, and a large windshield to protect the rider from the elements.
If, unfortunately, your hamster feels the same or even worse, take him to a vet check and antibiotics treatment. Only 27 of these models will be sold in the US and the price is just $13,999, so you’ll have to contact your nearest Ural dealer quickly if you want one.

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