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Whether or not your blood pressure is raised, everyone can benefit by changing the food you eat in your diet. But once you get used to the changes in your diet you will feel better your health will improve and will enjoy your food much more. Everyone can benefit from making changes to the foods they eat and their lifestyle to lower their blood pressure and therefore reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. Making other lifestyle changes can also help to lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Changes you can make to your diet and the foods you eat that will help to lower your blood pressure. Good food is a very important part of our life and in no way should you see these changes as restrictive. The Department of Health recommends that everyone in the UK should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day but ideally you should be eating seven to nine portions.
Fruit and vegetables also contain antioxidants, eg, vitamins C and E, which may play an important role in preventing heart disease. Fruit and vegetables are very low in salt, usually contain little fat and are a good source of fibre. It is best to eat fruit and vegetables freshly cooked or raw, but if this is not possible, frozen, dried and tinned vegetables are better than none. Tinned vegetables usually have salt added and tinned fruits may have large amounts of sugar so only choose ones with no added salt and no added sugar. Instead of having biscuits (full of fat and salt!) mid-morning or afternoon, have fruit or salt-free bread with fruit. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is the best way to get potassium, and you should not take potassium supplements (tablets) unless prescribed by your doctor. Potatoes are counted as starch, not vegetables, but they are a very good source of carbohydrate and potassium. Most of us eat too much fat including too much saturated fat, which directly causes raised cholesterol and causes weight gain.
Sugar, which includes table sugar (sucrose), glucose and syrups, is a refined carbohydrate which means that a lot of the goodness from the natural product has been removed during the manufacturing process. Eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain over time, which puts you at risk of high blood pressure. Sugar, like salt, is an acquired taste that can be altered, so avoid it as far as possible. Very often the fat in these foods has been replaced by sugar to keep the same taste and so the normal version and the low-fat version can contain the same amount of calories. In general, African-Caribbean people are more sensitive to salt and traditional food is often made with salted fish or meat soaked in salt before cooking. If you are Asian then you are more likely to have a heart attack than other people in the UK. Changing to healthy nutritious food is the most important way to lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Changes to the diet and food that you eat, as well as other changes in your lifestyle, will help you to lower your blood pressure and bring better health. Changes that you make to your lifestyle will work on their own, but they also help to make any tablets you are taking more effective.
Reducing the amount of salt that you eat, and eating more fruits and vegetables, will lower your blood pressure. Eating less saturated fat will help to lower your cholesterol, and this will lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. Changing the foods that you eat will help you to feel better and become healthier, as well as reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol and your risk of heart attack and stroke. Improve your health, supercharge your immune system, and fight the aging process with antioxidant-rich alkaline water. Detoxify your body to remove normal acidic waste products accumulated daily, plus remove toxins accumulated in your body from your environment, prescription drugs, unnatural foods and from the “normal” process of aging. Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free radicals. Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as smog.
Enhance your immune system to maximize your body’s ability to fight off disease and heal itself. Our mission is to create a movement positively impacting communities around the world through education, inspiration, and empowerment. Tart cherry juice is now being called the ultimate superfood juice, for a few very good reasons.
Montmorency tart cherries (prunus cerasus), also called sour cherries, are known for their distinctive sour-sweet flavor and unique nutrient profile. Tart cherries deliver a greater content of various anthocyanins than sweet cherries, as well as higher amounts of other phenolic compounds and other nutrients. But tart cherries are superior because they provide high levels of some novel anthocyanins that are absent from a number of other anthocyanin-rich foods, such as blueberries or bilberries! A 2001 cell study found that anthocyanins from cherries were as effective as ibuprofen and naproxen at suppressing the COX enzymes associated with inflammation.
Aside from a greater amount of anthocyanins, tart cherries also deliver a cast of supporting compounds. Bioactive ingredients in Tart cherries inhibit certain enzymes while boosting others, switch-on cancer defenses, balance sugar levels and enhance primary antioxidants. Most athletes already know about the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits of tart cherry juice, and use it to prevent or relieve muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. The effects of drinking tart cherry juice were tested in a double-blind, randomized trial of runners participating in a 24-hour relay race. The runners drank two 355 millilitres beverages containing either tart cherry juice or a placebo beverage daily for one week before to the race and during the race. You can use it to relieve muscle soreness anywhere in your body, caused by anything – From lifting at work, at the gym, or just cooking for hours. This includes arthritis, gout, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.
In a 2007 pilot study, researchers at Baylor Research Institute gave tart cherries in pill form to patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. After 8 weeks, more than half the subjects experienced a significant improvement in pain and function. How about using Tart Cherry Juice instead of pain killers and dangerous conventional arthritis medication?
I just saw one guy who bought this Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate claiming that all he needs are 1 teaspoon 3 times a day to eliminate his pain when he gets a flare up. The researchers had 7 older adults with insomnia drink 8 ounces of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks, followed by two weeks of no juice, and then two more weeks of drinking a placebo beverage.
Compared to the placebo, drinking the cherry juice resulted in an average of 84 more minutes of sleep time each night.

Instead of taking synthetic melatonin (extracted from the pineal glands of cows…) to help with sleep problems, you can now drink sour cherry juice and get it in a natural form. Gout is another type of inflammatory arthritis, and it is associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease and mortality. A Boston University study found that cherry extract reduced the risk of gout attacks by 45%!
Also, the researchers discovered that when cherry intake was combined with allopurinol use, the risk for gout attacks was reduced by 75%. If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, drinking this 8-ounce of this juice daily can lower your levels by 17%.
This was found in a recent study measuring the effect of these cherries on serum triglycerides.
According to a study from the University of Michigan, tart cherries provide the same cardiovascular benefits as a class of drugs called PPAR agonists – Which help to regulate fat and glucose. These drugs are prescribed for people suffering from a metabolic syndrome linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Tart cherries, even more than sweet cherries, can protect neurons from cell damaging oxidative stress.
The large amount of phenolics, including anthocyanins, was shown to be responsible for this neuron defense. Michigan Tart Cherries can effectively reduce symptoms of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheiner, Parkinson’s and Huntington disease. The fruit of the sour cherry is safe for most adults when eaten as food or used as medicine. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women can safely eat tart cherries when eaten in normal food amounts. Other than that, no side effects were documented from drinking sour cherry juice and there are no known interactions with medication. You can get enjoy the amazing benefits of tart cherry juice by either drinking it or taking tart cherry juice supplements. But, cherries are among the fruits that are heavily treated with pesticides so it’s important to buy organic.
Quality tart cherry juice is organic, with no added sugars, additives or high fructose corn syrup.
You can buy the juice itself or concentrate, which is also fine, as long as it’s pure. Even if you never cared for tart cherry pies, now’s the time to start loving tart cherries. Ongoing research finds that tart cherry benefits include heart health, joint health, muscle health and even insomnia relief. Aside from the powerful anthocyanins (inflammation busters), tart cherries are rich in two important flavonoids – isoqueritrin and queritrin.
Consuming all of these in your food is like unleashing an entire army of agents in to neutralize harmful oxidants in your body.
Make sure you buy an organic juice, without any additives, preferably in a glass bottle, like this one.
2 Surefire Ways You Fall Asleep Fast - Every NightDid you know that you can accumulate a sleep debt?
Here’s a great article by Whole Living Expert, Chef and Food Writer Amie Valpone Head-to-Toe Health with Tumeric describing her healing journey with turmeric. ORGANIC INDIA is one of my favorite companies for healthy products that are not only good for my body, but also good for the earth.
After starting the company, the visionary leaders of ORGANIC INDIA developed a highly ethical business model that allowed them to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of land into space for them to grow their products using organic, biodynamic agriculture methods. Their Tumeric Formula one of my favorite products because of all the incredible benefits of this spice. Benefits of turmeric include improved digestion, healthier joints, radiant skin, heavy metal detoxification, improved liver function, healthy inflammation response, improved cardiovascular health, relief from menstrual symptoms, and blood sugar neutralization.
I love spicing up my days with herbal supplements like turmeric because they are a truly simple and healthy way to bring something good into your life.
For over 6,000 years, turmeric has been praised as a holistic healer that can be used as everything from a beauty aid to medicine. If you’re looking for ways to cleanse and improve your entire body, this turmeric supplement from ORGANIC INDIA is an essential addition to your diet. Thanks for sharing Ami, we trust you will continue to experience the benefits of organic tumeric!
Dear Organic India Company: I recently purchased a box of your Tulsi Chai Masala tea, and I just wanted to let you know that this is the most delicious chai tea I have ever tasted!! ORGANIC INDIA is doing a commendable service to mankind for promoting Indian Heritage of Ayurvedic Traditions by producing purest form of Organic products for the good of humanity. I have been using ORGANIC INDIA desi cow ghee for 90% of my cooking purposes since 2-3 years as per the advice of an ayurvedic doctor for my intestinal ulcers.
ORGANIC INDIA Chyawanprash is one of the anti aging supplements, which is purely herbal in nature. February is American Heart Month, so we’re here to give you kudos for regularly participating in a heart healthy activity: crafting!
With that in mind, we challenge you to take some time to knit or crochet every day for the rest of February (if you don’t already), and we hope this helps you form a habit that  continues beyond American Heart Month. It can always seem a little intimidating when considering the things that you should be doing in your everyday life in order to limit your risk for heart disease. By making changes to your diet you will help lower your blood pressure and improve your health. If you do, then making changes to your diet can help make your tablets work more effectively.
Cutting down on salt, eating more fruit and vegetables and eating less fat and saturated fat will all have a beneficial effect not only on your blood pressure but on your general health too, helping to increase your energy and make you feel better.
There is strong evidence that sugar, which is digested and absorbed quickly by the body, can cause raised blood sugar and insulin levels which in the long-term may be harmful to your health, being linked to diabetes and heart disease.
Sugary foods are high in calories and can lead to a quick energy rush followed by a slump afterwards.
Your sugar or sweet receptors on your tongue will adjust. Many processed foods, particularly those aimed at children, contain large amounts of sugar, eg, soft drinks, sweets, breakfast cereals, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and snacks.
South Asian foods can be very high in saturated fat, particularly if ghee (butter) is used.
Eating healthy foods, choosing low fat and low sugar foods and eating less, and being more active, is the best way. During ionization your alkaline water filter forms your water into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus “super hydrating” your body. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can effectively neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body.
Alkalize your body pH from acidic to alkaline pH, because cancer and many other illnesses cannot live in alkaline environments.

That's why I signed up for the protocol, but the most exciting result is that I found ME in the process. But Utah, Washington, New York, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are other prominent tart cherry-producing states.
These flavanoid compounds are responsible for the intense red color and health promoting benefits of tart cherries.
These powerhouse nutrients are responsible for the deep colors in some berries, fruits, and vegetables. But the runners who drank tart cherry juice experienced  substantially less pain increase after the race. It was even greater with women who had shown the highest inflammation levels at the beginning! However, it is not known if sour cherry stems or dietary supplements containing the sour cherry stems are safe. ORGANIC INDIA is a company based in India that is dedicated to making organic, GMO-free, vegetarian products that are created using sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible methods. The company has had a tremendous impact on the way people farm in northern India, and on the lives of the impoverished farmers in the area. Honestly, there is no end to the benefits of this amazing spice – it is quite the multi-tasker! This supplement contains dried ginger, another superfood that heats up the digestive system and helps your body absorb more of the powerful nutrients in the turmeric.
From work to family to dating, it can feel like there is no end to the stressors in our lives. There is a ton of medical research that shows the healing power of turmeric, but it has been an important part of Indian medicine and culture for much longer than that. Taking this supplement from ORGANIC INDIA is one of the easiest ways to get your daily supply of turmeric.
I learnt about ORGANIC INDIA around five and a half years ago and since then, I am making use of Green Tulsi Tea every day in the morning and sometimes in the evening. We know that crafting is a wonderful way to reduce stress, and the calming effect it provides improves our heart health as well.
If anyone tries to distract you from this goal, just tell them you’re following doctor’s orders! From my own personal research, I can say that starting off incrementally is the key to long-term success and better heart health. Changing what you and your family eat may seem difficult at first; old habits can be hard to change. If you do not take medication you may find that you are able to control your high blood pressure and lower it simply by eating different foods and being more active.
If you smoke, eat a lot of saturated fat and have high blood pressure you are at high risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the future. You can find out much more about how salt affects your blood pressure and ways to cut the amount of salt you eat on this page. This may cause you to feel sluggish and low in energy and can lead to cravings for more sugary foods, so that you eat too much and put on weight.
Avoid salted meats and fish, and use fresh herbs and spices instead of these very salt-rich seasonings. Drinking alkaline water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues. Ionized alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation.
I love the health benefits of the ORGANIC INDIA products, but I also love supporting a company that puts so much effort into improving their community through nature and compassion.
Many alternate names for turmeric refer to beautiful and powerful women because of its ability to brighten your shine inside and out.
Ginger is easier on the digestive system than other spices that are sometimes added to turmeric, such as black pepper. It’s easy to escape through junk food, or TV, or social media, but at the end of the day these quick fixes tend to do more harm than good, and we never get out of our rut. Turmeric can’t solve all your problems, but it’s amazing how simple steps, such as taking a daily supplement, can add up to create big life changes.
Turmeric has held an important place in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, because of its ability to do everything from cleanse the liver to create a radiant complexion. Carolyn Serviss, a stamping artist and blogger, wrote an inspiring post about the health benefits of crafting. Robert Reiner, a psychologist who studied the health benefits of leisure activities, saying, “View your craft as if it were a medication that you need to take every day for optimal benefit.
In any case, my fiancee has expressed that she would like to start knitting a little again, and I’ll tell her that it can be good for her heart as well.
So, stopping smoking and cutting down on the amount of saturated fat you eat should also be included in the changes you make to your diet and lifestyle to lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. FitLife changed my life and I knew I had to share it with others.-Lynne, Longwood FL I started with Fitlife back in 2011-2012…I wrote into Fitlife asking for an extreme amount of help. Many doctors and holistic practitioners praise turmeric as being the best herb you can add to your diet if you want to improve your overall health. Stressors like chemicals in household products or pollution are even harder to avoid, but they can still cause harm to our bodies.
Ayurveda is all about creating harmony within the body, and after years of disappointment in the Western approach to medicine, balance through nature was exactly what I needed. I have several recipes on my website that feature turmeric, but I find it makes a great addition to lots of dishes. 9 months later I could feel the grip strength (promised in the label of Flexibility bottle) improved considerably. Lot of people say that when it come’s to organic and natural, one has to compromise on the taste but not with Organic India, I say! In her article she says, “Passion for a craft keeps you interested, while the rhythmic and repetitive nature confers the mind-body benefit. If oil is necessary, use a monounsaturated fat such as olive or rapeseed oil and use in small amounts. You can even get a dose of turmeric by adding it to a glass of water or tea in the morning. Organic India has made me proud that an Indian company could come out with a capsule to help RA patients!!
It is effectively used in the treatments of throat infections, chest infections,helps to strengthen the immune system.

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