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Identifying yourself to a blind date by putting a rose inside a book may have gone the way of newspaper personals, but next time you meet up with a potential suitor, you can still make an impression with the reading material that you’re oh, so casually browsing.
Does the rule about not bringing your self-published novel still apply if it was a best seller? How exactly Barack Hussein Obama became President of the United States is a bit of a mystery. Just because a figurehead of a person fits the demographic that will fulfill an anticipated moment in history is most certainly not a reason to vote for that person.
Barack Obama has neither the qualifications nor has he implemented the actions that will ever cause history to look at this man as great. It must have been exceedingly difficult for seasoned military veterans who were dealing with the conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan to have to take orders from a Commander in Chief who was such a wimp when it came to understanding military conflict.
These 7 reasons are the best that I have ever read on why or how he is the President of the United States???!!!
Its a good reason why the un named author feels that he wouldn’t want to vote for him, but it hardly is a disqualifier. So why is he not in jail and everybody who helped this crook.they put people in jail and prison for not paying parking tickets and this pos is a traitor. But think very carefully about the book you choose, lest your date continue walking, straight past your table and out the bathroom window.
If you must know, it’s about a time-traveling half-vampire Nazi hunter who changes the course of history and is also great in bed. Oh yes, he did get a majority of votes in both of his runs for the presidency, but that only half explains it. Qualifications are the foundation of what makes a great president, actions by that person then determine if that leader will go down in history as a great president. He is a conniving deceiver at best and at worst, he is a manipulative traitor working to destroy the very fabric of the United States of America.
Obama has no real political qualifications to be President - Obama started out his political career as a community agitator shaking down banks who wouldn't give loans to people who couldn't afford them and somehow connecting that to racism.
Barack Obama has no military experience - While this is not an absolute necessity for the presidency, it most certainly helps the most powerful leader in the world understand the global picture and world threats to freedom.

Obama botched the pullout of Iraq so badly we now have an even greater threat in ISIS which Obama has all but ignored.
The press never vetted Obama like they did every other presidential candidate in history - The main stream media, instead of doing their job and investigating candidates where there are conflicts of interest, has all but ignored any of Obama's qualifications for President and all of his scandals. Palin got the third degree and could not so much as even utter a word without ripping her to shreds for any misstep she made. Sitting under the teaching of a radically un-American preacher for more than 20 years - Jeremiah Wright was Obama's pastor for 20 or more years and he had some of the most radical and anti-American sermons imaginable. Obama won't reveal his college records and no one knows how he really got into Harvard and Columbia - The life of the most powerful man in the world should be an open book so Americans know what they are getting. Obama is not a constitutional scholar - This is one of the biggest lies out there about our traitor president. Obama voter fraud - The fraud that Obama engaged in to become President of the United States, both times, is unprecedented. We can’t do anything without it except whine… if you want to prove something, then PROVE it, dadgummit! You don’t need to be vetted in the public media to meet the constitutional requirements for president. There are many ways in which the argument can be made that America was in something of a decline before Obama took office. LeStourgeon did not delve into is Obama’s muslim heritage, muslim education and muslim sympathies and leanings. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week.
Im using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money. If the cover features more flowing locks than your average Pantene commercial, you probably shouldn’t bring it on a date. I would be willing to bet that more than half the people who actually voted for Obama did so just based on the fact that he was black and that they considered absolutely nothing else when stuffing the ballot box with their irrational decision. His next job was as an Illinois state senator and his next job was to spend 145 days as a US Senator voting "present" or not even showing up to vote on important legislation.

Not only does Obama have no military experience, he has no clue what the purpose of the military is and it could be said by some that he in fact, hates the military. Instead of figuring out if Obama was a good candidate for president, they became a cheerleader for him. NBC and MSNBC championed the cause to destroy Palin's credibility with the American voter as best they could. The pastor was filled with hate and rage and would scream from his pulpit, "God da*n America" and promoted anti-white, and vehemently racist ideals. Barack Obama was never a constitutional scholar despite the lies that liberals like to tell whenever a question of constitutional authority comes up in the Obama administration.
From voter fraud, to ballot fraud (in some districts Obama was not even qualified to be on the ballot and election officials lied and falsified ballots to get his there), to fake voter ID drives, to voter intimidation by the Black Panthers at polling stations, to people being bused to different polls so they could vote for Obama multiple times, Barack Obama wrote the book on how to run a false election. College records contain confidential information that cannot be released without written permission. However, as a product of his own ideology, Obama has slammed his foot on the accelerator since he took office and it seems that every move he has made (plus those he should have but did not make) and every word he has spoken has been expressly targeted at fueling division and hostility within America with the apparent goal of causing both decline and, ultimately, destruction of our society, our culture, and our nation itself.
Given the facts that the world of Islam has largely declared western civilization to be their despised enemy, and given that America is perhaps the single largest representative OF western civilization, a discussion is necessary on the obvious contradictions of Obama’s ideology and deeply-held beliefs as contrasted with the foundational pillars of the American way of life. They were caught time and time again simply making up stories about her that were blatantly untrue. Obama claims he did not know reverend Wright all that well despite Wright being Obama pastor for 20 years and Obama giving $20,000 to his church.
We couldn't even get his college transcripts and his days at Harvard and Colombia are a sealed case.
Obama taught a single class in constitutional law that dealt exclusively with the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment—the favorite, all-purpose clause for liberal jurists to use to right wrongs. They have covered this up so good and Trump like he has said all along brings the truth out which they hate and fear!

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