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Gauze bandages are important for treating wounds too large to be covered by adhesive bandages. Emergency blankets reflect body heat to the body – this is important for preventing or treating hypothermia or shock. These are used for mild allergic reactions to various substances, including insect bites or stings. Scenario: You’re running out at Hill Country State Natural Area training for the Cactus Rose 100. It was hard to tell what brand he was because as soon he bit through your minimalist trail shoe, he disappeared under the sotol. You’re on your own because you like the solitude, you have no cell reception, and you got bitten by a snake? While at least a quarter of snake bites are dry and no venom is injected, and the Cactus Rose belt buckle is particularly nice, go ahead and call it a day and sit down and phone for help. You walk slowly to a clear spot, sit down, pull your phone out of your hydration pack and call the park. Since you don’t know how severe the envenomation is, you must go to the hospital immediately.
The swelling has progressed halfway up your calf when the rangers arrive and carry you down to their ATV. If you do manage to get yourself bitten, (I’m talking to you, you white males in your 20s who are drunk and want to play with snakes.) the symptoms will be different, but the treatment will be the same.
About the authorLiza Howard became addicted to ultra running belt buckles back in 2008 and now runs for New Balance and coaches fellow ultra runners. The rattlesnake pictured looks an awful lot like a Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus), which has venom that neurotoxic as well as hemotoxic.
Some pit vipers especially in west Texas and other areas of the Southwestern US have been know to pierce through some extensive material.

The few rattlers that I have met, even while trail running, have given me good warning to avoid them.
My lab got bitten 7 times in the front legs and chest area by a copper head several years ago. Getting dirty while exploring the trail running and ultramarathon scene in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Adding these is most important if you are creating a first aid kit for your vehicle or for backpacking. You may need to provide first aid during a power outage or when stranded outdoors at night.
If you know you have a severe allergy to an insect or a substance, remember to pack your prescription allergy medicines and, if applicable, your epinephrine injector. Paula Andriano is a Canadian based blogger who enjoys writing about the importance of first aid. You’re on the sotol torture trail near the Three Sisters when your left foot lands on this guy. The venom can cause all sorts of vascular damage and you don’t want to do anything that would reduce blood flow to the affected tissue further. You express your hatred for snakes on the ride to the ranger station where an ambulance is waiting for you.
She also teaches for the Wilderness Medicine Institute and is a field instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School. I knew that I should formulate a plan of somekind, but until I read this article I hadn’t bothered.
Good advice to carry a whistle and cell phone with ranger contact numbers and hopefully, you have cell coverage. I am looking for information for when you are in a situation where no help is available…are you to just lay there and die?

Preferably, your kit will have either a wound spray or sterile fluid to rinse wounds and a disinfecting ointment to apply to a wound after cleaning.
Use a thermometer with disposable tips, or sterilize it after each use by wiping it down with an antiseptic. You’ll receive aid more quickly if your call goes directly to the rangers who have the means and know-how to get to you. They’ll probably just get themselves bitten and it’s not necessary to know exactly what the kind of snake it was. Ranger Niki reminds you that you stepped on the snake and that it was just protecting itself.
I took my chain saw and put a long piece of spark plug cable that I had into the end of the spark plug lead on the chain saw. Whether you are buying a kit or creating your own, there are certain things you should make sure it includes. She starts to tell you how North American snakes are not aggressive (Feel free to send me your “I Was Chased by a Water Moccasin” stories), but sees the look on your face and thinks better of it. A pressure bandage can also be used over a coral snake bite because the venom is a neurotoxin.
But again, you’re wildly unlikely to get bitten by this snake, so I’d focus on remembering the “It’s a snake, don’t touch it” bit. He said that was the best thing I could have done and to just watch for infection, if he developed any I should bring him in for antibiotic shots. He did not develop any infections but after that he was the best snake killing dog I have ever seen.

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