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I know that before starting any new exercise and meal plan, you probably wonder how you will be able to balance it all when you are so busy. This sandwich includes a tender breast of grilled chicken, marinated in special seasonings and served on a toasted golden wheat bun with dill pickle chips, green leaf lettuce, and tomato. With Taco Bell’s fresco style options, they hold off on the sour cream and shredded cheese. This new all-day menu item has two of the recommended three daily servings of whole grains and is a good source of calcium and iron (save 30 calories by skipping the brown sugar). Loaded up with cheese and creamy dressings, a salad can do more damage than a cheeseburger.
You’ll get two whole servings of veggies with this sandwich, which is stuffed with zucchini, eggplant, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and baby spinach. Made with ground beef and kidney beans, this classic tastes rich but has only 4g of saturated fat.
I hope that this list gave you some ideas for some of the healthiest fast food meal options that are available. After hearing hundreds of people tell me that it was too expensive to eat healthy, I became on a MISSION to help show how it can be done on a budget! Whitney is a wife, a new mom, and an online health and fitness coach with a passion for impacting lives in a positive way! This list might shock you, but there are fast foods that we never thought to be healthy but actually are.
Top on the list is organic peanut butter (yes, it’s organic!) and jelly sandwich and organic cheese on white whole grain bread. When you’re after a filling breakfast and not threaten your calorie limits, get the Farmer’s Scrambler from the Corner Bakery. More out of the ordinary but definitely healthy, this fast food restaurant is a haven for the health buff.
A bagel is not exactly the lowest calorie pastry, especially if you load it with cream cheese.
This famous health food chain now offers computer kiosks so you can search for the nutritional value of their items. Fast foods now are paving the way to healthy eating, so make sure you’re on the same road too.
Our top ten lists are second to none and these lists have caused a quite stir amongst our readers. Let us begin with some basic principles for eating well so you can go on living well (so you can eat some more tomorrow).
And don’t forget one last fast food place when the game is starting soon – your own home! Another fast food chain that has specialized in organic, hormone free products is Noodles and Company.
Chipotle is an amazing fast food chains for its commitment to use organic, hormone and antibiotic free ingredients. One of the healthiest fast food chains due to their unique breakfast menu, the Corner Bakery Cafe has a highly specialized and diverse list of dishes. Psychology graduate and mother of two, I am an enthusiastic blogger, with a great passion for healthy cuisine (chocolate is a vegetable, right?) and homemade solutions. There is no doubt that most of us will simply not be willing to prep enough food to carry with us on long car drives, etc. If you don’t add the sauce on (which comes on the side), you can save 20 calories and 90 mg of sodium.
A full cup and a half packs 9g of fiber and a quarter of your daily requirement of fatigue-fighting iron.
This list certainly couldn’t contain them all, so if you have more favorites, be sure to leave them in the comments for others to read!

I teach people how to become healthy and fit, but also mentor other health and fitness coaches to success in their home businesses.
There is a rising number of healthy conscious eaters who are not just happy with a full packed whopper meal to get a fast lunch. There are a whole array of healthy foods out there, and can be served fast, and it can even be found in McDonald’s!
The healthiest item in the menu would be half–Turkey Artichoke on focaccia bread with a bowl of black bean or garden vegetable soup.
Order the Salsa Fresca Salmon Salad, which is grilled wild Alaskan salmon filet on greens with fire-roasted black bean and corn salsa and a pineapple-mango vinaigrette.
However, the bagels from Einstein Brothers offer whole what bagels that come great with vegetables or low fat peanut butter or hummus. This fast service restaurant offers Chinese, Mediterranean and American food and everything is sauteed in soybean oil.
You will also be entered in a drawing to win a gift card to your favorite fast food restaurant. Sometimes, though, time doesn’t want to cooperate with us, and we find ourselves sitting in our cars looking at rows of fast food restaurants and agonizing over which of them will do our hearts and arteries the least harm. The next time this happens to you, you will be prepared with some real facts about the most popular restaurants.
In addition to that, many of us are forced to spend many hours per day on the road, in our cars.
Some of its dishes contain as less as 250 calories, which is a rarity for a noodle bowl with beef. Another amazing aspect is that it uses ingredients from local suplier, which is a pretty difficult task considering it has more than 800 locations. Bagels has employed an interesting trick that makes it one of the healthiest fast food chains.
When having to maintain a diet, or just trying to eat healthy there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration. So try to replace French fries and onion rings with salads that are not soaked in dressings. Feel free to sprinkle on the sunflower kernels for some healthy fats (but skip the butter croutons). They are the consumers of the millennium, those who are eating leaner foods, and they are in the constant lookout for the newest and freshest fast food stores, constantly updating themselves on sources of farm fresh chicken and beef. If you get a turkey sausage, egg white and spinach breakfast bower sandwich, you will only consume 410 calories and zero trans-fat. The egg whites come with red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and cheddar cheese.
This fast food won awards for its commitment to organic food and is still the freshest source of scrumptious organic food.
If you’re looking for something to eat while on the road, grab the low-fat pumpkin muffin top, half the size of a regular 600 calorie muffin, and only has 200 calories.
The top sellers and the leanest would be whole grain linguine that you can add with a choice of lean proteins, from hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken, beef, shrimp, to organic tofu. Most health buff reviews say that this is a good place to get a healthy whole grain sandwich, soups and salads.
Maybe it’s best to look for food that are low in saturated fat and are guaranteed freshest. Even so, knowing some rules of thumb as well as a lineup of the healthiest fast food eateries can save you from the most extreme assaults on your health. The lowest-calorie salad becomes a calorie bomb when combined with high-fat dressings and drips.
How about canned baked beans in your favorite style with salsa, guacamole, and wraps filled with salad greens with turkey or chicken breast?

Ranging from half size soups, sandwiches with whole wheat grain bread, salads and even baked chips, there is something for everyone.
We also like the fact that the restaurant has three main styles of dishes from which people can choose from, and each style can be further personalized. They are not only specialized in low calorie muffins, but also offer whole grain bread, soups, salads and a variety of sandwiches including paninis.
With one fifth organic ingredients, this fast food chain is specialized in healthy sandwiches and salads. Even tough bagels contain many carbs, their hummus, peanut butter or low fat shmears do not however. My life is my inspiration, I might say, as I usually get inspiration from everything happening around me. Those dressings are like a Trojan horse, sneaking calories back in when you least expect them.
Or instant rice plus sauteed spiced frozen vegetables with tilapia or lean turkey cold cuts on the side?
In the end, we believe the results will both amaze as well as please many people, we know we were. Even kids can choose from yogurts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or grilled cheese sandwiches and even fruits. Some of its most famous ingredients are whole wheat wraps, blue corn tortilla chips, greens and spinach. As a result many of its entrees are low in sodium and customers are free to eat their own creations. Their favourite ingredients are whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, low fat yogurt, fruits and skim milk. My two kids, Annabelle and Will, are my greatest achievements and, I have to admit, the most inspirational people I know. Not all of the items are low in sodium though, so when striving for the ultra-healthy meal, go for the fajita veggies and the green tomatillo salsa.
Most of all, be in the loop with the chemicals and additives that are ok to use, and what the FDA says about it. But being on the run most of the time, deters us from eating proper healthy food, thus we often eat junk food.
The fact that the restaurant chain has over 1,230 locations comes as no surprise, as its popularity is ever more growing.
As a result, the fast food chain has the Asian, Mediteranean and American styles that are absolutely amazing. As a result we intake drinks without nutrients that do not even quench our thirst and instead aggravates it.
Nevertheless, we wondered what are the healthiest fast food options out there and decided to share our results. Another thing that we like is the fact that products such the chicken is hormon free, which in all honesty is a rarity for many fast food chains. I do not have the surprising answers to life’s difficult questions, but you might find the answers to a few very surprising questions. Of course, most of their restaurants still comercialize chicken burrito, but as opposed to other chains, their chicken burrito only has 320 calories. Another aspect we love is the fact that they bake fish and taco shells instead of frying them, thus allowing these dishes to maintain their nutritional value.

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