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Having now seen some pictures of the Volcano Explorers sets that debuted at Nuremberg Toy Fair, I’m intrigued to see the sets with more details.
I can imagine serious builders replacing some of the solid bricks with translucent ones in the appropriate colors and lighting this from within, not to mention building a much bigger volcano than the include one.
I like the new lime-green color on the vehicles to help them stand out amidst the smoke and ash (I assume) and that we get a decent helicopter in the sets.
The picture below shows the sets as they were displayed and it should be noted that the included volcano is the smaller one in the front center, not the cool big one in the background.

The rear camera will have a resolution of 12MP and it’s on the front where things get interesting. In addition to these specifications, there’s also some fresh pricing information for you today.
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The second camera, will use Infrared for iris recognition and will carry a resolution of 3.7MP.
The RAM however will be 4GB, for the European variants according to today’s information.

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