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Every home, office, school or rather everybody should have a first aid kit ready for emergency. These are some of the basic first aid box supplies that you need to store for an emergency. Some countries may have specific regulations about the contents of first aid kits in the workplace. Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course.
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If you are not sure about its content, then the following article will provide you useful information. A first aid kit with all the necessary supplies is a must-have for all homes and offices.
These kits are very useful for emergency preparedness because it helps give basic treatment to an injured person. You can use old rectangular or square tin cookie boxes or freezer bag for storing your medical contents. Visit the local drug store and buy proper quantity of requirements according to the contents list.
Keep a regular check on the kit contents and replace missing items or those that have crossed their expiry date.

They are useful for burns, accidents or heat stroke and are available in different shapes and sizes.
However, it should contain all the basic requirements that are necessary for any untoward injury.
The list given below may appear extensive, but contains information related to all that is necessary for a first aid box.

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