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The question is how are horses and ponies being taken and then sold on without their owners permission or even knowledge? There are some frightening stories circulating both in the press and on the Internet where owners have quite innocently let their horses or ponies go out on loan without first having set up a loan contract. Hundreds of horses and ponies around the country are being sold without their owners prior consent in this way, leaving owners all over the country absolutely devastated and powerless to do anything about the situation. The problem is that as an owner, if you have no contract that clearly states you have put your horse out on loan to someone, then it is just your word against theirs as to whether you gave the horse away or not. Although, the police and other authorities recommend that you take your case through the civil courts, this is not always an option for many people because the cost of doing this can be prohibitive, so ultimately there are many people who just cannot afford to go down that route.
If you find yourself in a similar situation or have a friend who is going through a hard time with their horse on loan, there is a group specifically set up to give advice and help everyone in this position.
The website is constantly helping horse owners through the mine field of getting their horses back from unscrupulous people who abuse the fact they have a horse on loan. There is a lot of advice out there, but the most important thing any horse owner should do is seriously think about things before deciding to let their horses go out on loan. You need to make yourself a check list of things you need to do and things you have to check out before you let your horse go out on loan. Buying a pony or a horse can be a really expensive business which is why so many people look to take them out on loan these days.
Another factor is this relatively new trend has opened the door to some rather unscrupulous behaviour where horses are then sold on without their owners consent or knowledge. Although horses are wonderful creatures, we don’t recommend you go rushing out to buy your daughter one before you read the information we’re going to put in this guide. Unfortunately some people try to sell horses that have a whole host of health issues, and these horses will only cost you a lot of money and time in the long run – not ideal for a beginner.
You need to consider how your daughter will be using the horse to work out the kind of temperament you need. Make sure the passport matches the animal, as there are far too many cases where this is not the case. You should always have an equine vet of your choosing take a look at the horse to make sure it’s fit for the purpose you want. You should always check a horse’s history to make sure there aren’t any underlying health or behavioural problems. Do a little bit of research on the horse vendor to make sure that they have a good reputation on forums and with your friends. A written receipt with all of the horse’s details included, as well as your details and the vendor’s details can help you should you need to make a claim down the line. Mobile Veterinary Services – Wound Care – When Should you Call Your Veterinarian?
Generally, location of the wound can determine the attention it may require.   Wounds located on the body or head are a little less concerning. Scrapes and small wounds require little to no attention.  Keeping the wound clean, and applying some type of ointment to keep the wound soft are the primary goals as long as no drainage develops, and any swelling that was associated with it is on its way out and within a day or two. If, due to location (often on the leg), it is not repairable, then bandaging may become a good option.  The wound will certainly heal with time without bandaging, but with proper bandages, we can maintain an environment that will quickly heal the wound.

If the vet is not going to see it, and it doesn’t require a bandage, create one with a little bit of ointment. If bandaging, always put a padding layer between the skin and any “Vetwrap” you may be using. As always, if there if you have any question at all, at minimum consult over the phone with your veterinarian. Service AreaMobile equine veterinary practice serving the West Denver Metro and Foothills area. The dilemma with horse riding is that as a beginner, you are afraid of the dangers once you mount a horse – what you need is a great Horse Riding Place in Samar that gives you expert riding instructors so you can peacefully enjoy your horse ride. Make sure to have a professional riding instructor who will teach and guide you on how to ride a horse. Approach the horse from its sides and never ever walk behind for it cannot see you as you approach and may cause the horse from getting startled.
When you want to have an enjoyable horse ride at a Horse Riding Place in Samar, visit Rancho Maria Lucas at Brgy. However, over the years even these have not been enough to stop unscrupulous people from literally stealing a horse from under an owner's nose.
The answer is that trusting owners all over the country are putting their horses or ponies out on loan, but then finding the people have in fact, sold the animals on and there's not a lot the original owner can do about it. This of course, means the loanee can, in fact, sell the animal without notifying the real owner.
The only way to proceed is to attempt to find out where the new owners have taken the horse and then to take matters through the civil courts.
The authorities cannot prove anything either way without a contract in place – which leaves the rightful owner with a real dilemma. The group is called Missing Horse on Loan and one of the first things they advise people is to be very aware of the dangers of putting their horses out on loan to strangers in the first place. The problem is that sometimes, even with a loan contract in place, it can be hard to to prove ownership and that a horse out on loan has been sold without prior knowledge or consent of the actual owner.
According to a spokesperson at World Horse Welfare, people who are considering the option should take their time, making sure they vet the people and the home the horse will be going to. This is great because often people who own horses want to put their mounts out on loan for one reason or another. This is why it is crucial to have a legally binding contract drawn up before you let your horse leave your property. You need to be aware of everything, from what to look for in a first horse and how to make sure the horse is fit for purpose. Make sure you’re honest with yourself about your daughter’s ability, as you don’t want to end up buying a horse that is too much for her to handle. Some dealers on websites will sell horses with fake descriptions and you won’t ever get your money back. Plus, they’ll be looking at the situation objectively so they may think of questions that you never thought to ask. You may keep this horse for a very long time, so it’s important that you search carefully for the right one to get your daughter a great first horse!

Powders, dusts and the likes that make these claims can be very damaging to the remaining tissue, and can render a wound that was repairable to one that isn’t! Communities Served (exceptions apply) - Arvada, Aspen Park, Broomfield, South Boulder, Conifer, Evergreen, Gilpin County, Golden, Idaho Springs, Lakewood, Morrison, Pine, Shaffer's Crossing, Wheat Ridge. If it is an excellent Horse Riding Place in Samar, it should provide you with professional instructors whose aim is the safety of their clients. It is prescribed that a horse rider should wear the proper and well-fitting clothes to ensure safety. The Horse Riding Place in Samar must provide riding equipments that are in good condition and horses that are fit for you to ride on. Riding instructors of a great Horse Riding Place in Samar should remind you of what you need and need not to do in mounting, as well as riding a horse.
If there is no contract in place, even the authorities, namely the police cannot do anything to help you out should you find yourself in the same situation. To top off an already disastrous situation, the police can rarely do nothing about it at all. This can take a long time and be extremely frustrating for all concerned – including the new owners who may have bought the horse in good faith not knowing the real situation at all. There have been cases when the police did not pursue a case even though an agreement was in place – which is another pitfall to have to cope with. Lastly, they must at all costs have a legally binding contract drawn up by a solicitor before their horse even leaves their premises to go out on loan. The downside is too many people don't realise just how expensive it is to look after a horse or pony which leads to all sorts of problems happening.
At the end of the day, the most important thing is the welfare of your horse – you need to know that wherever they go, they will be safe and well cared for. By going to see the horse you’ll have a much better chance of knowing your daughter will be happy. Also if there is any depth to the wound you should call your veterinarian.   The reasoning for this is that if there is any penetration into the joint, there is a good possibility of a joint infection, which can be deadly to the horse. A great Horse Riding Place in Samar must make sure that you are in the proper riding attire before allowing you to horse ride. Without the initial expense of having to buy a horse, it makes it too easy for them to get one too.
You’ll need to find somewhere suitable for the horse to stay too, depending on your budget – find more information here. Our riding instructors are all professionals who are concerned of the welfare and safety of their clients. Make sure you go with your head and not your heart as this decision could affect your daughter for 20 years! We also offer other services such as the Coccina Rancho, cottages and retreat houses to make your stay surely a leisure one.

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