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RoSa Shoes Pointed Stilettos have thinner stiletto heels and longer, pointier toes than any other shoes you will find. The original early-1960s pointed-toe stiletto shoes were considered, when they first appeared, to be the sexiest shoes ever made. To accommodate the foot comfortably and healthily, a pointed shoe must, of course, extend some distance beyond the natural toeline. As our regular customers are aware, the long, gradually-tapering pointed toe typical of RoSa Shoes designs may at first seem extreme, but it's actually very comfortable to wear.
For many women, the highest manageable stiletto heel coupled with the longest, finest pointed toe represents the pinnacle of desirability.
Shoe factories and shoe component suppliers, unable to meet (or in some cases even to comprehend) the renewed demand, quickly regretted that they had broken up and disposed of equipment they had stopped using in the early 1960s, but production methods had changed with the introduction of more mechanisation.
Nowadays, following this purge of all remaining old stock, even museums of costume and theatrical wardrobe departments don't seem to have any really good examples of those sexy, thin-heeled, ultra-pointed stilettos which a fortunate few of us still recall, clicking and teetering down the street in the early 1960s.
So, there are, sadly, no more of the really nice pointy stilettos from the early 1960s to be found.

We'll give you sneak peeks of upcoming products and provide you with in-depth product reviews, valuable sneaker advice, and informative details regarding sneaker culture and history from our partner, Sole Collector Magazine.
However, they were certainly not just fetish items - they were popular mainstream fashion, worn by most smart women for daily wear. Nevertheless, the more spectacular 4.5 to 5 inch heels (usually exotic, high quality Italian or Spanish imports) could often be seen gracing the feet of those celebrated women who favour maximum style over mere practicality.
Assuming the pointed toe is slender enough not to add bulk and the stiletto heel is high enough to strike a visual balance, a very long point can be achieved - if the shoemaker has the required skills and the wearer has a flair for the extravagant! This has always been our aim where shoe design is concerned and we are proud to be able to provide for our wonderful customers - like Rihanna, below, whose style team recently introduced her to RoSa Shoes, the world's supreme example of this type of shoe. The art of making beautiful stiletto-heeled shoes with long, fine-pointed toes had been lost, seemingly forever. It led to a craze (certainly in the indoor street fashion markets of major cities like London) for old stock, or even pre-worn, original-style pointed stilettos.
Contemporary attempts by a few small factories in the East End of London to copy the early pointed shoes (using incorrect heels and dubious toe-lasting) were the only available option. Female characters in recently-made movies or television drama set in this period invariably have to wear disappointingly sensible shoes.
We firmly believe that our shoes are now among the most impressive of their kind the world has yet seen - shoes which, even at the height of the original stiletto era, could only have been dreamed about! We hope that by providing this info, you'll gain valuable knowledge that will help you make the most well-informed buys possible. The pointed shoes of recent years are mostly inspired by the iconic women's stiletto high heel shoes of the very early 1960s.

At a time when design in general was moving more and more towards streamlined shapes, the long, fine-pointed toes and needle-thin heels were in keeping with the visual style of the Jet Age and represented the culmination of years of development in the craft of shoemaking following the austerity of the 1940s and early 1950s.
These skyscraper stilettos were worn, even around town in the daytime, by those who had mastered the necessary walking technique - often with the assistance of a restrictively tight knee-length skirt to keep their steps short. The new machinery was only able to produce unexciting shoes with fat, unattractive toe-shapes and thick, moulded plastic heels, so that's what the mass-market fashion industry told women to buy - and the factories duly churned them out for the High Street shops and their unimaginative provincial customers.
Wardrobes and charity shops were emptied and all remaining 1960s stock was cleared from shops and warehouses.
Indoor market outlets like Ad Hoc (of Kensington High Street and King's Road Chelsea) moved over to these new products and the last remaining old stock from the 1960s was bagged up and hidden away in storage. Sarah and I discovered what had happened, sorted through it and cleared everything worth having to sell at our first shop in Brighton.
Shoes from these eras had absolutely no appeal when the Old Stock Stiletto craze was at its height.
Pointed stilettos were big news again - but, thanks to the new mass-production methods, no-one could make them!
We also advertized in the UK trade journals for old stock from the early 1960s and occasionally struck lucky with a retiring independent shoe retailer in some less accessible part of the country.
Our own rather impressive accumulation of over 1200 pairs of "obsolete" 1960s stilettos, gleaned from various parts of the country, was in 1983, according to one leading London vintage clothing specialist, the last significant Old Stock Stiletto collection in the UK - and the shoes were nearly all sold from our first little Brighton shop in less than a year!

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