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You can buy kits that are already stocked with most of these items (and then some) or you can just as easily make your own.
A first aid book is the best way to get quick answers if you’re out hiking, camping, at the dog park, or out of cell phone range. A good first aid book will tell you the proper protocol in the event of something like an allergic reaction, a laceration, or a snake bite. They are designed to remove the head of the tick, while regular tweezers often break the head off and leave it imbedded in the skin.
If your dog has eye irritation, you should never administer a medicated eye solution in case there’s a serious injury to the eyeball. Saline solution is safe to use to flush the eye if they are particularly irritated from allergies.
If for some reason your dog is bleeding profusely, your first instinct will be to compress the wound, and sometimes there isn’t time to open a pair of gloves and get them on.
It can be used as an emergency to induce vomiting after a dog has ingested something, but there are certain instances that inducing vomiting can cause more harm than good. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but when your dog is seriously injured, they might not want to be moved or handled.
No matter how you make your kit or whether you buy one online or from a dog supply store, you should know what everything is for and how to use it. If this list has made you quite nervous, you should consider taking a first aid training course that will include dog CPR classes.
Having hands-on training will make you feel more comfortable using the tools in your dog first aid kit and feel better prepared in the event of a K9 emergency. CPR might not be something you can put in your kit but you should bag this skill if you own a dog.
Courses are offered in most towns and held throughout the year by seasoned vets or vet techs. Having hands-on training will give you the confidence you need to act logically during a medical emergency situation. A pet first aid kit specialized for your pet could help save his life, but how should you build one? Gauze: This can be used for wrapping an injury, applied to a bleeding wound and can even provide a makeshift muzzle.
Bactine: To help sooth irritated skin and protect from infection, antiseptic like Bactine can be applied.
Hot and cold packs: These packs will help cool down skin after a burn or keep your furry friend warm in the case of hypothermia. Cotton balls or swabs: Can be used to clean wounds and apply ointments and other medicines. Disposable gloves: When dealing with an open wound, you want to keep it clean to prevent infection. You may already have many of these items, like an extra leash, pet nail clippers, or towels.
Any first aid administered should be followed by immediate veterinary care and is not a substitute for a trip to a veterinary clinic.
Medicines like Benadryl and activated charcoal should only be administered under orders from a veterinarian. It is a good idea to know or have easy access to the telephone numbers for your regular vet, a 24-hour emergency animal hospital and an animal poison control center. Always keep one handy at home and in your car, as you never know when or where a pet emergency might occur. While Aspirin is commonly used as an effective over the counter pain reliever for humans, not many dog owners are aware of the fact that their four legged, furry friends may benefit from Acetylsalicylic Acid (the chemical name for Aspirin) as well. Because of its theraupetic effects and availability, dog owners should always make sure that they have Aspirin in their dog’s first aid kit as it may come handy in many different circumstances. While relatively safe when prescriped under a veterinarian’s supervision, side effects and reactions do and may occur. Consult with the vet about other possible interactions if you pet is on any other medicatiions. As you have seen, Apirin can prove helpful in many cases for you dog, however just as any other medications it comes with it’s packet of potential side effects.

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These are some of the images that we found for within the public domain for your "Sky 911" keyword. Make sure your show dog is healthy in the first place, is regularly exercised, is provided with excellent nutrition and has brushed teeth. As your dog retires from the conformation ring and begins breeding, and as your show dog ages, make sure he or she is regularly seen by a veterinarian.
You, your professional dog handler and anyone else who cares for your dog should be equipped and ready for emergencies.
Have a plan in case of emergencies, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, and make sure everyone who cares for the dogs reviews the plan and first-aid regularly.
Dog Health NewsCommon Canine CancersCanine Diabetes The AKC’s Canine Health Foundation (CHF) researches canine diseases and other health issues, and works toward cures and genetic tests to prevent future problems. Show Dog Owner Resource CenterIf you already own a show dog or want to get into the sport of dog conformation, use this resource center to learn all you need to know. Umbilical Hernias in DogsBy Deb Eldredge, DVMAn umbilical hernia is a common condition that is often overlooked.
Show Dog First-Aid KitBy Deb Eldredge, DVMWhether you are simply heading out for the day to a show near you or packing for a long drive and a week's stay at a national specialty, there are some emergency items you should have on hand for your dog. You can use them to stop bleeding on small cuts or a nail that’s been cut too short, clean off eye boogers, or clean their ears.
If Lyme disease is a common concern in your area, keep a small jar or ziplock bag on hand to save the tick and take it to your vet.
If your dog is prone to hot spots, the spray will keep the wound clean and help reduce the associated itching. If your dog has a history of allergies and skin conditions, this is a necessity to have on hand. However, you’ll probably want those gloves for minor cleanups (like diarrhea or vomiting).
If your dog consumes something they shouldn’t have, always contact your vet and the Pet Poison Control hotline to perform the best course of action. It’s long been thought that peroxide is good for cleaning wounds, but it actually kills healthy tissue and prolongs the healing process. Knowing how to use everything is the best way to properly care for your dog in an emergency. You’ll learn how to stop bleeding, administer medication, perform CPR on a dog, and the steps you need to take during events like a snake bite or if your dog was hit by a car. It will not harm them and should also taste bad enough to your pet to prevent them from licking it off. Always use a cloth between the pack and the skin, and check frequently for redness or irritation.
No need to buy an extra set–just make your Pet First Aid Kit their regular storage place. Despite being a born and raised Austinite, her love runs deep for her alma mater, Texas Tech University. Any owner giving Aspirin to their dog must keep a watchful eye on their pet when administering Aspirin. This is why the buffered type of Aspirin is preferable and is best given with along with a meal.
You want your dog’s blood to clot properly during surgery and recovery from the incision site!
The longer the aspirin is given the higher the chances of developing ulcers due to irritation of the stomach’s lining. Never give products that contain a combination of Acetylsalicylic Acid and other medications.
It is always advisable to start with a low dosage to play it safe and watch how your pet reacts to it.
It may take only 1 adult aspirin to cause major organ failure and even death in a pretty small dog.
Your champion show dogs will come in contact with thousands of other dogs and be exposed to many contagions.

Also make sure that you and your professional dog handler are prepared in the event of an emergency and have a dog first-aid kit around at all times.
If you are a show dog breeder, you will need to produce litters according to the breed standard, practice safe breeding, produce healthy puppies and care for newborns. Show dogs need to be in tip top shape so they can show off their conformation to the AKC judges and try to beat the top dogs in the country. Not only are teeth important for your dog’s health, they also affect how they are placed in conformation dog shows.
Make sure your professional handler practices safe travel, including adequately heating and cooling the RV that they travel in. The CHF does not fund research involving disease induction or injury, or research that involves euthanasia as part of experimental design. First aid kits treat minor injuries or help keep your dog stable until you can get them to their veterinarian or the closest animal hospital in case of an emergency. You can’t use sticky bandages on dogs, so the gauze rolls will be the first layer over the pad to keep it in place. You should consult with your vet for proper dosing instructions and the right time to administer the drug. Again, watch carefully for signs of ulcers and gastro-intestinal bleeding as described above. If your dog has a chronic condition, do not feel tempted to give Aspirin for more than a few days, but rather, consult with your vet.
Also, please do not feel tempted to use Tylenol or Ibuprofen or basically any other over the counter medicines for human pain relief as they can be potentially toxic. Many times a small dosage can be sufficient, so an 8 pound dog may get 40 mg(basically half of an 81 mg buffered baby Aspirin), and a 16 pound dog may get 80 mg (basically an 81 mg baby aspirin) and so forth.
Thirty percent of all puppies die before reaching weaning age, but you can do all you can to increase the survival rate of your purebred puppies. Decide the best type of and brand of dog food to feed to your champions, and determine the correct portions. Brush your dog’s teeth often so that the judge can see and appreciate the dog’s bite, which is always evaluated during judging. A first-aid kit intended for human use won’t cut it: Most first-aid kits treat cuts and scrapes, which are common injuries for people, not dogs.
Make sure that the dogs do not come in contact with any dog that has been exposed to sick dogs within the last 30 days. CHF-funded research is minimally invasive, protects dogs from unnecessary discomfort and uses only client-owned dogs.
If your dog just ingested aspirin accidentally, consult with your vet or emergency center promptly. Use the genetic tests at your disposal (contact your national breed club for more information about your dog breed) to test for any potential diseases that puppies may inherit from their sires and dams.
This is especially important when keeping dogs in a kennel, where dogs can come in and out and bring communicable diseases and parasites with them. Many Canine Health Foundation studies only require samples, so the dogs are not present in the research setting. Genetic tests can also let you know if your puppy will have problems with medications later on in life. Exercise wards off many health problems in dogs, as it does with people, so make sure you or your professional handler gives them regular exercise even while on the road traveling to conformation dog shows. Even if your dog is disease-free, he can participate in canine research without even going to a research facility — the CHF has been present at many dog shows to take blood, cheek swabs and other samples.
You can also make a difference by donating money or raising awareness for canine health causes.

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